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  1. We need to dissolve the ACC

    ACC vs SEC today 3-1. One win being UGA over GT 13-7. one of the worst teams in the ACC.
  2. How About Them Heels?

    No doubt. I think they've got the right mindset to pull it out though.
  3. University of Missouri- Concerned Student 1950

    what is going on at that campus. I'm hearing about black students being afraid to leave their rooms and poo.
  4. How About Them Heels?

    love in those polls will end in love in the other polls. They just need to keep bringing that same killer mentality to every game and not let up.
  5. How About Them Heels?

    Today is the first time in a long time i can tell those UGA fugers who say "Why are you a UNC fan in football" that UNC is better than UGA in football.
  6. Is Andrew Luck even a franchise QB?

    He'll get there. It's only his 4th year which for qbs is not old at all.
  7. Who is in your playoff

    UNC wins out beats an undefeated clemson team in the ACCCG and gets #4 and wins it all. i can dream right
  8. NBA Finals Thread

    He just acts like a pussy bitch. He seems to get a free pass for that in the media though. Cue the "the game has changed so everyone acts like a pussy bitch" line
  9. NBA Finals Thread

    Yeah i'm a bonafide LBJ hater and even i think that's insane (the 50 guys over him)
  10. Eastern Conference Finals Thread

    ​As if that wasn't the most predictable response ever. No not at all. But acting like a little baby on the court when you already get more calls than anyone in the league makes  you a douche. Whether it's him Al Horford Durant Stephen Curry anyone. (included horford to include a hawk)
  11. Eastern Conference Finals Thread

    ​Shaq, JJ Watt. I honestly lost a lot of respect for Lebaby this series. Gets ball stolen then cries to ref then when he doesn't get his way he took the next play off and stood around on the court. Then in Game 4 he gets blocked it's cleveland ball anyways and he basically cries and gets to call his own foul. Bitch made.
  12. Eastern Conference Finals Thread

    ​You are part of the reason some people don't like Lebron. It's such a subjective thing it's arrogant to say this guy is the most gifted. It's not enough i said one of in any sport ever? Don't be such a fanboy.
  13. Eastern Conference Finals Thread

    Oscar robertson is a good comparsion. Especially for the era he played. Agree with the guy who said Lebron is Lebron. Physically he's one of the most gifted talents ever in any sport. Gotta give the guy props too for staying out of trouble and dumb situations.
  14. Eastern Conference Finals Thread

     Got by 2 sorry 500 teams in first two rounds. Then we're gonna get swept by a Kevin Love/Kyrie Irving-less cavs team. Lebron or not as the 1 seed that's pitiful. Another day in the life of being an Atlanta fan.
  15. Eastern Conference Finals Thread

    I like your consistency