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  1. can we make him HC. I love hearing him talk
  2. This is Shulas trademark. We need a different OC with a faster style of offense.
  3. https://nimausa.com/collections/nfl-teams/products/carolina-panthers-bluetooth-speaker 3 Sizes available
  4. No Sack Pie

    part of that is Cam, throwing the ball away instead of trying to run with it.
  5. Shula didnt do anything stupid. I award him a 6 pack of notebooks so he can add even more plays to go with the 2 he used yesterday.
  6. Niners need draft picks. Fully expect them to tank.
  7. Prepping for Irma/Storms

    NC has already declared a state of emergency. I dunno, thats a bit early for a storm no one knows where the hell its going
  8. Panthers @ Patriots Oct 1

    Pretty sure this is his girlfriend.
  9. Source: Due to looming Hurricane Irma, #Dolphins home game vs #Bucs, originally scheduled for Sunday will not be played in Miami on Sunday 1:27 PM - 5 Sep 2017 https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/905165487507681280
  10. Cam presser and some other notes

    the hell is he wearing? thats not Cam
  11. Don't do drugs , kids.

    I think there is more to McCaffrey than meets the eye.
  12. lol Hoyer vs carolinas defense, Stewart/McCaffery vs SF defense. This isn't gonna be pretty folks. This is going to be a slaughter. SF will most likely be the worst team in the league this year. Carolina wins this easily. 44-9 Panthers