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  1. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Been a loyal member to this joint since serving in Iraq in 2005. It's always been the best place to get the inside scoop or talk football.  I'd love nothing more than to be able to take my son to our first playoff game together. I tried like many others for tickets online with no luck. i sure would appreciate the opportunity Igo!
  2. The REAL story of the day... Touchdown Lee Ward!

    Awesome. I always find myself pulling for one of these guys every camp. Last year it was Bersin.
  3. Carolina Panthers Offensive Line Depth Chart

    I hope Oher is the answer at Left Tackle this season. So much rides on that position.
  4. Panthers Sign Tight End

    I hope he can punch like Swole
  5. First Look - Devin Funchess

    Awesome, this kid has a bright future here!
  6. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    I like the signing for depth on the line. Better than Bell and we paid nothing for him.
  7. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Quality depth no matter what people say.
  8. Panthers NFL Draft Prospect - Justin Coleman

    I would love to see him available when G-Man is ready to pull the trigger. He'll do well at the NFL level.
  9. Ted Ginn Jr could return to Panthers

    I don't get why he left for more money. The guy always wanted to be a wide receiver and not just a kick returner. The Panthers gave him that shot and he capitalized. He had to know going to Arizona he wouldn't have that same shot. Not behind the current talent they had.   With that, I hope he has wised up and will return relatively cheap.    
  10. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

    Draft this man please!
  11. Hardy 911 call

        Yeah, but it's not that easy. Law Enforcement cannot make an on scene arrest even in a domestic situation unless there are marks present. They weren't there and with no marks all they can do is seperate both parties.   Now with that being the case, she can still go to the magistrate and explain her story and if the magistrate finds probable cause, they will issue a warrant for his arrest. NC is one of the few states left where citizens can still swear out warrants.   In this case with details listed, she did have marks present, so the Officer Shall arrest as written in the statutes.
  12. Not much going on in Buffalo these days...
  13. Game Grades - Seahawks at Panthers

    Deangelo  gets an A for effort and an F for execution.
  14. Carolina Panthers Training Camp Update

    Good to see some different pics..... Barner is gonna be the steal of the draft.
  15. Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp Pictures

    Awesome pics. Did Barner look like 4.3 speed or 4.5 speed out there......