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  1. Blandino on the no catch call

    I don't honestly know why cotchery took his second hand off the ball when going to the ground. He didn't need to brace himself as he was not going full speed when this happened. It is the same for Tolbert's fumble; he sees contact coming, but does not brace for it. Mental mistakes everywhere. Oher gave up an easy sack when Jstew was getting evaluation and Whittaker was in. Whittaker did not know who to block and Oher thought he had inside RB help and he slid out to cover Ware. Mentally we were not prepared and blew off our own foot with the gun over and over.
  2. What makes the Huddle so special?

    @PhillyB and @bleys are a great reason for the Riot and Huddle. I met them at the tailgate. Simply awesome guys.  Loved all 7 years here. Philly and I talked about the need for a Huddle tent @ the riot tailgate.
  3. Yeah can't we just take our class and move on the next round. I mean this is a pretty classy thread topic.
  4. Condition of field comments by Buck and Aikman

    The game was a Seattle slob knob fest let's be honest. No matter how much Seattle was down, broadcast was 85% about Seattle. 
  5. We NEED a pic of the helmet, SCP

    This one is all I can add.. 2015 full team signatures.
  6. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I love the Panthers so much I have a helmet signed by all the players from this year.
  7. NFL announces 1 game suspension for Beckham

    The one thing nobody's talking about in all this the way Odell Beckham acts just like he's on roid rage.
  8. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    I don't think that Zod would plan for an ad on every page though...
  9. Philly could honestly have a real career in play analytics providing down tendencies, distance,  hash tendencies, and identifying coverage type in blitz/blitz in coverage. If I didn't know better sounds like he is building a resume for the Panthers, unfortunately  we know he is mostly a drunk bastage.         For real, stellar work. 
  10. Bene broke his ankle for sure.. dammit

    Seriously guys going on about Bene being on the field don't realize his cleats got stuck and his heel hung under him. Nothing that the game being 0-0 or 38-0 changes. It was just an unlucky heel getting caught, then rolling under.
  11. Bene broke his ankle for sure.. dammit

    Cary Williams plays well in a zone scheme. If available, the best years were under zone scheme in Philly and Baltimore. 
  12. Packers...

    With the way PUP works.. its 6 weeks (gamedates) of not being able to play and 2 weeks of practicing. After 8 weeks(gamedates) the player can come back.
  13. Ealy,Addison,Delaire, and Allen...here comes C.J

    Wish I'd met you guys at the RR tailgate for MNF :(
  14. Some factors to consider

    I think that if you do want to rest some players later after homefield is locked up you need to at least get them in a few series to mentally keep up the preparation week to week. I agree we need to see less Olsen down the stretch to keep him fresh for the playoffs. Same goes for Allen and Johnson when they get get back as they need some legs for the 3 game stretch.
  15. LOL what the hell is going on on our Facebook page

    Picture probably uploaded by RRC2