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  1. Tagging a kicker. Lol. You cant make this poo up. Only the panthers.
  2. I have no idea how to read this spreadsheet
  3. What does a GM need to be?

    umm no, we dont like Hurney because he overpaid for mediocre players and thrusted Carolina into a Cap nightmare.
  4. If Norwell exits, enter Moton?

    Jeremy said this in another thread
  5. better be a june 1st cut
  6. Jstew 2.0. hes slow, has no burst.
  7. Hi there

    lol and everyone thought you changed your diet because you were worried about your heart when it was your dick you were worried about all along.
  8. guns are just too easy to get illegally. this kid had a ton of magazines. No amount of gun control legislation will prevent people from obtaining guns illegally. You have to crack down on the people selling the guns on the streets. Make the penalty for possessing an unregistered firearm more severe.
  9. Depression

    Dont get discouraged. Failure is a part of life and its how we learn. Keep Pounding.
  10. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Giants to the pit of misery. Dilly. Dilly.
  11. Big push to rename UNCC

    ARSEN likes big pushes, especially from the rear.
  12. Marty Hurney is going to

    Marty Hurney is going to.......