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  1. Its Official- Norv Turner

    I knew it! (Sorry for my shitty photo shopping skills. Well, lack thereof really - I'm in a weird mood today.)
  2. I wouldn't mind Kitna... that dude made up for his very average talent with hard work and solid mechanics. Something that can be taught, and Cam might very well listen to. However, my first choice would be this guy: Wait.. wrong Wade Wilson... THIS guy!!! (Just say no to Weinke! Kids, kids.. Weinke's are bad.. mmkay?!)
  3. So, no one is going to ask? Who the heck is Turner Banner? Should we really be expected to know him?? Why do we want to fire him in the first place?
  4. I'm all for Norv if he can fix the consistency. I am curious to see if he would totally remove the "read-option" from our playbook, or incorporate it into his own, even just a little. Personally, I think it's gotten as stale as the wildcat. Every now and then, toss it out there to throw defenses off, but certainly don't make it a staple of your offense.
  5. The article mentions completion percentage on third-down, and the stats you're speaking of are third-down conversions, which encompasses passes, but is not limited to them. Don't have those stats in front of me, but I'd be willing to believe we made a heck of a lot of third downs with Cam's legs, and not so much his arm this year.
  6. Post pictures

    I have a lot of posts here, but why request pics of them?
  7. It’s Coachs Birthday

    Never knew we shared a birthday. That's cool - kinda. Last time I can remember our playing a playoff game on my birthday was when we beat the Rams with X-Clown. So, hopefully we can get the same result today (the W, not the high blood pressure that came along with it).
  8. I wonder if the guys will be embarrassed about this performance and promise to clean it up again and again twice
  9. Chelsea... that dude fugs my guys over just as much as your guys.
  10. This is what I wanted to hear.

    No foozball player left behind? (All kidding aside, I'm right there with you)
  11. This is what I wanted to hear.

    I'm just wondering why it took getting beat a second time to have these guys take it to heart and be embarrassed. Wouldn't the shellacking they got last time be enough already?
  12. Panthers at Saints Deets

    You do realize both teams played there at one time, and might still have a decent fanbase for the area, right? (kids today... sheesh... get off my lawn!) :p
  13. Barry Sanders would like to say hello... http://www.nfl.com/player/barrysanders/2502817/careerstats (Trust me, I watched that continuous garbage they called an OL his entire career. Swiss cheese had less holes in it for defenders to rush into. Btw, not debating anything but that there have not been any 1,000 yard backs with bad OLs before.)
  14. World Cup Qualifiers

    Tell em they can cop a squat on the couch next to Demps. (No, really, this sucks...)
  15. Vague Worley tweet

    I'm going to to take the "wait and see" approach when it comes to something as ambiguous as this tweet is. It may be exactly what folks are jumping all over him for, but it also might just be innocuous and he's excited to finally get back to playing football, since we have the Monday Night game. I'm really hoping it's the latter, but won't cry if it's the former and he gets shown the door. No place on this team for media players.