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  1. Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
  2. The last post in here was a few weeks ago and it's the middle of the Nascar season with the Charlotte race just finished last week. This sub forum is a wasteland. Sent from the Carolina Huddle App
  3. Soccer fans believe they can be more active than Nascar fans. Thus, if they can make this sub forum more active within the next few weeks, it will belong solely to them. The Nascar forum will be no more and lost into the abyss.
  4. OTA Observations

    If Gettleman's worst drafting issue is a later round reach once a year... I'll take it.
  5. OTA Observations

    Who is throwing the towel in on him? I am simply saying he looks awful in OTA's which will translate to him looking really awful once the pads are on in camp. His feet are extremely slow, Johnson and Hardy will eat him alive. He is a 3 year project minimum. You wanting him to compete right now at tackle is nuts.
  6. My thoughts as well, but 6'2 isn't all that big these days. It does seem to me with King getting more snaps at WR than McNutt the coaching staff may be giving McNutt every opportunity possible to make the team, including PR.
  7. OTA Observations

    Here is a clue... If you look bad in OTA's, you don't want to put the pads on. It gets worse.
  8. The Panthers need to fill a huge hole left by Ted Ginn in the punt return game. Ginn was the first legitimate threat the Panthers had had in many seasons, replacing him won't be easy. Yesterday at OTA's the order of punt returners went as follows: Antoine Cason Marvin McNutt Philly Brown De'Andre Presley Cason and McNutt got the majority of the punts. The other two fielded at the end of the drill. Antoine Cason returned punts in San Diego for the last several games of the 2010 season. Then San Diego Defensive Coordinator Ron Rivera must have taken note. This could be Cason's real purpose this season. Cason returned punts in college, running back two for touchdowns. He is the front runner for the spot. As far as I can tell, McNutt has no punt return experience. Philly Brown is a promising prospect at punt returner. He could be fast enough and shifty enough to win the job. He also does have experience, including this run back against Wisconsin. I can see him competing with Cason. De'Andre Presley, who played QB, WR, CB and also returned punts at App State has an outside shot, but will need more snaps to impress. He was last in line to return, and only had a single grab. Click here to view the article
  9. OTA Observations

    The Canadian looks pretty bad even in OTA's, so I am not sure why u would want that. Sent from the Carolina Huddle App
  10. OTA Observations

    For Lola and Boo...(and a few of you fellas too)
  11. OTA Observations

    He looks bigger this year than last year to me. But yeah, definitely looks the part of the OT role. I predict he will start at LT. Sent from the Carolina Huddle App
  12. OTA Observations

    Reaves looked really slow today with the 4th string. Not sure he is going to make it.
  13. OTA Observations

    Philly Brown is kneeling
  14. OTA Observations

    Yes, and it doesn't make life easier for me.