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  1. http://www.panthers.com/media-vault/videos/Newton-We-have-to-stay-in-rhythm/21272954-a769-4ded-9876-7f18d493e70f I've been waiting for this and I am surprised the Panther media team did not edit it at all. Cam throws out plenty of cliches and non-answers, he accepts responsibility for the turnovers the last 2 weeks, he answers questions from Joe Person and David Newton...not sure why Person's last question sets him off. Maybe he felt like he already discussed the offense's lack of production in previous answers and had enough of it, but you can tell he is visibly irritated starting when a few reporters show up after the PC has started. From the media reports and tweets, you would think he walked out after 1 question. After watching it in its entirety, my opinion is that he fulfilled his media obligation for the week. Watch it in full and judge for yourself