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  1. What "outcry"? who'll be "crying"?
  2. To be fair, you brought the indifferent, judgemental angle already.
  3. Silent Majority

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    As you should.
  4. Silent Majority

    Carolina Panthers OTAs - Photos and Notes

    Somebody please render Capt. expendable. Get his bitter bih , with declining skills - ass off of this team. Curt Sam is a Philly Brown upgrade (awesome). DJ Moore...Geebus christ! It moved!
  5. Silent Majority

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Wtf? Stay classy carolinas.
  6. Wtf are you talking about?
  7. Yeah, the one's who struggle to understand football fundamentally.
  8. Silent Majority

    Hurney's Gaulden comment

    The complaining page after page. Wonder why soo many of you opted for the 9 to 5 instead of deploying your skills as an NFL scout. Let them at least suit up first.
  9. At his age he can add 15-20 lbs by oct-nov and still be fast af. No worries.
  10. Silent Majority

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    Moose left his ass nuff said.
  11. Silent Majority

    Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    I actually liked a lil gimmick with muh Thursday football.
  12. I like CAP. Hope he can produce, he has earned his shot.
  13. They served us up fug you NFL