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  1. Show Of Hands...Who Loved This Pick...?

    Eh. I was indifferent. Thought he'd be okay and kind of a guy who'd get a ton of ints but burned a lot.
  2. some people aren't draft lovers like us that's okay, but also don't take everything on a draft site at face value unless they normally have constant sources with scouts/gms
  3. This is true. No one is doubting this. But the DB that shined in the SB for them was an UDFA out of some small school, not Revis. But yes, losing Josh hurts, and he could be the piece we miss in getting to/winning a superbowl. That's because we're heavily a defensive team. Some people would kill for some of the DEs we've had, and after Peppers left no one thought we'd replace him easily. Turns out, the answer was on the roster with CJ, but we lucked up a bit there. One thing the Hurney/Fox era was good at was finding gems as pass rushers. And that's a value that continues with the Gettleman/Rivera era. Teams like the Jaguars, Chargers, Browns wish they could have pass rushers like us, although they all have had or have good to elite CBs in their past. There's a reason DEs are so much more valued than DBs. No one is doubting this (and anyone who's does is acting like a jilted Ex), but we are still a top Super Bowl contender and one of the elite teams in the NFC. We still have all of our leaders in our locker room. We still have all the pieces to our Dline and LB core. We still have one of the more complete teams in the NFL. We will be fine without Josh, even if we'll be worse without Josh. And this is why it pays to have an elite QB. Tom Brady can get away with having fuging Julian Edleman as his #1. When you have a QB who can elevate the play of those around him you can focus on other areas. This isn't a bad thing to have leeway.
  4. Gooby did you know you can want one thing to happen, and when it doesn't you can STILL be okay with how things turned out and not be a hypocrite. It's true.
  5. Many of us lauded the move, myself included. But just because something happened at we're okay with it doesn't mean we're 180ing on our previous stance. Many of us knew it was a one year rental, and wanted a reasonable long term contract, but knew it probably wouldn't happen. That was the general consensus feel of the board. So we keep Josh for a year, draft a CB or two, and groom em behind Josh. That's what a lot of people wanted. So basically we just skipped the grooming behind Josh thing. That's it. That's the only step we skipped. A lot of members feel with how much talent we have on the team, we'll be fine without Josh, without a shutdown CB. And why wouldn't they, I mean as long as there's a capable CB (read: not fuging Antione Cason) we'll be okay. We made it to the Playoffs with fuging Drayton Florence (Who had an amazing season behind our front 7) as a starting CB. Which, on that note, is why so many people felt we needed Greg Hardy for a playoff push or Superbowl berth back then. One of the most common thoughts on this board is that you could put anyone behind our front 7 and they'd succeed. Well, Antione Cason proved that wasn't true, but our front 7 helps DBs greatly. And that's why so many of us are okay with this. Because we know we'll be okay without Josh. Because we have so much talent on our front 7 that, whil yes, we won't have an elite DB anymore,and we'll undoubtedly give up more yards to #1 WRs next season, we've won WITHOUT one before, and we'll do so in the future. It was nice having Josh, but we'll be fine without him. I'm happy he got paid and he's still one of my favorite Panthers, and I definitely wish he was still around, but eh, onto 2016.
  6. The only thing I'll say is I wish Gettleman could have gotten something for him. Be it this year or next year. Josh was leaving. We were never going to pay him what he wanted and he was on a one year rental, The fact that we already knew this made this move a lot easier to swallow that it happened this year. I think if this happened two years ago, with, let's say, a clean Hardy, we'd all be more upset. Hardy was more impactful than any CB will ever be in our system. In fact, Elite Pass Rushers > Elite CBs. That's a given. An elite Pass Rusher is harder to replace than an Elite CB. Even if we don't have a CB we consider shut down, we think we'll be fine with our front 7, and the new CBs we bought in. Sure, they won't be Josh, but it's better than if Short, Cam, Luke or TD left for nothing. So yeah, Gettleman probably should've just put up with Josh's Agent BS, but he didn't, and that's fine. It's okay. The Panthers, believe it or not, will be fine. Just like we were fine without KB (remember when you said we wouldn't be lol that was funny your track record is amazing.)
  7. Welcome to the huddle. You're gonna fit in amazingly.
  8. Everyone: Yeah we probably should've kept Josh but Josh's agent made it a pain and hassle for everyone, even Josh, and while it is regrettable that Gettleman let him go, and I don't agree with it, it is what it is and hey we'll be fine without Josh even though we'll miss him. Gooby: lol look at you guys going Hiel Gettleman you guys would suck his dick even if he traded Luke and Cam why aren't you guys constantly questioning the guy who put enough talent on the team for us to get into the playoffs three straight years and is more right than he is wrong lol why aren't I a GM.
  9. Gooby is the biggest armchair GM on the Huddle. He is very outspoken about every Gettleman decision. Nothing Gettleman will ever do will make him happy.
  10. And Thomas Davis isn't making close to what Josh is. My point isn't "NEVER SIGN ANYONE OVER 30" my point is you don't pay 50 Million Guaranteed to anyone outside of an Elite Pass Rusher or a QB because that's what the market dictates. You don't give 75million because this guy MAY be an exception to the rule. Ageing is inevitable, no matter how many games you sit out. And lol @ Jonathan not showing any sign of slowing down despite the fact he's only played all 16 games in a season three times.
  11. inb4 gooby backpedals and says "FUHRER MEANS LEADER" when we all know what he meant by that connotation
  12. he did. he also compared everyone who defends his decisions to nazis. I am laughing so hard it fuging hurts
  13. Yes, we should've paid Norman for the upcoming season. But we didn't. Oh well.
  14. This is my favorite thing I've ever read ever, Anyway, I said dropping off a bit, not are completely irrelevant. This is factual. There are craftier DBs that can play well into their 30s, Brent Grimes and Deangelo Hall come to mind, but they're not elite or even as good as they were a few years back. I'm not saying "Ewwww a 30 year old CB" but I'm saying that you don't pay 30 year old CBs 50 mil. Look at Revis now, sure he's still a top shelf CB but he's no longer an elite, shut down corner, being burned quite a few times this year (And last year). And once again, Yes, they are the same age, but Richard Sherman got his 4 year contract two years ago (and 18 million cheaper, btw) and he'll be 30 when it expires. Josh will be 34 when his expires.
  15. Geronimo Allison in the 5th please and thank you.