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  1. Verge


    You seem like the kind of guy that would only watch someone when they stood erect.
  2. Verge

    Wages falling

  3. Verge

    Unite The Right 2 March in DC

    So they showed up to scare others out of rallying and attacked journalists? Yeah, you really showed them.
  4. I mean, would we even get back our investment in him? I kind of doubt it.
  5. How did this turn into race? He calls everyone he doesn't like dumb/fat/stupid/etc. Shame on him for even putting this on twitter anyway, why in the world is our president attacking Lebron James?
  6. Punch all literal Nazis in the throat. Don't minimize their evil thought process by comparing every Trump supporter to them, IE Rodeo.
  7. Something tells me him being a full supporter of Israel might somehow not be so popular among Nazis.
  8. It was more Rodeo and some in the left who do legitimately label all Trump supporters as Nazis.
  9. When you start labeling everyone who disagrees with you as a Nazi or a fascist, it suddenly becomes okay to punish them with violence for their views and ideology. People don't see the irony in that?
  10. Verge

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I think the only reasonable thing out of the list list of free things she is trying to advocate for is medicare for all, we can essentially offset out healthcare costs with medicare. The others are a pretty huge pipe dream that sets America up for failure.
  11. Did they not withhold information about the dossier, or it's original author? If memory serves me right, did they not try to pass it off as a legitimate thing and not political in order to obtain FISA warrants? Genuinely curious, could you provide me with links on them declaring the dossier as political?
  12. Verge


  13. Marty is responsible for: Cam Newton Luke Kuechly Greg Olsen Thomas Davis Ryan Kalil Julius Peppers DJ Moore Torrey Smith Dontari Poe He is also responsible for cutting older done players on this roster, and extending youth. Let's give him at least a little bit of a chance.