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  1. Worley does not have the ceiling Josh had, never will. Worley can be solid, but he cannot be Josh Norman. James Bradberry on the other hand...
  2. Run the ball even if it's 2.0 ypc, take advantage of their very exposable secondary with play action
  3. I was hesitant at first, as the Eagles match up extremely well to our strengths, but I still thought there was the chance of a win. With Lane Johnson out, and Fletcher Cox not healthy, this swings the advantage to us, especially on a short week in our house. Make no mistake, Carson Wentz is elite, but if we blitz his right side the entire game, run the ball down their throats, and use the size outside to our advantage, we will win. Carolina - 31 Philadelphia - 24 Cam Newton - 250 yards, 2 tds, 65 rush yards Jonathan Stewart/CMac - 85 rush yards, 70 yards receiving, 2 tds
  4. Since his rookie season, Cam's regular season stats and record against top 10 defenses is: 32 tds, 16 ints, 13 Wins - 9 Losses Seems pretty good considering you know, they are top 10 defenses.
  5. 28 rushes for 28 yards

    My only problem is literally every 1st down play is a run up the middle with Stew.
  6. Clinched Fist

    "If you vote for 'x' you are a racist" is legitimately the most intellectually lazy argument you could possibly present.
  7. Seymour, Cox, and Jones were all pretty horrendous.
  8. Yeah, Derek will be great and win all the games Cam is losing
  9. Difference being the last time you guys won your division was 22 years ago, and you have won your division 7 times since it has existed (77 years ago) Carolina has won their division 3 out of the last 4 years, and 5 times since the NFC south has existed (15 years). Meaning we win our division 33.33% of the time, and you guys win yours 9.1% of the time. Also: Kelly Holcomb JP Losman Trent Edwards Ryan Fitzpatrick Brian Brohm EJ Manuel Thad Lewis Jeff Tuel Kyle Orton Matt Cassel Tyrod Taylor Good luck on Sunday, and just remember, if you don't have a Super Bowl ring, you don't get to talk crap about others not having one.
  10. Considering the way Carlos Hyde was able to run right through our defense, we need to get up early and stay up to win this. Less reliance on McCaffrey as well, this game is scary even if it is just the Bills. 24 - 17 Carolina
  11. Not having Bene Benwikere covering Julio Jones 1v1 would be a pretty good start.
  12. Greg Hardy got triple teamed on one of those sacks. We are missing a guy like Hardy to make our dline that dominant, hopefully Addison goes HAM.
  13. Was DG that great?

    Yes, we were in the cap hell when he came in, he managed the cap beautifully, brought in Short, Star, Bradberry, Turner, Norwell, Klein, Shaq, Coleman, KB, Worley, and found bargain bin players that helped guide us to three straight division championships and a super bowl. Hurney is dog crap, he hits on first round picks and hands out major contract to 30 year olds who are past their prime. TD has betrayed this team and this will put us in a position to make major mistakes.
  14. Now we can extend our 34 year old rotational injury prone linebacker to a long term deal, and make our 31 year old tight end the highest paid tight end in football. Meanwhile, Star leaves, Turner leaves, and we have very little money to fill our soon to be numerous holes. It's pretty crappy what is happening with out organisation right now. TD has tarnished his legacy with this move.
  15. Yay, back to signing players to way too much money and send us down into the cellar. Yes, please re-sign our 34 year old injury prone linebacker to a multi year deal going into a year where he is being actively replaced by Shaq. This is beyond logic at this point.