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  1. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    I think that Stew is the type of RB that gets better as the game goes on because he gets to stay in rhythm and attack the weaknesses he's noticed...
  2. I didn't doubt his potential production but I did doubt his health this season. I'm glad I was wrong...
  3. LB Adarius Glanton

    They're going to get a little info and a good LB. Good luck AG
  4. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    God, I hope you're right...
  5. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    I love the signing. Another feisty CB on the roster that won't back down. I've always liked his style of play. Welcome to Panther Nation Finnegan... Keep Pounding 
  6. Johnson and Hardy

    Peppers don't...
  7. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    I love it and I've always liked Finnegan aggressive play style. Our defense is setting a tone that he fits...
  8. Ginn, Oher and Coleman

    I think that Gettleman is easily the best GM in Panthers history...
  9. Johnson and Hardy

    He still wants to be a Panther...
  10. Deion, I still love you, but COME ON MAN

    Just Keep Pounding...
  11. 10-0 team is a 1pt underdog? to a 3-7 team

    Man I want this game. Don't get me wrong, I wanted the other 10, but man I want this one. 
  12. Horton suspended 4 games

    I'm not sure that I'd want to replace Horton that knows our defensive scheme with Coples, someone who don't. If for some reason we needed one of them to step into the rotation,I'd go with Horton. 
  13. Will Fozzys hurt hip bring on CAP or Wegher ?

    That's an interesting question, we'll see really soon...
  14. I fuging love Josh Norman

    I love his play but not his attitude. But then again, that's who he is, soooo, I'll take it and really hopes that he resigns with us. 
  15. Oh USAToday...

    Opinions are like _ everyone has one...