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  1. I think the super team thing was before that even when Barkley joined Drexler and Hakeem, but he sure likes to criticize Lebron for it when he did the same. Lol.
  2. I kinda think the hand thing was a real issue, even though others disagree. You may not believe it, but I've watched LBJ play a ton. He normally has a good mix of 3's as well as his playing bully ball, but after game 1 he barely shot from perimeter at all and they were giving him the 3 routinely. So I agree something was up with the hand.
  3. Ok, I admit I read that wrong. I was thinking it was a quote after KD lost to the Warriors when then they blew the series lead. Your question or insinuation that I don't watch much basketball is absurd. I have literally watched almost every playoff game for over 20 years, and thousands of other games on top of that. Been a Hornets/Bobcats season ticket holder since I was a child. I watch every game I possibly can on top of all the Hornets games. Sometimes I need to see what a real team is supposed to play like. Lol. Dunno what you were trying to insinuate in your earlier post as well. That I'm a racist because I dislike Lebron, and want him to lose or just a hater? I'll admit I'm a Lebron hater freely, but that doesn't mean I cant appreciate what he does on the court. Of course I know Draymond acts like a lunatic sometimes on the court, and I'm surprised he wasn't ejected in at least 1 of those games when he got the early techs. It's like he was daring the refs to boot him. Lol
  4. So Draymond sending KD a text is the whole Golden state Warriors organization begging him to be there. Ok, got it. This was after the conference final, and not after losing to Cleveland. You make it seem as though it was after the fact when they lost to Cleveland. And KD didn't need a lot of convincing obviously. Plus we can go back to Lebron's theatrics and whining from 2/3 years ago to get Draymond suspended being the only reason he got a ring in Cleveland to begin with. You say I avoided some things you stated in your post, but what about you neglecting where I mentioned that I believe Lebron to be the second best ever? I'll admit I dislike Lebron since the whole Miami bs went down, but I know he's a basketball God. I also wasn't an MJ fan, but I realize greatness when I see it and have enjoyed watching both play whenever I could. Only reason I even pull for the Warriors is that Steph is Dell's son.
  5. They begged Durant? Durant begged them. Get your facts straight. Also Lebron definitely wasn't the best player in game 3. KD schooled all comers in game 3 with ease. And for you getting butthurt about Golden State building a super team, just look back on what Lebron did in Miami. He started the super team bs. I'm sure that now since he's a free agent he's gonna hop on board to another super duper team again. Don't get me wrong Lebron to me is the second best to ever do it, but being that much of a Lebron nut rider is just ridiculous.
  6. peteywheatstraw

    Rumor: Kemba to Cavs for 8th pick in 2018 draft

    If we do that give them Nic Batum also. Lol Lebron like the vets, but I doubt they'd take on that much salary. I think Lebron is gonna bolt though after the finals. As much as it pains me I'd actually have to pull for Cleveland if they get back to the Finals, cause I'd love to see Kemba get a ring.
  7. peteywheatstraw

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    Amazon redirects saying I've won $1000 gift card in nearly every thread I go in. Using an Note 8 and chrome browser. Also ads on almost all pics now.
  8. peteywheatstraw

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    Oh and I'll always be watching no matter what! Even if poo pops off like the last boyscout.
  9. peteywheatstraw

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    I understand that, but what I'm saying is that I don't care if they kneel or not. I just want to watch football a Superbowl win. Just one... please Jesus give us something. Lol
  10. peteywheatstraw

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    I agree because of the type of attention you don't wont on your team. He and his gf. I just want the politics out of football. I'm there to be entertained, and want a championship. I think kap would be a good backup, but I definitely understand all the drama that comes with it, and would prefer he wasn't on my team. Plus he may try to get in other players ears, and turn the whole thing to a poo show. I was mostly just saying it because how the league has fugged us over yearly.
  11. peteywheatstraw

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    Sign them both. We need a starting safety, and a backup qb. Plus it would be a big FU to the league for shitting on us for years. I know it's a fairytale and would never happen, but I just want to win, and don't care if the players kneel or stand over competing for a superbowl. I know I'll get poo on for this but fug it. I'll be standing in my seats though.
  12. peteywheatstraw

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    I like Sexton a lot. Dude is fearless like a mini Russell Westbrook. Not saying he's on that level, but if he gets his jumper down, and learns to share the ball more he could be pretty damn good. A lot of the mocks have him going earlier than 11 now so not sure he makes it anyway.
  13. peteywheatstraw

    The team under Tepper

    Didn't know Seth Rogen was buying the team.
  14. peteywheatstraw

    Kawhi Leonard

    You ain't got poo, b itch. And now you just told everyone you want my D also. Hopefully they'll ban me before you is the only thing you got. I feel bad it getting to this point cause I know you're a tard and a mental midget but whatever.
  15. peteywheatstraw

    Toronto Raptors are trash. Time to clean house.

    Toronto is fine. They just get shook every time they see Lebron. Like if I met your fugly ass.