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  1. Fair enough... can definitely see where you're coming from. Me personally though, I'm going to reserve judgment until we see how this all plays out with contract, ability to see the field, etc. I'm hopeful this was a good trade, but not too certain right now.
  2. I have never understood the appeal, outside of your Alma Mater of course, in watching a college team with millions of dollars of financial backing and who could recruit the very top athletes from each state beating the hell out of the barely functional state-run school in a landslide victory of 66-3. Is it also fun to watch a 200 pound school bully hitting a 90 pound classmate? No competition overall until you get to the bowl games, and it's 50/50 whether or not the teams match up well enough for an exciting game. Even then, most times, it's still often lopsided in the bowl placement. So, no.. college football is boring as hell to me. Never have been a huge fan, and when I happen to catch a game, it's because it's the school I went to.
  3. So, we traded for a guy who is 29, and last year had 36 receptions for 430 yards and 2 TDs? Sure, he ran the 40 in 4.43, so he's fast, but 7+ years after the combine, I don't put much stock in that number. And we gave up a young CB whom I felt still had upside and was learning. Not sure I like this at all.
  4. Huddle cuts coming....

    Suck it up Chelsea fan.. you're still getting cut!
  5. I thought that was Jenkins. I mean, he did say Sapp had stinky breath and all that at one time.
  6. UEFA Champions League

    Here's to hoping Juve goes home early ;)
  7. No brainer at this point. Not saying we should use a first on a guy, but keep in mind that the Packers picked Rodgers when they still had a healthy Favre to rely on, and let him sit his first few years to learn. I still think that's the right way to draft a QB, even in this instant gratification society we live in today. As for Gilbert, maybe I don't remember as well as some of you folks ( I blame age ), but he never really looked all that sharp to me. It's why he lost the 3rd string job to Joe Webb, and before anyone says, but he was also a STs player, it should be telling that once Webb was terminated, we still didn't bring the kid up from the practice squad for another month afterwards. So, yeah, we need to draft an up and comer as a replacement / backup for Cam, because we never truly know what will happen 3-4 years down the road.
  8. That was a great game, and I'll be honest, I was glad when Kane was blocked. He was clearly offsides, and never should have gotten the first penalty to begin with. Great goals by Wanyama on his screamer, and I'm just floored that we let Salah in like that, for his amazing drive. The second penalty, I'm biased of course, but he got hit in the back of the leg (aka butt), and by definition would be a penalty. It was harsh, but technically the correct call. I think the result was exactly as it should have been. A great game, a frenetic finish, and lot of fun to watch!
  9. Props for being able to admit that one. The only time I've ever gotten absolutely pissed about the pick was when we selected this hybrid safety instead of what I felt was going to be one of the best LBers from that class, when we chose TD over Derrick Johnson. Both were great players, but I think we ended up with the slight edge due to Davis's incredible heart and desire to play. Oh, and I remember wanting Olsen over Beason, but that was more of a disappointment than anger. Ends up we got him eventually, lol.
  10. Hats off to Mr. Scott

    Nobody felt like catching this piece of brilliance? 10/10 - Nice job there! I literally laughed out loud on this one.
  11. I hate the Pats just as much as the next guy, but that was brilliant and funny as hell! Who cares if it's douchey? Both teams deserve that moniker anyways, so what's the issue?
  12. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Heh... rumors are so much fun this time of year. https://cartilagefreecaptain.sbnation.com/2018/1/19/16909142/tottenham-hotspur-transfer-news-rumors-malcom-bordeaux-arsenal
  13. Its Official- Norv Turner

    I knew it! (Sorry for my shitty photo shopping skills. Well, lack thereof really - I'm in a weird mood today.)
  14. I wouldn't mind Kitna... that dude made up for his very average talent with hard work and solid mechanics. Something that can be taught, and Cam might very well listen to. However, my first choice would be this guy: Wait.. wrong Wade Wilson... THIS guy!!! (Just say no to Weinke! Kids, kids.. Weinke's are bad.. mmkay?!)