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  1. If True,.....Him only watching second half film will be a gift for us. Playcalling was obviously very different in the second half on both sides of the ball.
  2. Hahaahahahahahahaahaahahahaa

    Love it!!
  3. Its already officially a done deal....in some of the rankings anyway......
  4. Defense has an achilles heel...

    Good post!! I have to agree with a lot of it.
  5. So whats the issue with the defense?

    Agreed! It looked we went back to playing what amounted to prevent offense and defense....playing not to lose as opposed to stepping on their throats.
  6. The hate from Pete Prisco towards the Panthers is historical, and old news. He picked the giants to win yesterday, which is in no way surprising, but the emotion of the game got to me, and upon sealing the deal I tweeted him, and said "The Panthers / fans want to know why he has a job doing something besides serving fries, and combos". He blocked me with no reply. Love it, and had to share.
  7. CLASSIC!!! The Roseanne Barr / Pachanga thing almost sent my beef stew lunch through my nose.......truly Classic!  
  8. Crazy Josh Norman stat

  9. Panthers fanbase is growing (online!)

    I have always said there is plenty of room on the bandwagon.......just don't act like you've been on it for the whole ride........
  10. Giants game will be playoff intensity....

    Every game worries me......its the NFL afterall. IF WE SHOW UP, and are ready to establish the tone physically / intensity wise, and re-establish it if necessary.......I think they fold like a polyester suit. With that said .......this one worries me more than Saints game.
  11. Best GM in history of the team. Polian was good, but Gettleman has us on route to be good for the long haul.
  12. As a Panther fan from the inception.........One must learn to love the hate. It makes the success so much sweeter.
  13. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    Have learned to love the hate......
  14. Sup man!!? Zod is the head ram rod round these parts. I am assuming you signed up for a new account. He should be able to help you. Tell everyone I said hello!! Hope ya'll are well!!

  15. Hey man. I hope this is Shawn if not then sorry to bother you. This is Robert. You know who I need to talk to to get authorized so that I can view the threads and post. I didn't recieve the email that it said I would. I guess my old user name got deleted.