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  1. If the story was about a white kid going to college, the comments sections might have some random insults (because it's the Internet and everyone on it is a dick). But there wouldn't be insults directed at him because of his race. That's why this is noteworthy. Because when we're confronted with overt racism like this, people say "both sides are meanies." When the real takeaway should be that no side, and no commentary on any site, regardless of affiliation, should be making cracks about a black girl going to college.
  2. My thought as well. But we have a socially ingrained fantasy about the heroic scenario of shooting the "bad guy" and clearly that was his prerogative in this scenario. More emphasis should be put on helping the victims, injured, weak, rather than trying to resort to violence right off the bat. I'm sure he saw the headlines in his head, thought he was invincible, was assured that he was the "good guy" in this scenario, and was so certain his military training gave him the advantage. But then--
  3. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    Yeah, that's demonstrably not confirmation bias. I mean, I was pretty sure it wasn't then I saw your post, and now I'm positive.
  4. Isn't it interesting how logic can be applied selectively? Gun Control: Liberal: Guns should be illegal. Conservative: Why? L: Because they kill people. C: No they don't. People kill people. L: But if you don't let anyone have a gun, then they can't murder people. C: Yes they will. If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have all guns. L: Laws are magic! It will stop all gun-related murders! C: As far as I know, killing people is against the law. Why do you need a law to prevent people from owning a weapon that could potentially be used to kill someone when there's already a law against the crime you are trying to prevent? L: Because I don't want to get shot. Bathrooms: Conservative: It should be illegal for trannies to go in the bathroom with the gender they identify with. Liberal: Why? C: Because they molest children. L: No they don't. Pedophiles molest children. C: But if you don't let any men them in the bathroom, then they can't molest kids. L: Yes they will. Child molesters can just go in anyway. It's not like the law will stop them if there's no one around to see them, report them, or enforce the law. C: Laws are magic! It will stop all molestation! L: As far as I know, molesting children is against the law. Why do you need a law to prevent men from going into the girl's room when there's already a law against the crime you are trying to prevent? C: Because queers are icky. The sad thing is conservatives always seem to get their way.
  5. GOP 'Family Values' Is Hypocritical Bullsh*t

    I wish Congress worked like a police thriller. "Denny, I'm gonna flip to IA. They're gonna cut me a deal that'll let me keep my pension. You gotta come clean because next they're gonna come after you!" "Murphy, if they find out that I planted evidence on the Mendoza case, then everyone I ever put behind bars if gonna be let out. I'm not gonna let that happen!" If you get busted diddling kids or fugging your underaged interns, or soliciting sex, or generally committing crimes, then shouldn't the legislation you introduced and pushed through be repealed? It's just hilarious that you, I , everyone in the US lives and has their behaviors and actions governed by laws that were established by people who weren't even decent human beings themselves. I mean, a guy who's diddling kids probably put laws on the books that result in hundreds of thousands paying fines or going to jail.
  6. Update on the toddler body count

    Fewer now. ...I didn't even feel good writing that, I just felt like it was teed up too easily not to.
  7. Update on the toddler body count

    This. I've said many times, I'm an anti-gun, gun-owning liberal. I love shooting recreationally (and prepping for Z-Day). I just completely disagree with using firearms for home or self-defense, and keeping ammo in the house. I think the statistics on incidents of suicide and accidental shootings by people who own guns for those reasons back me up on that.
  8. Update on the toddler body count

    If they've got a purse-sized .38 or something like that, a feather touch is all you need to pull the trigger. That's not surprising. What is surprising is that many idiots are leaving a round in the chamber! Because you know for damn certain a toddler doesn't have the strength to rack a semi-auto.
  9. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    Eh, that's not fair. It has an audience, and it's giving them exactly what they want to see. So it can't be the worst film conceived. It's just basically in the same category as porn. You can't look at a porno and say, "This plot is preposterous!" It's porn. And this is porn for preppers. What's funny is knowing there's such a large segment of the population that demands this kind of porn. "Let me live my fantasy of shooting all the commie liberals and scary foreigners, while having everyone effusively praise me for being right to be suspicious of the government and hording guns for so long" porn.
  10. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    This is amazing: Those are UN soldiers invading America.
  11. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    Jose Esparza BELIEVE IT OR NOT....ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE...OBAMA & THE DEMO-RATS HAVE BEEN PLANNING THE DESTRUCTION AND TAKE OVER OF AMERICA.........OBAMA HAS UN TROOPS HERE....BRINGING IN MUSLIM ISLAMIC TERRORIST AND HAS ORGANIZED THE BLM & BLACK PANTHERS GROUPS AND OTHERS........THIS IS A REAL THREAT AMERICA....... Adam Gilbert Not only the democrats. The Republican are just as much involved. It's part of a much bigger picture. The merge us into a One World Government. This conspiracy is much bigger than Obama. He's only the puppet of the New World Order. Just like Both Bush's were. Fabricio Mariotto That's why they are trying to stop trump at all costs. Because he's not part of the nwo. He's not a puppet. You know what, I'd sleep a lot better at night knowing I lived next to a family of Muslims than any of these nuts.
  12. Cant stop watching

    And block the doors from the outside. I will fugging Triangle Shirtwaist them, and I'm not even kidding.
  13. Cant stop watching

    I don't know who Super Deluxe is, I don't know what they stand for, I don't even care if I agree with them. But if one more of their bizarre, avant-garde, Salvador-Dali-edited short films shows up as an ad on YouTube in the middle of a video I'm watching, I will find their headquarters, and burn it to the ground.
  14. I was wrong...

    Merriam-Webster: I feel like your source is a community of people who actually think they are witches.
  15. I was wrong...

    Yes. A male witch is a warlock. Although I suppose a warlock could choose to express as a witch. I don't know how gender binary the occult community is.