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  1. People who value objects and figures over concepts such as morality and justice are shallow sheep.
  2. Lunch at Futa Buta then time to troll the Nazis. Merry Christmas
  3. I was watching a WW2 documentary the other day and thought my god it's an early version of Trump.
  4. 21-17 Panthers concern grows
  5. Latest Obama care Repeal exempts Alaska

    Or we could say both parties are trash for doing it. You continue provide ample evidence that your morality is sub par.
  6. White people get in here

    Speaking of BLM. I don't want to give too many specifics but my friend was working with some people who were shipping a product to another city where BLM is very active atm. One of he workers said lets hang a bunch of nooses from the product and send them a message. Another worker replied they'd have Trumps support. my friend is weighing his options on reporting it to management etc. This isn't close to the first racist thing these guys have said on the job. This is America in 2017.
  7. Oh I need to record! I have a few episodes left in season 1.
  8. Season 1 is on Netflix, season 2 starts on NBC soon. It's a 30 min show with a unique premise. Kristen Bells character has died and is in the afterlife. She has mistakenly been sent to the good place. It's quite funny and full of philosophical arguments and references which brings me much joy. My my family is loving it. It's not Recycled comedy and storylines , I highly recommend.
  9. I did. There some tackles that we could have gotten. Also I wasn't just talking tackles, I said his inability to bring in offensive talent period.
  10. You're ignoring the fact that he's sucked since he's been in the league. Because OTs make a lot of money doesn't mean you throw crazy money at a shitty one. Also, LOL...no good OTs in the draft for the last 5 years! sure ok.
  11. yeah this is my thoughts too. Hopefully we can score 20.
  12. You can't blame Gettlemen for signing a shitty OT to a big contract? That's pretty crazy. Not to mention Gettlemens inability to bring quality offensive players via the draft. Want to see our future...take a look at our last 5 drafts. Not looking so hot is it.
  13. Rocket Man (Not Elton John)

    Trump didn't learn in preschool that calling people names doesn't improve your relationship with that person. I swear to god we have a 13 year old bully as President, what a fun experiment.
  14. Destiny 2

    Thanks! but my Xbox one has been nothing but trouble so I made the switch to PS4 and haven't looked back
  15. Brees will find a way to make big plays. Lets hope our offense gets their head out of their ass and at least stops making the mental mistakes.