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  1. New Bungie game: Destiny

    Well aren't you a damn ray of sunshine :P
  2. New Bungie game: Destiny

    Yeah, believe me I feel it already. The Bungie servers are trash for Xbox. Getting booted constantly. Got kicked Tuesday in the Nightfall with my reticle on Taniks' head with a sliver of health. My controller came close to flying through the TV. All my friends went Xbox though, regardless of my lobbying, so...
  3. New Bungie game: Destiny

    XB1: TheRaleighLlama I got the game back in March and have a 33 Hunter. Made the switch from PS3 so I am rebuilding my friends list. Send me a friend request and we can run some raids, strikes, crucible, bounties... Doesn't matter to me!
  4. Selma is the Antique Mecca... lol... ...and I'm an astronaut...