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  1. Scott Turner: No need to change Cam

    Yeah let's make Cam a better QB. Start by giving him something other than poo for a LT and some WR who don't drop touchdowns in playoff games.
  2. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    This shut hurts. My inlaws gave me poo when we lost the SB. Watching this and having to hear it FOREVER from this shitty fan base...ugh.
  3. Reshaping Newton

    How do you reshape someone, when you have yet to give him a stable/consistent O line and WRs. You dont know what his REAL mean is. You alls obsession is embarrassing.
  4. need the D to do something spectacular right now.
  5. Kalil is....these coaches are.....
  6. fug everyone who has poo to talk about Cam. He is the fuging offense. What do ya know...Gano is gano'ing.
  7. The Cam Conundrum

    Once again...once again. Are the shitbird "fans", really at it about Cam, again. Question, what QB in the entirety of this franchise could you compare to Cam? To bitch about him is absurd. You are LITERALLY expecting people to debate the real accomplishments of Cam vs some bullshit supposition, of a yet to exist player. One even went as far to say that although there are people who hate on Cam because he is black, not everyone who criticizes him is a bigot. No poo! Now let's stop playing the intellectually dishonest game. Bigots know being an outward bigot is frowned upon by society at large, so they couch it in soft language, pseudo-critiques and double entendres. All of you, "the racist exist but its not me, me, me"...give us advice on how to spot them then.