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  1. As a player Norman will be missed. However, the contract negotiations, the 'I'm one of the best CB's ever, 'I should be paid like one of the best ever', and all of his talk show appearances, and etc. will not be missed. When you have defensive players on your team like Luke, Thomas, KK, Star, and CJ....I think Josh's bragging about his greatness could have become a distraction.
  2. Without Tom Brady, Belicheck would have been an average coach.
  3. Great information. It will be very interesting to see these charts after the 53-man roster is finished (ie - how many rookies actually make each team)
  4. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    I still think we bring more punter competition as well. Not having a solid punter can be a big deal. Not only does he punt, but he is also the holder for field goals/extra points.
  5. Show Of Hands...Who Loved This Pick...?

    For a 5th rounder? Sure. I thought it was a good pick with a player with upside. If was just a 5th round pick so really not much of a risk. But we all need to remember that Josh was not really a factor until the last 1.5 years.
  6. Lots of similarities from about 7-years ago. In 2009, the Panthers selected Sherrod Martin as the 59th pick (2nd rounder) out of Troy. He is 6 1" and about 200 pounds and ran a 4.52. He played CB at Troy. Let's hope Bradberry (62nd pick) has much more success. He seems to have potential but I have to say this pick surprised me based upon our short history with picks 'non-division 1 team and/or smaller colleges (Amini, Edwards, Kudzilla, Martin). I think he could be good for the Panthers, but I think the surprise is we picked him in the 2nd. But what do I know...I'm just a fan and don't get paid millions to be a GM.
  7. Did Chris Gamble Announce our Pick?

    NFL Network showed Gamble announcing the pick
  8. Gotcha....well, we do know the Panthers were surprised he fell to them (I guess they thought the Lions would pick him at 16 too)!. In any case, we will find out how fortunate the Panthers were to get him at #30 in the near future. I think it is a good pick and we will all be pleased once Butler is on the field. Here's hoping they now draft a CB, and an OT since Oher is only under contract for this season.
  9. Well, when you pick 30 in a draft, most teams are never going to get their #1 player on their board. And BTW, I would rather the Panthers were picking 30 vs. picking in the top 10. Obviously, Butler was the top guy left on their board, so they picked him.
  10. If he is the pick, I hope he is much better than the last two Panthers players that came from Nigeria (Mr. Otah, and Mr. Kudzilla).
  11. And one more thing: Josh had not signed the Tag yet...and it was possible he was not going too. I think the Panthers feared a hold-out and a distraction. Also, I have to imagine that the rest of the team was not thrilled about hearing how great he thinks he is when there were 10 other players on the field. Players which includes a potential future HOF in Luke along with one of the best LB in the game TD, and a very dominant KK just to name a few. Josh seems like a good kid that got caught up in his success. The team is more important than one player. The Panthers will miss Josh, but he is replaceable.
  12. Some Insight Into the Charles Johnson re-Signing

    I think DG was level setting expectations for CJ before he signed. I think he was letting him know that nothing is guaranteed and if wanted guarantees, he should go somewhere else. CJ did not have a good was average at best and if the Panthers get the 'average at best CJ' in 2016, I don't think he starts. There is a lot of time before the seasons starts, and many more roster moves will occur.....
  13. Pay K. Short.....he is much more valuable to the Panthers than Norman is.
  14. A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    Signing K.Short to a long-term deal is more important than signing J. Norman to a long-term deal. Josh had 1 very good season.....but he also plays on a consistently top ranked defense, and with some of the best LB's in the game (Luke & Thomas). He should get paid, but what he is reportedly expecting to be paid ($14M per year!) is greatly over-valued for what the Panthers will pay for a CB. I hope they trade him, and collect draft picks. Other than Chris Gamble (who was arguably the best Panther CB of all time), the Panthers have historically only had 'average CB's' on some of their best teams. With the right front 7, the Panthers have proven that a 'shut-down corner' is a luxury, but not needed to win.
  15. Cool story about an old friend of ours

    Or the San Diego game in San Diego when he throw a TD to 'Rosario Dawson'....aka Dante Rosario. Or the Rams playoff game X-Clown to Smitty......when 'good Jake' was in the game, I felt the Panthers always had a chance to win. He was fun to watch.