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  1. I loved Worley coming out of WV, he always seems like such an aggressive, scrappy, kid who learned very well from his mistakes. The dude has the mentality of that pissed off little brother, always trying to prove something, and never letting big bro take advantage for too long.
  2. Seeing as Terron is out 4-6 months, I will take the least amount of months, which puts his return at week 6 against the Panthers. During which time, his backup will go toe to toe with these guys. Week 1: Everson Griffen Week 2: Trey Flowers Week 3: Mario Addison/Julius Peppers Week 4: Cameron Wake Week 5: Ziggy Ansah Anyone want to take the over under on how long it takes for Brees to get slaughtered? Saints start 1-5, book it.
  3. Isn't this a shitpost thread?
  4. He is an active member of the community, posts within the guidelines of the board, and makes the occasional funny post. No need to ban a medium quality shitposter.
  5. Quality over quantity, ban.
  6. Same type of people that had Scooby Wright as a fringe first rounder last year are the same people who make this kind of poo.
  7. Now that the draft is over, I figure we can use threads like these to at least talk about something between now and training camp. How would you rank the top 25 players in the NFC south? Try to remain as unbiased as possible. 1. Luke Kuechly 2. Matt Ryan 3. Julio Jones 4. Drew Brees 5. Cam Newton 6. Thomas Davis 7. Greg Olsen 8. Terron Armstead 9. Mike Evans 10. Vic Beasley 11. Kawaan Short 12. Gerald McCoy 13. Devonta Freeman 14. Jameis Winston 15. Lavonte David/Deion Jones Agree, disagree? Anyone I am forgetting, post your opinion and your list below.
  8. Lol, nah man. There are videos out there of full games that highlight individual players, and shows you every snap from different angles. I also have game pass which allows you to see the field from every angle. So no, I'm not a professional scout or anything, but I do make notes, and write articles every now and then, it's a hobby man, chill out.
  9. It's youtube videos of games, not highlights :P It's a little harder because you don't see the whole field, but you get the general idea.
  10. I know a ton of people have compared him to Woodhead, Sproles, Dion lewis, etc. However, when I looked through everything, something had caught my eye about him, something that felt extremely similar to someone who had come out a couple of years ago. After I finished my tape session of McCaffrey, I popped on some Michigan state tape from a couple of years back, and one or two Pittsburgh games from last year, McCaffrey reminds me so much of Lev Bell (Mostly from his recent years in Pittsburgh given his increased speed and lighter frame). You watch some of the Stanford games, the patience, receiving, and cutting ability of Christian is incredibly comparable to Bell, it kind of sticks out. So if you were hesitant about the pick still, which I know some people are, I would ask you to watch some games of Lev Bell and compare it to the Stanford tape of this year, you might be surprised by our new running back.
  11. The fact we are even having this conversation means he isn't dedicated to football.