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  1. I love am throwing it to his receivers in stride. get that yac
  2. Bad play, but did you see the speed on Jackson - wow
  3. Yeah, Torrey is probably a lock, but I'm not so sure he should.
  4. emhoward

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Yup. And I think whatever team has the best defense will win the division.
  5. emhoward

    Guice is done!

    Forget a 5th, get something that can help us this year, and promising backup lineman or backup secondary player.
  6. I guess the consensus is that I was reaching here, probably so. It still irked me though.
  7. I'm usually not one to read into things. But this is a clear shot at Cam in my opinion. Especially using the target emoji.
  8. I thought he was moving on. Clear shot at Cam imo.
  9. emhoward


    I don't know enough about this to side with either one of you, but in an interview Luke did on WFNZ this week, he referred to TDs position, the one Shaq will play while Davis is out as "The Will". Take from it what you will.
  10. emhoward

    Hey Yall, Cam is healthy

    Other than the offensive line. Im more worried about the defense than offense. mostly because I expect Cam to thrive.
  11. If this is true it would seem that Richardson's ridiculous standards on appearance doesn't just apply to black players, still a creep though.
  12. I Tell you what, hate or love Lady Gaga, that woman knows how to perform
  13. emhoward

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    If Seattle were to go on to win the Superbowl, we would see that Broken play completion one over over til forever. We can't let that happen. We won't let that happen!
  14. We need to drive down and score. Force them to be one dimensional is key because it seems like they've been able to run on us.