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  1. I'm not totally sold on Stew being cut because I don't believe that another RB would be more productive behind the same o- line. Stew average was higher earlier in his career because the o- line was a better run blocking line then. Our run blocking line right now is terrible.
  2. We need to run the ball!!!!

    I agree that we need to run the ball this coming season with our primary runner being our RB. I disagree with needing to cut Stewart because he's not hungry. Stewart fights for the yards he get because our o-line doesn't create the holes that the Eagles o-line created for Blount. However, I'm not sure that it's the o-line as much as the o-line coaching to run block...
  3. Cam Turner leaving?

    We're about to embark on so many changes, I think this ranks near the bottom...
  4. I hope that it doesn't impact the Panthers Draft Picks. What JR is being accused of is a personal crime, not a team violation.
  5. 2018 Staff Finalized

    We needed some change, I hope it works...
  6. We'll see how it all works out...
  7. Sounds like a really good hire...
  8. Should the XFL have their own forum?

    I'm strictly a PantherPhann
  9. Panthers OL coach leaving with Wilks

    Maybe we can get an OL Coach that can coach the OL to run block as well as pass block..
  10. Panthers change in special teams coaching staff

    I hope her does but I dont know that. What I know is that he was decent and slow NFL LB. Do you know more...
  11. Panthers change in special teams coaching staff

    We needed a change in ST. I'm just not sure if that change is Chase Blackburn...
  12. I'm not in favor off losing Wilks. I'd like to see his growth, his print on our defense.
  13. Haley fired

    Even if Haley did come here, i wouldn't expect us to put up the points the Steelers did with our WR core and our OL blocking scheme...
  14. Are we in a Window situation?

    I haven't seen a decline in Olsen, at all.