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  1. Cat

    to those who poo emoji my posts:

    Remember that nasty all caps tweet about how Russia is going to pay for attacking us. Yeah me neither. It's just a hoax.
  2. Cat

    to those who poo emoji my posts:

    Way too much credit. He is just bat poo crazy.
  3. Cat

    to those who poo emoji my posts:

    Uh, he denuclearized NK. He's got this. Silly libs! Suck it for 6 more years!!!!!!
  4. Cat

    New report - lost in the chaos

    Other Republicans might be too. Shocking I know given their behavior.
  5. And return the USA gives Russia intelligence data about their meddling so they can cover it up better next time. 2 huge fuging absurd wins for Russia.
  6. Cat

    Trump Claims Russia No Longer Targeting US

    He really is an advocate for Russia. Why would he say this. @ARSEN thinks his behavior and words can all be written off as not wanting to undermine his election win in 2016 but that doesn't even play here which is frequently the case.
  7. Same Congressman that Paul Ryan and other republicans said was bought and paid for by Russia. Remember the recording that was released over a year ago of republicans saying Rohrabacher and Trump are paid by Russia. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/house-majority-leader-to-colleagues-in-2016-i-think-putin-pays-trump/2017/05/17/515f6f8a-3aff-11e7-8854-21f359183e8c_story.html?utm_term=.5060c6799eea
  8. Cat

    House Intel findings

    I don't think a female stands a chance. Too risky
  9. Shouldn't have gone in and should have left a long time ago.
  10. Cat

    Charlotte City Council

    The amount of protesters will be absurd. I dont want Charlotte to deal with all of that though it will be convenient to join in.
  11. Cat

    Where are you Republican Patriots?

    Well Putin said they didn't and where are Hillary's emails!!! I'm not trolling, I'm quoting our President.
  12. Cat

    Where are you Republican Patriots?

    USA!! USA!! USA!!! Seriously any republican that accepts this is bending over and taking it and they are totally against that right...
  13. So the politician only has to take issue with a fetus with the complexity of a fruit fly being aborted, no worries if literally everything on earth goes to poo, for those of us alive and aware.