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  1. You really believe that?
  2. PantherPhann89

    Panther Win/Obada/DJ/CMC/Cam Pie fest

    This may be a record setting year for Cam. CMC played his A off today. Obada coming on strong. Norv surprised the defense with a different offensive game plan. The defense played extremely well, particularly the CB's, LB'ers and D-line. This was a good game the our team. #keeppounding
  3. I agree but unfortunately, it appears that the NFL cares...
  4. But Steve Smith said that Moore can run every route on the route tree...
  5. Eric Reid not being signed, speak volumes about the mindset of the NFL...
  6. Here's a list of fines from the NFL website: "Suspension or fine; severity to be determined by degree of violation (FINES LISTED ARE MINIMUMS)." I'm sure that the Ref's knows the fines associated with the calls. The following are minimum fines that result in the amount of $10,026.00: Striking, Kicking, Kneeling (listed together), Horse Collar, Late Hit, Low Block, Chop Block, plus a few others. A first offense of Impermissible Use of the Helmet (including illegal launching) draws a fine of $26,739.00 and Kazee fine was only $10,026.00 Of course the ruling/call on the field will be reviewed to determine the amount of the fine or if a fine was warranted. The discretion starts with the Refs, and proceed through everyone involved with the process. https://operations.nfl.com/football-ops/nfl-rules-enforcement/fines-appeals/
  7. Damontae Kazee fine of $10,026.00, was by far, the lowest of the 13 roughing the passer penality fines this year. Out of the 13, one fine was David Onyemata $40,108, the remaining fines were $20,054 each. I didn't research each fine to know the significance of each hit but I do know that Kazee's hit on Cam looked totally intentional, he lowed his hit to target a sliding QB. We need commitment to these rules and set fines, not this favoritism BS.. Info from: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/fines-suspensions/
  8. I'd love to hear why we won't attempt to sign a Eric Reid...
  9. PantherPhann89

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    We go after a high profile player, that's going to demand a large contract. I seriously doubt it... But I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots don't sign him, talk him into talking a pay cut, pairing with Gordon and catching passes from the best QB in the league and oh yeah, playing for a Super Bowl...
  10. The NFL policies are getting ridiculous. They're making decisions as they go, on a case by case scenario based on how they feel, either towards the player, the team, the coach, the ownership or whatever. A rule is a rule. Make it - Enforce it
  11. PantherPhann89

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    We go after a high profile player, that's going to demand a large contract. I seriously doubt it...
  12. I don't put a lot of weight in their rankings. What I do put weight in, is that Cam stayed upright for a very birth percentage of his snaps...
  13. PantherPhann89

    DB depth is looking scary

    Yeah, I think that the FO and Coaches are a bit smitten with Breeland but we need to sign him, if he's ready to play and also sign Eric Reid, let's not limp through this season...