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  1. Wait.... T Pain can actually sing?

    "take yo panties off"
  2. Jury Duty - What Would You Do?

    I had Jury Duty past 2 Days and was on the panel to be 1 of the jurors for the trial. When the defense attorney was questioning potential jurors he elaborated more about the case. He stated that it was about an illegal immigrant dealing drugs and was part of a gang that coerced him into doing so. He mentioned where the crime took place. It was at that moment I felt extremely uncomfortable being in that chair. This crime happened in my neighborhood and a block from my house. As I started to realize what this was about and the people this man was associated with my hands started to shake. Admittedly, I was scared. This is a small neighborhood. I may not know that person but it doesn't mean he doesn't know me, seen me, or his associates don't know me. When the attorney was asking me questions he asked me if I had any other issues or concerns about sitting on this trial. I told him I do but can not discuss them in open court. Theytook a recess and I expressed my concern to the lawyers and judge in private. I was excused from the case. I felt like I was taking additional risk and sacrificing my security and peace of mind. I'd like to be able to go to the store or gas station without having to look over my shoulder. I am torn between whether I was paranoid or that I had good reason to be concerned. What would you have done?
  3. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    repost it again so I can pie u again
  4. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    they might be there
  5. Tryout Invitations

    I think they hold onto webb because he can do multiple things.
  6. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    I would say the 3 cbs drafted since much of the discussion has been about them. Also maybe see how Bene and KB are doing after their injuries.
  7. Panthers bringing in a QB

    Tackling dummy? Edit u beat me to it
  8. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Yeah im thinking special teams
  9. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Grooming 3 cbs simultaneously isnt silly? Thats 3 roster spots where the players will spend most of their time watching from the sidelines. Then u have to have players on the roster that will actually play and start. we could be carrying what 7-8 cb/dbs?
  10. About those corners...

    True. I dont think the team has improved for this upcoming season from both the draft and FA. A year or so from now yeah i can see the corners making an impact but as far as this season and resolving any of the issues we had last year and especially in the superbowl i dont think thw team is any better.
  11. About those corners...

    I dunno. I still think carolina could have traded down a few spots in to the 2nd picked up an extra 4th round pick and swap 3rd round picks. now they have a high 2nd round pick, their own 2nd round pick, a high 3rd round pick and 2 4ths that they prolly could have flipped to get back in the 3rd. I have no doubt that they could have gotten every player they drafted by doing this. Could just be dreaming though.
  12. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    OK Shula, its the 7th round, you can come back in the war room its your pick.