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  1. Carowinds is going to be bringing back some of that old carnival feel to the park.  they have gathered a collection of flat rides and will be adding them to the park over the next 2 seasons.  Seeing how everything has been getting bigger/newer, its going to be nice to see some nostalgic rides come to Carowinds. "After extensive rehabs, five of the rides are heading to Carowinds outside Charlotte, N.C." Top Scan     Huss Troika     Breakdance     Music Express     Wave Swinger      
  2. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their support.  I managed to finish all the arrangements.  And will be getting ready for my flight to Cali shortly.   And I wanted to offer advice to anyone that reads this.  Gather all information and documents your loved ones may need in the event you pass unexpectedly.  Its very very hard to try and gather all the bits and pieces of information while still dealing with the loss.  It took me a half a day to find something as simple as my fathers birth place.
  3. So Panthers win the NFC Championship. Purchased my Super bowl trip. Ticket in hand and excited.  Life is good.  At least it was.  Ive been taking care of my father since 2009 when he had a stroke and mom had passed away.  Suffering from dementia and late stage congestive heart failure, dad passed away Wednesday morning.  With the need to set up funeral arrangements etc.  I haven't had much time to grieve just yet and haven't even thought about this game at all.  With $7K invested in this trip the consensus was for me to go.  Just having a difficult time focusing on it.
  4. Getting Annoyed

    I cant even tell you how minuscule this seems right now.  Life sucks. :(
  5. Superb Owl Push

  6. Super Bowl Roll Call

    dicks has them
  7. Lady Gaga will be performing the national anthem

    I was hoping for roseanne
  8. Hype Video - Wanted

  9. today's press conference tweets?

    if we had an entire media night why are there press conferences today with the media asking all the same questions?
  10. Oh lawd

    please tell me person was not allowed to goto the super bowl and is just making poo up from his cubicle
  11. Super Bowl Roll Call

    section 226. yeah buddy.  Will any of you be at the Primesport tailgate?
  12. Gettleman road to GM

    “(Jerry Richardson) called me and said, ‘Would you recommend this (hiring Gettleman), and is there any reason I shouldn’t do it?’” Mara said. “I said, ‘You should sign him right away. He’ll do a great job for you.’ It’s worked out quite well for him. I remember the first league meeting after Dave was hired, I went up to Jerry and I asked him, ‘How’s it going?’ He said, ‘So far, so good. I really like him, there’s just one problem.’ I said, ‘What’s that?’ He said, ‘I can’t understand a word he says.’ Dave has that real severe New England accent. Jerry, of course, has that real southern accent, so the communication was a struggle at first. It seems like it’s been a perfect marriage.”