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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

    It's crazy how people put expectations on others, and even place them on higher pedestals than their own....
  2. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    I was very surprised to hear Deion make the comments he made about the situation in our game against NYG. Then I got somewhat disgusted when he said, if he, ODB, was his son he'd shake his hand. Norman has a right to be a disgruntled towards Deion.
  3. Josh Norman takes it to Deion Sanders

    Deion is a fake as all get out. He told Norman that he had ODB on the phone to apologize to them both, what did he need to apologize to OFB for, he supported him 100 in the ordeal. 
  4. The man is beyond his years...
  5. TD: I wouldn't Miss The Super Bowl For The World

    I hope that TD is able to play, our defense is beasting right now...

    The Carolina Panthers are going to Super Bowl 50!!! Woooweee main...  
  7. SQUAD

    I'm loving it...
  8. Shula named OC of the Year by PFF

    Congratulations to all of the Panthers coaches...
  9. Best Play/Worst Play

    My Best play of the game: Stewart big run, it made a high statement early in the game.  My Worst play of the game: Wilson scrambles, avoid the sack and throws a TD pass through the finger tips of Josh Norman. But I'll take the game as is because we won and opportunity is still ahead.
  10. America believes in us!

    Forget em, we didn't need them to get here, we don't need them now but we'll thank them all the same, after we win...
  11. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    It's on!!!
  12. You're the armchair GM what's your offer to Norman?

    5 year, 60 million, 20 million guaranteed/signing bonus. 
  13. We definitely need to lock KK up. Him and Norman are crucial to our defense. 
  14. Tampa Bay could be interested in Shula

    Anything is possible. I was expecting our OC and DC to get some looks this off season and I wish them the best in whatever they decide...
  15. Horton back again

    That definitely a plus...