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  1. Uhhh no. Pretty sure when I was watching tape on him I thought I was watching Steve Smith.
  2. Justin Reid, Jessie Bates, or best corner available.
  3. A smaller Josh Gordon without the red flags? Yeet.
  4. Most scouts tend to love nfl football lol
  5. He thinks they are stupid for taking Mayfield
  6. I mean, he said if DJ Moore and Ridley were gone. DJ was there.
  7. Verge

    Draft Day Chatter

    Oh word. I disabled signatures so I didn't even notice.
  8. He texted me a couple hours ago with "Don't buy the buzz on Mayfield at 1,it's still Darnold." Adjust your mocks accordingly, or trust the media. He has maintained Darnold through the entire process.
  9. Verge

    Draft Day Chatter

    Not a chance Jackson falls that far.
  10. Verge

    Draft Day Chatter

    Payton likes Rosen and Lamar.
  11. Verge

    Greg gets extension

    Something about him being a commentator/analyst on tv.
  12. I doubt they will get Miller because of how bad they want Justin Reid. I think the only other guy they were interested in was Gesicki? I'll try and ask him later. The backs they like are Penny and Chubb . They like Daniels, but Ragnow is a lot more flexible, can play guard or center at a high level.
  13. He is really good, there are just so many high level corners in this draft. Isaiah could easily be a first round guy. He is still sticking with Best WR (Ridley or Moore) or Hayden Hurst for us. Says the Josh Allen thing is currently blowing up the draft and a lot of teams are kind of scrambling, think Bills will still take him, but if not, he could fall.
  14. If Ridley is there, I would think it's him. He is still saying Lamar Jackson is going to go in the top 25, so if Mayock is right about Lamar Jackson, Ridley could fall to us.