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  1. Good stuff man, congrats :-)

  2. Pretty good man. Got married, have a kid, life is good. :)

  3. Hey whats up bro. Long time indeed, how you been

  4. What's up brother man! Been a long time.

  5. Yo, vote for me for mod. :D

  6. yea this place has blown up with all the new people. i havent been posting as much cause of that. i graduated college in june, now im just looking for a job. havent had much luck finding a full time gig...

  7. Dude, it's been crazy, moved back to ILM, got married, had a kid.... finally got back on here. There's a lot of new faces. How have you been?

  8. ya man where you been??

  9. Hey cOr! Been a long time!

  10. Sounds good! I'm down for it.

  11. Apparently I posted on my own profile yesterday instead of yours... :rolleyes: I live near MJ too and go to B-dubs down there a lot... we all need to get together...

  12. Yeah man, MJ area.

  13. I take it you live in south Wilmington?

  14. Huddle mom!!!! It's been a long time! Hope you are doing well. :)