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  1. chknwing

    Panthers sign WR

    Can he play LT or TE?
  2. chknwing

    Bad news on Matt Kalil

    hes being replaced by one of the turnstiles at the front gate
  3. the chess match with Norv Turner is real
  4. chknwing

    Trigger for Hiring Norv

    because Cam gave the finger to most of the plays Shula called in and ran his own poo.
  5. chknwing

    And Then There Was This....

    there's an image I wish you didn't put in my head
  6. Diagnosed with an eye infection thus morning but im here. The piece on sam mills was great.
  7. chknwing

    Player’s Opinion on new Facilities

    uh this is your opinion. your title blows chunks