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  1. Or you know Both Cam and Shula have improved. 
  2. Aaron Rodgers

    Cute how you say I'm overacting when you're...doing that. Can had his most accurate game, but missed or rushed a few because of the constant pressure. I never said he was completely innscurate, but that he was rushed by pressure and not as accurate on throws. Because that's why you bring pressure.
  3. Aaron Rodgers

    After watching a game in which our QB was innacurate when blitzed. You say this. Aaron Rodgers is still the best QB In the NFL. This packers team around him is very meg, especially the protection.
  4. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Roman Harper flat out ducks. 
  5. I thought you were good people fam.   But you come onto a panthers message board,  and expect what? Us to be sad we're 8-0? To be humble that we beat the supposed "best" NFC team? All well and good what  you did last year,  but you lost last week.  This thread isn't even ABOUT the Packer win,  and every poster here except the OP thinks this is stupid. Yet you come in whining about us gloating out of nowhere. What? Sit down fam. Not a good look you're showing rn.
  6. I had a feeling he would be a very good pick here. Maybe it was just the fact it wasn't a DivII Guard.
  7. Spanish Radio Compilation

    I was going to make a thread asking if there was a call from them after the TD int. But my god that was beautiful. Can't wait to hear their super bowl reaction.
  8. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    I hope Cam burns the banner
  9. Won't lie, my brother and I thought we'd be a 10 win team, 12 at best. Titans can be sneaky, dunno what'll happen with the Boys, and Brees is healthy. But I love this team. Funchess and Brown are stepping up.    14-2 
  10. Luck and Rodgers are 4th quarter QBs. They are both really good up tempo QBs. I'm worried, but our team finds a way. I'm glad
  11. You ever see a thread title and just know who the op is before you see who created it.
  12. To make your day even better   http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4035987-carolina-looks-like-the-team-to-beat-in-the-nfc/page-1 http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4035984-im-a-packers-fan-today/page-1   Enjoy the tears.
  13. Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    Lebron's supporting casts have never been Elite outside of the Heat. Yes, he quits sometimes but let's be real, he was that team a lot of the time. Is he MJ or Kobe? No. But he is  the best in the NBA right now.