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  1. 3rd and 21...

    Floyd is OLB not DE
  2. WTF is this?

    Floyd is OLB not DE
  3. Whatever you do, just make sure you give the Bears' Defense no credit. If they don't score 2 TDs, the Bears offense would have been required to play a much different game which would not have worked out well for the Bears. Because they had that 14 point cushion, there was no need to do anything than what they call "John Fox Football" - run it and count on the Defense to get stops. Which they did. I'm not talking smack, trust me. Lost in all of the Igo-fueled rumbling of changing offensive coaches is an admission that the Bears Defense outplayed the Panthers Offense today, regardless of scheme or play calls.
  4. Hopefully my Bears don't get embarrassed.
  5. 4 quarters of football will be played. Much running of the football. Much pontificating of the 2 teams' Defenses.
  6. I can't disagree with the sentiment that the Panthers should win this game running away. They are clearly the superior team with superior talent on both sides of the ball. The only chance Da Bears have of winning is if they feed the Panthers play after play of Heavy Package, 2 TE runs and wear them down and setup some play action... even still, the quick strike ability of the Panthers scares me. It is what it is, I guess. :D I just hope that Kuechly doesn't play, for his own sake. I like Luke and think he's a beast but I fear for his health if the Bears do commit to run-heavy approach and he's slamming against Jordan Howard all day long. Either way, I hope for no injuries for either team. Lord knows Chicago can't handle more players going out.
  7. Post a pic, any pic.

    LOL. Indeed
  8. Thanks for the swag!

  9. :lol: I'm drunk too! Shouldn'ta gone there!!! :D