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  1. Everson Griffin is going to end Matt Kalil's career my dudes
  2. Just means more Addison and Peppers, who are outplaying him tremendously, Horton has been better too.
  3. Errr, I was accused of it and it was the shittiest part of my life, it sucked. Statistics say that false accusations are not microscopic, and at least 10%. Her opinion is shitty. Innocent until proven guilty.
  4. Both poo you shouldn't do to another human
  5. Let's honestly talk gun control...

    Is this a poo post thread or nah? My main question, living in a town where I experience an attempted break in about once or twice a year, and the cartel/local gangs pretty much have their hand in everything, how are you going to grantee my and my families safety once you limit or ban certain weaponry? Once you ban rifles, that will be the first thing that starts flooding into my city, as well as a lot of other cities. I can see banning automatic firearms completely, but that's about as far as the weapon banning goes. I can also see making it mandatory to take a safety and firearms training class, in order to know how to respond to an active shooter or home invasion.
  6. Go ahead and mark this down. Saints lose three of their next four Panthers win four of their next five.
  7. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    IIRC he was a huge douche in college as well, I just think he was prob a piece of poo
  8. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    Remember when he pretty much single handedly lost us that Seattle game? That was fun, it was really cool to see him line up against Sherman and do nothing.
  9. Worley does not have the ceiling Josh had, never will. Worley can be solid, but he cannot be Josh Norman. James Bradberry on the other hand...
  10. Run the ball even if it's 2.0 ypc, take advantage of their very exposable secondary with play action
  11. I was hesitant at first, as the Eagles match up extremely well to our strengths, but I still thought there was the chance of a win. With Lane Johnson out, and Fletcher Cox not healthy, this swings the advantage to us, especially on a short week in our house. Make no mistake, Carson Wentz is elite, but if we blitz his right side the entire game, run the ball down their throats, and use the size outside to our advantage, we will win. Carolina - 31 Philadelphia - 24 Cam Newton - 250 yards, 2 tds, 65 rush yards Jonathan Stewart/CMac - 85 rush yards, 70 yards receiving, 2 tds
  12. Since his rookie season, Cam's regular season stats and record against top 10 defenses is: 32 tds, 16 ints, 13 Wins - 9 Losses Seems pretty good considering you know, they are top 10 defenses.
  13. 28 rushes for 28 yards

    My only problem is literally every 1st down play is a run up the middle with Stew.
  14. Clinched Fist

    "If you vote for 'x' you are a racist" is legitimately the most intellectually lazy argument you could possibly present.