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  1. Gman wins the off-season if he gets Hardy back. Makes this draft look absolutely microscopic in the grand scheme.
  2. Bet your sweet ass we will, Christ, this friggin' draft.
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Damn, guess that means Star gets taken out back next off-season.
  4. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    Dwight, regardless of his age would be THE best Player this team has ever had.
  5. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    This Year's 1st, Zeller/Marv, and Big Al. Get it done Cho.
  6. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    Get Hawes TF outta' there, put in Frank and this IS a top 2 team in the East. Dwight is literally a walking embodiement of the interior toughness that this team sorely lacks.
  7. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    Hell give em Kemba too if it gets us D12!!!
  8. Can't believe we lost to these Clowns last Sunday.
  9. fuging Panthers Contrarians are worse than the Jerry Richardson White Knights back in '10
  10. Must. Include. Check. Boxes.
  11. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Josh is getting paid, if Carolina lets him walk then they better pray he plays in the AFC South or something. Definitely don't want to see Norman going against this team anytime soon.