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  1. Update on the toddler body count

    How many kids use a bathtub? How many kids play with guns?
  2. He also said he had to change draft philosophy. Hopefully all 3 of these CBs end up awesome and we have a had time deciding who to stick with down the road and who gets the cut.
  3. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    I don't play poker but I do play Resistance (nerd alert!). I've gotten so good at lying in that game, its a little scary.
  4. I wouldn't alter my philosophy. Gettleman has drafted well the last few years, it concerns me when he alters his philosophy because we are desperate at CB.
  5. Head Scratchers in the Draft

    How dare you guys question these GMs?! they have more football knowledge than all of you guys!.
  6. Yeah, I get that. However I prefer drafting BPA not BPA depending on need
  7. When Hillary talks tough

    Hilary is not an idiot. And I'll leave it at that. :)
  8. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    Pstall is officially an old man. Cause clearly he is watching Fox News as his trusted news source.
  9. Most GMs do. Doesn't make them right all time.
  10. True, I should be more specific. It's amazing how many Panther fans have lost their mind in regards to Gettleman.
  11. So you believe that both of those CBs just happened to be the BPA?
  12. Yeah 7-9 was a killer season. I like Gettleman, I think overall he's done a good job but my god Panther fans have lost their fuging minds when it comes to him. This board is full of DGJS.
  13. I normally don't criticize drafts and I sure as hell hope it turns out well despite the clear lack of planning and good strategy. Here are my problems: -clearly drifted (admittedly so) from BPA -why did we do that? because we needed CBs. If we needed CBs so badly that we likely reached 3 times and altered from our typical drafting method it's because JNo isn't here. IF that is the result of JNos absence, we should have kept him around for one year under tag and drafted his replacement. on another note: Gettleman needs to improve his business practices with his employees. I'm getting tired of players leaving CLT feeling that the manner in which they were let go was lousy. I understand it's a business, I think the players understand that as well but you can still treat people in a caring way and that doesn't seem to be happening yearly.