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  1. PantherPhann89

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Does everyone here know how good his service was?, How polite his waiter/waitress was?, How good the food was?, etc. In addition, not tipping a specific amount is not a sin, requirement or law...
  2. What would be there purpose of that?
  3. Obviously, having success at running the ball is about scheme and personnel. I believe that we have decent personnel, could be better, but I don't think that our running scheme is there. It seems to me that there is more focus on passing the ball than running. It's like, as long as we get a few yards or just show the threat of running, we're good. I disagree, I think that we need a better offensive line coach that can teach pass protection and run blocking or another offensive line coach that specializes in run blocking...
  4. PantherPhann89

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Well, we got what we got. We didn't sign a top T, so this is what we have to deal with...
  5. Congratulations Russell Shepard
  6. I took it serious because of the type of person Steve Smith is, that's not something he'd joke or lie about. And in the same statement, he discounted what the other commentator said, "his route running was limited". Smith said that Moore has a PHD in route running. So, yes, I took is serious.
  7. PantherPhann89

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    Yeah, that was his main issue when we drafted him. Dude has speed and can catch but you've got to protect the rock...
  8. "They've never been able to replace me, until today." Quote by Steve Smith, so, I'm good.
  9. I agree and I expect much better production all around this year...
  10. I think if Cam gets the ball out quicker, with better play calling that will make the o-line look better...
  11. PantherPhann89

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Great signing Hurney, I'm glad you aren't listening to the naysayers...
  12. PantherPhann89

    Hey! Remember when The Huddle...

    I can't say that I do...
  13. PantherPhann89

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    A very interesting write up and take. It looks like CMC will be or starting back, so I'm anxious too see where or run game goes. But in any case, until our o-line produces better run blocking, it wont matter who or starting back is.
  14. Thanks, but I did before I asked the question.