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  1. calling ALL Gamblers

    Most places have us as 6 points favorite, large majority of the money is on Carolina even with the large point spread, Vegas is thinking Carolina wins by a field goal and wants to force money on Denver with a large spread on Denver.
  2. Clete Blakeman

    Numbers for the Clete Affect are fairly staggering. DEN is 5-0 when Clete Blakeman (CB) was the head referee (since 2010) in contests on the road against TEN MIA OAK and at home vs SD and OAK. Not the most talented opponents. Last game was 47-17 win vs OAK in 2014 Week 17 and flags were 9-1 OAK. Total penalties were DEN 21 OPP 40 though 20 of the OPP flags were in the two games vs the undisciplined Raiders. CAR is 2-2 in CB called games sandwiching home losses to ATL and NO with home wins over NE and HOU. Most recent game was versus the Texans in Week 2 this season and both teams had ten penalties. Total flags are CAR 29 OPP 20 in CB called games.     Just some fun stats for you guys to take however you will.
  3. Von Miller really hates us huh?

    We should probably do with him what NE did with JJ Watt, boot legs to the left all day and power runs at him.
  4. Pass rush without Allen

    CJ had a great game yesterday, wtf are you people smoking?
  5. Worries about Arizona     Adding onto the whole Bucannon thing
  6. And the analytics say.....

    Am I incorrect in thinking that the last couple of years, the number one seeds in the playoffs met in the superb owl? 
  7. Worries about Arizona

      I think Wilson overthrew easy 50+ yard gains three times on Sunday, not exactly impressed with our corner play by any means.
  8. Worries about Arizona

    GB's depth at corner is a big reason for success, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Damarious Randall, and Quinten Rollins are all good corners.
  9. Worries about Arizona

      That surprises me, I know GB blitzed pretty much the whole game though.
  10. Worries about Arizona

      This happened because of Washington and Dansby, athletic and rangy, they were able to seal off Cam.
  11. Worries about Arizona

    I have not been particularly threatened by a team this year, I felt we could beat anyone without much pressure because no one matched up with us well. However, Arizona does a list of things that make me very nervous about the matchup. - Deone Bucannon: Here is one of maybe three guys in the nfl that can actually spy Cam Newton successfully. Arizona used to have a guy like that, Daryl Washington, the last time we played a healthy Washington, he spied Cam all day and basically shut him down. Bucannon has that ability and we need to be able to put him on his ass and have Cam make some moves to get away, or else they will eliminate a huge part of our offense. -Their interior o-line: The strength of our defense is very clearly Short and Star, they both demand a double team which leaves our edge rushers free as well as our linebackers to come up the middle. Their interior o-line is pretty damn outstanding and does not allow a ton of pressure up the middle, the only weakness on that line is their right side, which is not exactly our strength by any means. -Patrick Peterson: Pretty simply put, this dude is going to cap Ginn, eliminating a deep threat. -John Brown, JJ Nelson, and Larry Fitz vs McClain, Finnegan, and Coleman: This one is obvious, Norman is going to take away Floyd, which is very important, but we are going to have to take these guys vertically almost every play, and make sure we have additional mid field coverage for Fitz going across the middle. Do we have the speed with McClain and Coleman to cover the electric Brown and Nelson? I don't really think so. Can we contain Fitz with Finnegan and LB help? Probably. Either way it's a huge question mark, even if we do get massive pressure.   Of course, this doesn't make me think this is a loss by any means, but certainly a concern. We do things well that is their weakness as well. We can eliminate their best defensive trait which is their interior pass rush, we can beat their secondary with Greg Olsen, and we can most certainly run it on them. So all in all, it's just my thoughts. What is your biggest worry against Arizona? 
  12. Finnegan and McClain

    They are going to get picked on a lot next week, deep shots every play would be the guess, offense will have to make up for it next week.
  13. I read the thread title and didn't even have to look at the username to know.
  14. Brandon Wegher

    He sure does go down on first contact a lot.