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  1. Now Epi when you go over there to Prof Soldiers start reading from the beginning (2nd PM). I get sick to my stomach but there are a bunch of links and such. You can feel the community winding up and they can be quite the poo storm.

  2. Final voting is open, vote for me!

  3. Evil? Nah. Weird, yes.

  4. ya im an evil motherfuger

  5. Same here. That is why I like the tinderbox. It's sad though that it can't be a more open conversation.

  6. Cat- it is easier to write down your thoughts than it is to confront someone face to face. You know, interwebz muscles. Even worse than beer muscles. IRL I rarely talk about religion this cereally. People get their feelings hurt.

  7. TBH, it is much easier to write down your thoughts. Makes it easier to organize. When you talk to someone face to face, things like emotions or the heat of the moment get in the way.

  8. I'm so envious. I have the hardest time expressing what I'm thinking and reading that post i felt like you were reading my mind.

  9. awwww - thank you - I'd buy your drink just for including me in your list.

  10. Merry Christmas