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  1. A very good read, but we have the #1 ranked defense right now, why would we switch. Granted i would like to have better secondary play, their have been quite a few plays that we were beat deep but the receiver either dropped it or it was a bad throw.
  2. Since he just lost his starting job to a rookie, I'd say yes, and what better way to stick it to his coach than signing with his old team...
  3. Alex Armah

    Armah looked like did a good job to me. I'm glad that you're breaking it down for us though.
  4. Samuel out for the season!

    Here comes #11
  5. Thank you Veterans

    Serving has always been an honor...
  6. Was Cam possessed yesterday or What

    Cam is the man in Charlotte. We just need to put the right players around him. He needs better protection.
  7. This is still Cam's team

    Yeah, maybe they didn't take the Lion or of the Safari...
  8. Ed Dickson With The Quote Of The Year

    Great quote by Dickson... I loved the emotion that Cam showed today, now if he'd just change the play calling on 1st downs...
  9. Much needed team win. Congratulations Panthers!!!
  10. We're not greeting pressure on Ryan...
  11. Yeah, but i hope that we put a top quality LT on the field to protect Cam. If we give Cam the protection, Shula can have his long developing plays. If we keep him...