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  1. Yeah KK over Hardy no doubt.
  2. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    If Shula isn't calling plays or creating plays this isn't a bad hire in my opinion. He was great as a QB coach, and he was with Cam for 7 years and Cam never had a bad thing to say about him which means he's good with people.
  3. I was told that this was impossible
  4. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I'm not sure if anyone has said this before, but it seems to me that defense wins Championships...still.
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    The reason AB is better than Julio is his clutchness...if thats a word
  6. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    21st ranked run D. Top 5 pass D. 4th and 1, let's pass. Smh
  7. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    The last four or five years havent been mediocre though...
  8. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Cant be the best GM in the league every year. Saints GM had a good year after like 5 straight horrible ones... the GM in Seattle started off on fire, but hasnt drafted a difference maker in 3 years. Ozzie Newsome was thought to be the best and brightest, but not lately... if youre looking for a GM that schools all the other GMs every year, you wont find him, but if youre looking for GM that consistently puts the franchise in the playoffs, thats more reasonable
  9. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    People every year entering the playoffs doubt dominant defenses in favor of flashy offenses...and another reason i prefer a Safety or defensive end over WR.
  10. Grading is a little harsh for the late round pics imo.... To me if a 7th rounder even makes the team that makes the grade higher than an F.
  11. Him having the worst completion percentage since 2011 doesn't make him the worst "passer". Man it's such an overrated stat. In fact all passing stats individually are overrated. They only tell part of the story.
  12. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Sorry but I disagree, our biggest need is Defensive End imo. If Peppers retires the only disruptive player we have at that position is Addison. Horton makes plays only occasionally, CJ is done, Cox is unproven, and we have no idea who we have in Hall... As bad as our WR core is, the D Ends are just as concerning. Imagine if the D ends stay the same and the injury bug bites them next year like it did the WR this year...
  13. Ron Rivera likely gone with new owner

    Y'all sure the grass is going to be greener on the other side of Rivera?