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  1. How numb we have become. The idea that Trump and Putin were talking about the quality of hookers shows they have a much deeper relationship than Trump has let on. This isn't what one dude says to another dude in passing at a gathering. Or Trump was just lying to Comey because that's what he does. Either way how high does this even rank on the list of insanity that is this Admin.
  2. Says....rush...fox news....alex jones?
  3. Manafort Suspected of Serving as ‘Back Channel’ to Russia, DOJ Says https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-19/manafort-probed-as-back-channel-to-russia-u-s-lawyer-says?utm_source=twitter&cmpid=socialflow-twitter-business&utm_content=business&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm_medium=social
  4. Yeah but until now he seemed willing to go through discovery, makes me think he wasn't in Prague.
  5. As an atheist I do not agree with FryFan. I certainly hope you take as much, if not more of an issue with religious people who know 100% they are going to heaven. Also, a hallucination of heaven isn't the same as going to heaven. Idk when the exact moment of "death", in regards to this conversation I dont think it really matters.
  6. I don't think he was referencing time. I think he really meant was atheist do not believe humans are more than matter. They do not believe humans have a spirit/soul so when our brains stop working our consciousness is gone, our body deteriorates and that is the end of our experience. As an atheist I do not have a belief in gods or spirits. There isn't enough evidence for me to invoke those ideas imo. So what I stated above is what I think likely happens, of course I recognize I'm working with limited data and could be wrong.
  7. Yeah that makes the most sense to me too. But one can't know for sure.
  8. Well I do caution accepting the story about evidence Cohen went to Prague. It's only 2 unnamed sources and no other outlets have been able to source the story.
  9. Exactly Honestly the it's kind of hard to believe without evidence that he didn't use Cohen the same way his other 2 "clients" did. Hannity is rich as fug, he isn't getting real estate advice from Cohen.
  10. GOOD! What an ass hole. Not much pisses me off more than this.
  11. So Cohen's lawyers say the docs have to be protected because Cohen is a lawyer and has 3 clients. 1 of the claimed clients says he is not actually a client so then there is no attorney client privilege. So who is lying?
  12. Yeah he wasn't the presidents lawyer he was his crony.
  13. Old, Ugly, rich, republican men paying off porn stars and playboys. Family values ftw!