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  1. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    This place would impload!
  2. Trading up with the Titans

    The fact we have only 6 picks, including a worthless 7 rounder pretty much hampers the ability to move up in the second round. But we could move up in the 3rd or 4th.
  3. Trading up with the Titans

    Why not just stay where we are and get BPA? They'll be plenty of quality talent there and in the 3rd.
  4. Paxton Lynch to the Saints?

    Pie for referring to pickles as "a QB"... Lol!!
  5. The 31st is the last pick in the first round, did you read the op?
  6. Yeah, saw that also... Why they think crap like this is entertaining is beyond me.
  7. There's no freaking way Norman should be paid more than Luke, the guy had a great season last year, but damn man he's not worth $16 million a year! If you refused to sign YOUR paycheck, because you thought you deserved more, what would happen? I think a lot of folks have forgotten that before last year, Norman did absolutely nothing.
  8. First-Pick Mock Draft

  9. Josh Norman is NOT going to do Offseason Workouts

    Gettleman won't overpay long term for any player. He might for a year as a stopgap, but he's gonna eventually replace every player on this roster. Norman had a great year, but he isn't worth 13 million in a long term deal.
  10. I had the "pleasure" of meeting this hack when my son was playing baseball for A.L. Brown (Kannapolis, NC). So, we're playing Northwest Cabarrus in the conference title game, tied at 3 in the bottom of the 5#th, I'm standing off to the side keeping score in my scorebook. All of the sudden, some asshat bumps into me carrying camera equipment and believe it or not.... 2 hotdogs and nachos and cheese. Then he breaks out his little note pad and asked the score( He's in reporter mode now!), I pointed to the scoreboard as he wipped mustard from his polyester shirt. Then he breaks out his camera (multitasking sucks!) and snaps some random pictures of the action. Puts his "gear" away and pulls his memo pad out again and asked me, I see you're keeping score. I said, well I'm trying my best but it's a liitle difficult, when you keep interrupting me. He remained quite until the inning ended and asked for stats, how the runs were scored and my breakdown of the game to that point. The bottom of the inning, NW Cabarrus scores and the game ends, he snaps a shot of the conference champions celebrating and turns to me and says thanks. The next day, this dude wrote a front page article based on the information I gave him, almost word for word. But after reading this crap, I wonder,what kinda editor looks at the dumbest article ever written and publishes it? It's embarrassing that this idiot represents my community, how stupid can you get?
  11. Why is it different for him?

    The only thing that bothers me is, it doesn't includeRemmers casually floating on a raft.
  12. Willem Dafoe famous for his roles in Spider-Man and Platoon, played the role as lead official in the 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship Game.
  13. What conference werethese asshats from? That lead official though, holy crap!
  14. The Official Final Four Prediction Thread

    Got to say, I love these team streams that theTurner networks have. That dude from Syracuse was ready to blow a gasket and Haywood pointed out early and often, how Carolina continued to attack the zone in the middle of the paint and with dribble penetration.
  15. IF Miami had Carolina's players and coach, they'd be playing for a title, only problem is they don't and won't. Know your role chump, your boys are a punching bag.