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  1. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    34-10 Panthers Funchess has a huge game with 8 catches for 130 yards and 3 TDS. Cam wins MVP
  2. Why are you wearing socks and sandals, Cam?

    Black socks and sandals?  
  3. When we run the read option, it slows down the edge rush. Also if their ends leave huge lanes, like they did against NE, Cam will have a field day.
  4. Carolins vs Denver Fan Sendoff Comparisons...

    I'm gonna give my GF a Luke jersey before the game and ask her to be my wife. It's just destiny...
  5. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    I'd take Vernon Butler at #31 dude dominates. Noah Spence was the best player on the field, but who wants a teammate rubbing his nipples on the sidelines?
  6. Sport science: LUKE

    I think they're gonna need a new dummy, damn that dude is a badass!!!
  7. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    I'm just trying to get a football fix, besides the fact a couple of these guys are future Panthers.
  8. LeRaven Clark OT reminds me of Byron Bell.
  9. Beware...

    Breaking News! Cam bought his furniture at Goodwill and his TV at a yard sale! Stay tuned for were he purchased those shot glasses...
  10. How many times does the elephant fan use the word "like"? Holy crap it's LIKE totally annoying! 
  11. It has started...

    If the Pats kick a FG at least once instead of going for it on 4th down, they win. Hell if they tried running it more in those wide open gaps instead of going empty backfield, it would have helped their protection scheme. 
  12. It has started...

    Obviously they saw something on film with NE's OT's. However if you give Cam those running lanes, he'll have 200 yards rushing. They're gonna have 11 guys to account for and that's the problem Cam creates, you can't double team anyone. He's gonna read it and expose it, it's like having an extra player on offense. 
  13. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    NE could've kicked 2 Fg's and only need another to win.
  14. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Both these teams look old and slow, it's like watching a church league softball game.