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  1. I mean think about some of the losses our competitors have had in the NFC. Minnesota loss to the Bills, Eagles and Saints loss to TB. It happens.
  2. The fact that we almost won while committing 3 turnovers and getting none oursleves tells me that we have a chance to be a playoff team. That and the NFC being totally underwhelming outside of LA and NO...
  3. I think Luke's fall off in play can be attributed to Poe and Short. They're not being impact players. And I'm not sure Poe is an upgrade over Star. Say what you want but we never had a suspect run game when he was around.
  4. emhoward

    Question for people blaming Cam

    He had a great second half. He was on fire. And I don't blame him for the loss. But that last series of downs wasn't his best. Both can be true, and I think is.
  5. I remember Rodgers throwing that pick in 2015 that was intercepted in the endzone by TD that sealed the victory. He happens to all great QB's and it happened to Cam today. It doesn't mean we don't acknowledge the few mistakes he did make, unfortunately doing so gets you lumped in with the crazies who want to get rid of Cam for "reasons".
  6. That's a big problem with this board. I rarely have a bad word to say about Cam. He feel short on that last series of downs. He's still my QB. I'm no hater of his.
  7. emhoward

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    I think I agree on the 4th down play, Wright was held, and they blitzed. But that CMC play needs to be completed. I still believe Cam is an MVP capable quarterback, I have to hold him to that standard.
  8. emhoward

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    What about the other two downs. I don't blame him for the loss at all, but those last series of downs were mind boggling.
  9. emhoward

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    It's on Rivera for not going for 4 and 1 early. It's Moore for the fumbles. It's on the defense for allowing an old man to run all over us. And it's on Cam for those last three throws. It's called a team loss. You can rank how pivotal each of these failures were, but they all played a part.
  10. Cam isnt too blame for the loss, obviously. But if he's the QB we all tout him to be, he can't do what he did on those last few passes.
  11. No Cam isn't to blame for the loss. Yes Cam is to blame for the last possession. It's not that hard folks.
  12. I think those last few was on Cam. There were some routes that was just enough for the 1st.
  13. I think those last few was on Cam. There were some routes that was just enough for the 1st.
  14. That's what the Giants did last game.
  15. Atlanta. NY. Today. Our run defense has NEVER been this consistently bad.