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  1. I think if you find a starting pass rusher for a 4-3 scheme at the bottom end of the first round, it would be 100 times more valuable than a zone corner honestly.
  2. He thinks we will target defense in the first round. FWIW
  3. We failed to get pressure up the middle when KK was out of rotation, this made it so we would have a constant fresh rotation of premium pass rushers up the middle.
  4. We already have a 4-3 de that we drafted that was a guy that needed to gain weight and develop.
  5. Ridley Sutton Kirk Moore J Washington
  6. He could slide into the first if a team loves him enough, the sky is the limit for him at end.
  7. Just guys he gave me that maybe the media isn't talking about enough. Says they rank them too low. Projected in the first round, he can fill spots, but his best fit is at guard. He doesn't personally rate him in the first. Has him as an early second round guy, doesn't think he will make it to our second pick. He is a force transition to 4-3 end because of his weight, which will take him at least a year to really fit into. For him it's 2. Sony Michel 3. Derrius Guice 4. Nick Chubb 5. Rashaad Penny 6. Ronald Jones
  8. Courtland Sutton could go in the top 15 Mason Rudolph is getting major hype as a first round player
  9. Names to watch out for that have moved up since the combine and meetings: Jaire Alexander (Top 20 pick) Harold Landry Lorenzo Carter Tyrell Crosby Hayden Hurst
  10. Look for James Washington in the first/early second.
  11. Davenport is a top 15 guy. Other first round guys who could slide in art DE in the first. Landry (top 20), Hubbard, Key. Ejiofor needs to be more consistent, and needs developments.
  12. Ridley is a blue chip talent and people are really underrating him.