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  1. LMAO

    cant blame them, they went from winning the super bowl to the cleveland browns in a year.
  2. Cam always makes Shula look better than he is. I give zero credit to Shula. This was all Cam.
  3. wtf is this Dilly stuff?
  4. The Greatest Sports Announcer

    Guy is hilarious,
  5. Of u think carolina is playing good football go rewatch the first half.
  6. Carolina is winning against a bad team. If they were playing a decent team, they are easily losing.
  7. woot just got club level 346 for $138
  8. Gameday Menu

    JR Nachos and hog molly sandwich
  9. Who's going tonight?

    I am, waiting for ticket prices to plummet today
  10. all black unis

    hmm the hype video Panthers posted has them in black jerseys and black pants
  11. Saints are peaking too early. One and done in the playoffs
  12. The saints are peaking to early, they are due for a crash. 1 and done in the playoffs
  13. I am already drinking Jack honey & coke