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  1. A fire hose can be throttled to what you need...
  2. No surprise there, remember when we would send Cotchery on streak routes. Now we draft CMC, Samuels and sign Shepard but totally misuse CM, barely use Samuels at all Shepard sparingly. We're still allowing Cam to hold onto the ball. What happened to getting the ball out of Cams hands faster. All through PS we saw last years offense with the exception of a wrinkle or two and we still expected more. Unfortunately, thats what we got, more of the same...
  3. 6 Quarters, 3 Points Allowed

    Our Defense played awesome today. The only weakness that I saw was Worley. I know that he was probably playing 10 yards off the WR to keep from getting beat deep but I'd like to see him cut that to at least 7...
  4. I think that the ost likely scenario is Olsen going on short term IR and us promoting Manhertz to the 53 as the no. 2 TE
  5. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    I The bulk of our issues today was the offensive play calling. We didn't take advantage of matchups and we're mot using CMC effectively. We ran the ball a lot on 1st downs, even when tbe defense was showing that they were expecting run. We started off with 2nd and long to many times. We still have too many long developing routes, where Cam is waiting for it to develop. Cam is still holding tbe ball to long nut i find it hard to blame him fir most of that because of the above. However, Cam does get 100% of the blame for overthrows. This is something that he cam in the league with and its still in his game, thats on him. The o-line did a very good job of protecting Cam but missed a few assignments on double A Gaps blitzes. Although Matt Kalil was just simply beat once, i think the 1st sack. We have to ne able to adapt at any point in the game on both sides of the ball, if needed.
  6. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    Yes that was just lick on our part. Coleman was late making that read...
  7. Close game, but no stiches dor Tolbert...
  8. If these games aren't played on Thursday Night, won't they be played on Sunday or Mondy night? It's not an issue as to the games being bad or risking injury, its wether or mot tbe NFL wants to shell out the money for a new Thursday Night agreement. But as a fan of the NFL, I want to watch NFL football as much as I can. So mu vote is NO
  9. Injury Report for Bills Week

    Wow, that is something to get excited about...
  10. Well we all know the Panthers don't believe in reinventing the wheel. They'll probably just throw in a wrinkle or two here and there. Or we can just use CMC playbook, Tolbert doesn't know that...
  11. Eagles Poach A Kicker Off Bengals Practice Squad

    Are we actually trying to trade Gano?, or we're planning to carry them both throughout tbe season and cut Gano next season.
  12. Cold Blooded - 49ers release Boulware

    Wow, if that doesn't say that I used you, I don't know what does...