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  1. NFL Rigged?

    Vegas has lost money in only 2 Super Bowls. It didn't lose money last night. That's I I have to say on the matter.
  2. 2 Killed in Shootout at Gun Store

    You're missing the point. The whole reason (in my dumb-ass opinion) that this story is relevant is it pretty much serves as a microcosm of the NRA's Utopian vision of a world where everyone has a gun, and completely dispels the ridiculous narrative that if everyone in the country owned a gun, there would be no more shootings. Fact is, there will always be someone who's not afraid to start shooting over even the pettiest crap, even though he's fully aware that his adversary is also armed. The only thing that the "arm everyone" narrative does is ensure that these nut-cases have firearms. And when they're armed, the fact that you have a gun, or in fact a fuggin' store FULL OF GUNS will not keep you safe. The end.
  3. If only they'd had a gu- oh, wait... I'm confused, who was the good guy with the gun in this scenario? And how come it didn't keep anyone safe?
  4. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    This is my favorite from the album. I love the random, disconnected foot in the air. It's like a scene from a Leslie Nielsen movie.
  5. UUUUGH! I hate to be "that guy," but situations like this force my hand: Shot up civilians, locked himself in his car with a gun, and a SWAT team had to respond? I have a hard time believing that if this dude was black he'd have been brought in alive.
  6. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Been a fan from afar since the franchise's inception. Seen every game since the start of the 2003 season. Been to several Baltimore vs. Carolina games proudly rocking Panthers colors. Coming to Charlotte for the first time to meet some Huddlers and do an honest Panthers tailgate, and I sure wouldn't mind making it a memorable trip by getting to actually see the game in person!
  7. Good guy with a gun shoots and kills home intruder

    I always say; the woman has access to a cast iron frying pan and is in my apartment all the time. Why the hell would a home intruder scare me?
  8. Good guy with a gun shoots and kills home intruder

    Yup. CWG isn't gleeful that a story fits his narrative. If you're butthurt over this story, it's because it pokes holes in your flimsy-ass narrative. This story does nothing more than reinforce the well established narrative indisputable fact that firearms for home defense are much more likely to be used on a family member than an actual home intruder. Here's a narrative for you; I'm more content with the knowledge that my children are safe from an accidental shooting in the home rather than preparing for (the 1 in 1,000 chance that someone breaks into my home) x (the 1 in 100 chance I'm home at the time) x (the 1 in 100,000 chance that he has anything more in mind than taking my TV for smack money, and actually intends to physically harm me).   Renters insurance: my anti-gun policy.
  9. Just rewatched week 6 contest

    The big difference this game, and why pass rush will be all the more critical, is in the Seahawks' passing game. Baldwin has been on fire lately. And on our end, the last time we played Seattle, we had the trio of Norman, Bene and Tillman. Now we're down to Norman, a 4th stringer who was retired at the beginning of the year, and Colin Jones. That sounds like a feast if Wilson has time to pass from a clean pocket or improvise. Pass rush is absolutely going to be the thing that wins this game for us, and I'm inclined to agree with Fuzz et al that more important than speed is securing the edge. The goal shouldn't be sacks from our ends, but rather constant pressure to rush his throws, and ensuring that Russel stays in, and ideally has to step up into the pocket, and into the hands of KK and Star.
  10. Batman should not need platform shoes.

    Frankly, as an unabashed nerd, I'm more offended that he did an ensemble photo with Batman and Catwoman. If your group is doing superhero costumes, pick DC or Marvel! At least stay in the same comic universe! Christ!
  11. Batman should not need platform shoes.

    Do you really think a photo at a Halloween party dressed as a murdering vigilante while holding a clearly undersized toy M-16 requires trigger discipline? I mean, it's a costume party, not Zero Dark Thirty. Ease up R. Lee Ermey.
  12. Well it sounds like I will be pre-gaming in the Tailgate Lot near Draught before the game. Still undecided on where I'll be watching the game. If you got somewhere in mind, I'm all ears! Hope we can at least meet up at the tailgate.
  13. Seconded. In the vicinity of BoA is preferable.
  14. You must be new to the Internet :) Seriously, we have one amazing season and all of a sudden the Huddle is snark infested waters.
  15. Joking aside from the peanut gallery: will the Huddle do a tailgate before the game?