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  1. chknwing

    Player’s Opinion on new Facilities

    uh this is your opinion. your title blows chunks
  2. because he has no authority to meet with players, staff, etc until the sale is finalized in July.
  3. why would he do that if he doesnt get the team until July?
  4. chknwing

    Coach Borrego LOVES Malik Monk

    Monk + Miles Bridges man that would be a sight to see
  5. chknwing

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    miles bridges no matter what
  6. chknwing

    The team under Tepper

    Am I the only one that believes when Tepper gets the team, hardly anything changes. I mean poo, guys gonna spend $2 Billion. You think his next step is to rush into a bunch of expensive changes like building a new stadium? Not happening. I do expect changes in ticket prices, food, etc. I expect BOA to be rented out more to generate more revenue. Expect new/more advertisements. Teppers not stupid and hes gonna recoup some of his investment first before plowing into another investment.
  7. chknwing

    To smuggle alcohol, that is the question

    just do all inclusive and forget smuggling
  8. chknwing

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    not even on mobile, just pc. said I won an Samsung Galaxy. Can we kill the ads and make the huddle a subscription service? yeah some people will bitch. it will cut out all the rif raf and people joining just to talk poo from other teams etc. And you wont need to have ads to pay for the server.
  9. chknwing

    "Leggs Go!"

    Ian Thomas being drafted... The title is relevant