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  1. Raskle

    And Then There Was This....

    The only thing in that video that isn't completely sad is the lady behind him's face.. that's priceless, especially the "Ewww" at the end.
  2. Raskle

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Why am I not surprised we've done absolutely zero this window so far? I mean, there's been a few mild rumors going about, but literally nothing. It's the same story every single year. I expect maybe a low-tier signing in the waning moments before it closes, but this window has been just another fug all summer, and we needed more competition at Striker and left and right back, and another CAM that can create to push and/or sub for Eriksen when he goes out. We lose any attacking bite if he's out for even one game, so we needed somebody to try and fill his shoes. don't mind me.. gonna go cry in my coffee some more now. Typical Spurs Summer (TSS - trademarked)
  3. Raskle

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    I fully expect us to sit on our hands and do nothing until the window, like we almost always do. Last summer was an aberration, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if we move quickly. As it is, no real rumors are even floating around about us purchasing anyone, but plenty of rumors about Kane leaving for RM again. RM, please take a staple gun and reverse this note, then tack it to your stinky forehead, so you can read it 24/7 from here on out: There is no fuging way in hell, heaven, or purgatory that we will ever sell Kane, until he says he flat out wants to go. Since he's never said that, nor indicated any other preference but playing his entire career at Spurs, take him at his word and stop trying. If you continue to persist, I will have to open up a gigantor-sized can of GTFO, and we both know you don't want that. Right? RIGHT??!! :P
  4. I'd go with Big Brass... keeps it clean, but still everyone is gonna get the reference.
  5. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but when the guy who got canned for being a complete asshole, and his geriatric daddy who took creepy workplace to a whole new level tap Navarro as a "great guy" who they would feel comfortable with being the next owner, that kind of didn't sit right with me. I'm actually okay with Tepper being the next owner, in that I believe that we'll finally break out of our every other year slump with him in charge. Something tells me that he will not accept anything less than back to back winning seasons, with multiple playoff berths as the minimum standard, rather than the exception we've experienced over 20 years now, and a real Superbowl push to win it is the expectation. We're just so used to our owner being more worried about loyalty and family, that we've forgotten that this team is a business at heart, and winning is the only real option, both fanatically and financially.
  6. So, I can't keep up with all of the alt-happy folks, so who's is this one that's trying to make the real @Panthro look bad?
  7. What a complete embarrassment today. We played sloppy, defensively inept at times, and just lost to a bottom feeder team that was desperate to stay up, which we should have known and planned for. Absolutely atrocious staffing from Poch, should never have started both Rose and Toby at the same time, knowing both would be rusty, and to sub off a defender for a striker cost us the game. All-around terrible day for my team. I'm gutted over this, and wonder how in the hell we managed to be in the top four with this lack of killer instinct we've displayed many times this year. I can only imagine that with the mistakes they made, handing us over and over golden opportunities, what a real team like Man City would have done in our stead. I'm imagining at minimum 5-0, if not more from the shitshow performance. My team? Nah.. it's cool, we'll just lollygag around the field, and never take advantage of anything all day long. We have this many corners? Why not take short corner after short corner, even though they haven't worked at all for us. What the hell was Poch thinking today? We were going to go breeze in and coast to a win? I'm so pissed, and the players should be completely ashamed of themselves to have lost that. What a joke.
  8. Don't pick on him.. he's an executive transvestite!
  9. Raskle

    Avengers Infinity War!

    Agree on Downey Jr, but he's an amazing actor to begin with, and the role fit him perfectly. But, I do have to say I did enjoy Ruffalo's Hulk/Banner. At least through the two Avengers movies. But yeah, the rest are kind of "ehh... if you were replaced, I don't believe anyone would notice much."
  10. Raskle

    S4L's Panthers Mock Draft

    It's been done by a Taints fan? (Even if he is a decent guy)
  11. Psssht.. like your wife would let you give away her property. :p
  12. I'm currently at the Jackie Chan "Who am I?" level of confidence. Not really sure how this year will play out, or even what the team's personality will be. I'm hopeful Norv will make us competitive and that we adapt well to his system, but I'm worried about our defense being one year older, and lack of playmakers outside of the big four. So, I'm taking a wait and see approach, which will most likely change post-draft.
  13. Raskle


    Dude.. if you ever get the chance to make it to an Orlando game, you'll be amazed at the atmosphere. It's easily one of the most exciting and "all-in" sporting venues I've ever been to in my life, topping any football game I've ever seen in person. It's totally exciting for the entire 2 hours, and the place is nuts for hours before and after the game, and a TON of fun to go to. Glad to see the quality of MLS is starting to catch up to the excitement of it.
  14. Yeah.. can't believe that wasn't cleared... I'll take it though. Helped me breathe easier for sure. Beer for your sorrows man, I feel your pain and frustration. You know I know it, I'm a Spurs fan, lol.