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  1. I was about ten minutes away from this, very scary stuff.
  2. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    Wasn't Gregg Rosenthal the same dude that trashed on us from weeks 1-6? Now he suddenly has a hard on for us? Gtfo.   "What we'll be saying in February   We'll be saying that the Panthers couldn't win playing 1970's football. Everyone else will be blaming Newton. Predicted finish: No. 3 in NFC South, No. 11 in the NFC, No. 22 overall in Around the NFL's Power Poll"
  3. Elliot Harrison is a "blank"!

    Isn't he a Cowboys fan? Him and Michael Fabiano? 
  4. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    CJ will start, that isn't even a question. 
  5. Tony Romo is 3-0

    THE Dallas Cowboys? The ones that give up over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown per game!? THE Dallas Cowboys that can't stop tight ends?    We matchup with them insanely well, the fact we are not favored it a freaking joke.
  6. Rank our remaining games from toughest to softest

    1. @NYG  2.  TB  3. @DAL  4. @ATL  5. @NO
  7. Give Cam the MVP

    It's between him, Brady, and Palmer at this point.
  8. There are like five of us who live in Colorado, I personally live in the Springs, never heard of a RR down here...
  9. Probably. He wouldn't even be starting right now though.
  10. Washington Redskins: 30th ranked run D, giving up 135 yards a game.   Carolina Panthers:   3rd rank rushing O, averaging 139 yards a game.   Prolly not gonna lose this win. Match up is sooo juicy.
  11. About that Newton vs Wilson debate

    Cam is 2-4-1 in the same situation the last two years
  12. What Titans Fans Are Saying

      Carolina Panthers: 28.5 PPG Tennessee Titans: 19.9 PPG   ??????