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  1. GM: Kirchner (Seahawks) HC: Reich (Philly) OC: Frost (UCF HC and Oregon Former OC) QB: Weinke (Worked with a bunch of kids at IMG - including Cam, and was QB coach for the Rams, Alabama) DC: Wilks (only one I would retain from the current staff, maybe Washington kept as well) Not sure if Frost would take the step up and back, going from the HC at UCF to being an OC in the NFL, but I like the guy, and think he has a good mind for football. If the salary's right, and there's a chance to grow from there after a couple of years, it may just be tantalizing enough to lure him from there. Reich has done wonders with the Philly Offense, and honestly, I think he has the temperament and BALLS to be a good HC. I just don't ever see him going 'safe' as a head coach, plus, he was a smart player and person as well. Weinke I think could help Cam out a LOT for his mechanics and footwork. He always had those, it was just his arm that wasn't up to snuff for the NFL. Wilks has been doing decent, considering the bad situations the inept OC keeps putting his guys into. I'd like to see more than half a year before deciding whether it's time to move on from him. Kirchner - hear lots of goof things about him... mainly from Mr Scot. But, he's a name that's been dropped a few times out there by the media and folks within the NFL, so decent credibility too. At this point, I've had enough of RR and Shula. Time to clean house with our coaches, retaining only a very very few of the guys we have right now. There is no excuse for how dysfunctional our guys look more often than not. Quite simply, if my job is to deliver results as a manager, and I don't deliver results because the guys I decided to be part of my team failed, then I failed and am held accountable. This is no different, and certainly it's not the first time we've been listening to this broken record coming form the coaching staff.
  2. Don't worry brah.. you have some at 11:00 today... just sit back and watch the top team of Spurs, once your tiddly winks 8:30 game is over :p
  3. I-formation, Armehgeddon leads for a 9 yard gain by Stewie. (I can dream, right?)
  4. Went ahead and looked at the entire tweet. Great set up for the dumbass. But I did have to add in that that is an amazing sculpture, and that woman is extremely talented! The amount of detail makes me jelly I can't do any art like that. It must be an incredible feeling to be able to bring your vision to life, and have it so well done.
  5. This is the same site that is calling Peppers... average: https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/julius-peppers/1010 You'll pardon me if I take their rankings and grades with a grain of salt.
  6. Actually, this did clear things up, and I learned something about your state. First things first, you guys have some weird laws, lol. It's definitely much different than in most of the states I've ever lived in. But in all seriousness, this was interesting to read, thanks guys!
  7. Actually, it's 100% correct, by definition of legal stipulation. Assault is the threat of imminent violence, and fear for one's safety by the charged attacking party. Battery is the physical aspect of said threat, which is why assault and battery are closely linked, and often confused in regular speech. Assault is enough to create a defensible case in court, in that due to direct threats of violence, the defendant opened fire / smashed a chair into the attacker's head / pulled out his Freddy Krueger claws / whatever, in order to stop the threat against himself. Lack of being able to run away plays a small part in those defenses, but is not a requirement for an aggressor to be charged with assault by an officer. https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Assault+and+Battery
  8. Is this the sign it's time for the "I-Formation" to make a come back??
  9. If it weren't for the cellphone selfie, I'd have said that you dug this up from 1984... right down to the 80's yuppie haircut.
  10. I feel hopeless...

    It's pretty bad when you get nostalgic for the glory days of Dan Henning...
  11. World Cup Qualifiers

    This is why we don't have kids trying to go pro soccer in America. Really, there's nothing lucrative or secure past college, and that's only because they can use it to get a degree in whatever they want to pursue as a career: The minimum salary for an MLS player is $36,500, compared to the next lowest of $420,000 for the NFL. That's 12.5 times greater to play football (and it shocked me to see hockey as the highest minimum salary, to be honest), so why would you push your kid to play soccer as a full time job, when there's a great chance he makes less per year than a high school teacher?? http://www.americansocceranalysis.com/home/2015/1/26/visualizingmlssalaries If we truly want the US to have a competitive team in the World Cup sweepstakes, we need to have a better professional system in place. Charge a higher ticket price if you have to, push sponsorship and marketing to increase revenue streams, go out and drum up business, and if cities are failing to sell out their venues, make it so after time, they give up the rights to a team, and either relocate and/or relegate. You can't tell me that Portland, LA, Seattle, Miami, and NY don't fill their stadiums. If the other teams can't attain and maintain that success, then move them to places that do. In the end, it's better for the league, and the players. Have more money, attract more good players and athletes. It's really that simple! With an influx of kids wanting to play soccer as a living, the talent pool in the US goes up overall. The more talent they can choose from, the better the US team. The more we can do with the US Team, the higher the salaries, the more likely parents would be okay to let their kids take part of academy programs, and the more we can develop the "rise through the ranks" mentality of say, the EPL and La Liga. It's pretty cyclical.
  12. Our coaching philosophy in a nutshell...
  13. FTFY - We're supposed to be evolved and intelligent beings, yet we constantly try to harm others because of differences of opinion, religion, creed, color, and all manner of stupid poo that we shouldn't be. I don't care if the guy called him the worst name in the book, made references to his dead mother, or said his wife was ugly. There is absolutely nothing, short of coming after me or my family to harm them, which would cause me to punch anyone like that. Defense is the only defense when it comes to harming others, and anger should never be a reason to physically hurt.