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  1. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Walking Dead Season 6   

    I enjoyed the episode, but yeah the whole "lead a herd of zombies to somewhere" plot is a little contrived...   I can't think how they would think that's a good idea.  How long would it have taken to just go down there and start picking them off one by one, maybe a week or two to kill them all...
    I thought the B&W thing was a tad insulting tbh...  I can figure out myself when it's a flashback and when it's not...
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  2. Darth Biscuit added a topic in Smack Central   

    Where you at Hawk???
    You my boy and all, but not this week...
    We gonna come in there and make you and your moose cry...  

    Cheer up Moose... you'll eventually get to play the 9'ers...
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  3. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Funny wife vs Panthers game story   

    Talking during the game?  Divorce.
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  4. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Not panthers related but IDGAF...   

    Was thinking the same thing, but maybe he wanted him a new truck...
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  5. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    I agree with Red, an outright ban on firearms at this point won't change anything... we're too far down the rabbit hole and the whole cliche about criminals with guns is absolutely true...
    There absolutely MUST be a radical change in how you obtain and use them however... unfortunately our political system is setup such that bought and paid for politicians will never change anything so long as groups like the NRA can pay them not to.
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  6. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic PFF ranks Panthers O-line as 2nd best in the NFL   

    Well that's something new...
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  7. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Hardy doing Hardy things   

    Hardy does run his mouth, but I'm not sure what the problem is...  doesn't seem offensive to me?
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  8. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    Well now that I've read all of this, I want to know how it went???
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  9. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Strand does seem to be (by far) the most interesting character at this point.
    I really enjoyed the show and hope that it will continue to get better...  apparently they're gonna drag the airplane web series out for 16 weeks... oh well...
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  10. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic While I'm Happy, I'm Still Concerned*   

    We're a better team than the Lions right now and they gave Seattle all they could handle with some help from the refs...
    Seattle is no slouch but we can play with them, and barring any dumb coaching decisions, we can legit win that game.
    Seattle does not look good, their O line is sketchy and their D doesn't look like it has in years past... of course they didn't have Lynch last night and he could make a difference, but we can beat them.
    Green Bay is going to put up points on us unless we figure out how to pressure Rodgers, he's just too good to let him stand there and throw it.
    Who knows with the Eagles and Indy... we don't do well in prime time and we have a tendency to play down to poor teams...
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  11. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

    That's a great pic
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  12. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic About that Jameis touchdown pass...   

    I realize that they can't catch them all, but when it's one like this that so clearly affects the play and the head ref should be in position to see, it's really irritating...
    ...and it's not just us, I saw several obvious, blatant holds against the Lions last night that allowed Wilson to escape the pocket that weren't called.
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  13. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Last week...Luke met with the independent Dr. and not cleared   

    I'm gonna ask this as nicely as I possibly can...
    Are you retarded?
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  14. Darth Biscuit added a post in a topic Who is this Ryan Delaire?   

    He's fast and hungry,  I'll take it.
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