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  1. Cam is an Atlanta kid. He'll definitely have something new. But you're right, for it to become as big as the Dab it has to be pretty simple so that every one can catch on.
  2. OTAs start Tuesday

    Shaq, Fun Fun, and D. Williams. While most are usually more intrigued by rookies, for me it tends to be second year players. The Second year starts to tell you what kind of player they'll be. Starter. Pro bowler. All pro caliber etc. Who'll make a Trai Turner like leap?
  3. This country is a lot of things, but puritan religious isn't one, and if it is, it's well down the list. I agree with you on the bathroom stuff though.
  4. If a person is born male, but identifies as a woman, and genuinely does so, and she sought to play professional basketball in the WNBA, should she be allowed? Like if Caitlyn transitioned a few decades earlier, would and should she be allowed to compete against the female track and field athletes?
  5. Panthers honor Steph Curry today...

    It seems most of the time when people talk about Draymond they overrate him. Calling him a top 5 player etc. But i must say, you're very much underrating him. He's not a number one scoring option, but he's great at what he does, defense (which is half the game, rebounding and playmaking) Every team needs a guy like him. Every time Steph is out i expect Draymond to suffer because "he's only good because of curry" but all he does is shine with the increase in usage. Did you see his game 3 numbers? The guy's a baller. And he's a better defender than Whiteside. Weakside blocks look pretty for sure, and he surely affected the Hornets series, but he's a flawed 1 on 1 defender. The boy Jonas was giving him the business. Whiteside has the potential to be better tho.
  6. Hedging your bets, a lesson in drafting success.

    Teams still care too much about how things "look". If I don't have a quarterback I'm drafting three every year til I do. Early pick, mid rounder, late rounder. Every year. I figured by year 3, Quarterback 9, I would have found my franchise guy. Meanwhile the Browns have been looking for a QB for a decade and a half. They draft Brandon freakin Weeden and think for some reason that they've fixed the problem smh
  7. Ealy not being superbowl performance Ealy, but the lesser early season performance Ealy. We can't afford another one of his slow starts.
  8. I go from skeptical about our draft, to convinced that they'll all be pro bowlers just from watching the presser. Dave does it to me everytime.
  9. Gettleman knew it all along

    That laugh tho...
  10. The Panthers Have a 5th and 7th Round Pick Left

    Two offensive lineman
  11. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    1st series DT's - Star and KK 2nd series DT's - Star and KK 3rd series DT's - Soliai and Butler ROTATE THROUGHOUT GAME 3rd and long DT's - KK and Butler 3rd & Short/goalline DT's - Star & Soliai 2015 snaps KK - 897 Star - 633 Dwan - 447 Love - 343 Cole - 49 2016 snaps KK - 800 Star - 600 Butler - 450 (replaces Dwan) Soliai - 345 Love - 100 (injury insurance) Butler will get more than enough action, at least as much as Dwan did last year. This is what roration means. The pick was fine.

    I think we should take Jack....Don't shoot me.

    Lions take Jack. Lions take Jack. Lions take Jack.

    Somebody take Jack b4 ATL. He's my fav player in the draft.