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  1. True, it's nothing like it was years ago. To me that alone makes it no debate as to MJ being better than LBJ. It's more of an athleticism, speed/ explosiveness , and damn near all 5 guys on the court need to be able to shoot the 3 ball in today's game.
  2. To piggyback off that, Steph could always shoot, but he did transform his body from his earlier days to not get pushed around any longer. If Young does something similar I think he will be fine, and his assist numbers are already pretty nice as is. When he gets to the league he'll have more talent to distribute the ball to. You might be talking me into this if he's available. Lol
  3. Hoping like hell Cliff isn't here next year because that means another 9 or 10 seed. Lol. I like Cliff as a person, but his time here should be done.
  4. What's left at CB

    Pac man or DRC on a 1 year deal? Do it Hurney!!!! EL oh EL
  5. I definitely agree about Cliff. The game has passed him by. The odd thing is we are actually scoring at a pretty good clip this year, and our defense is worse even with a legit rim protector in Dwight. Makes no sense at all.
  6. Also the article stated Navarro wanted to keep an open air stadium in uptown which is a plus for me.
  7. After reading that I prefer Navarro. Seems a low key overall smart dude. The others seem a little more brash. I'm fine with any of those 3 though.
  8. I hate to start this again, but Donovan Mitchell would have been a great pick. He would have had to come off the bench obviously with Cliff, but I think to a lesser extent than Monk. I was definitely on the Monk bandwagon at the time, and still think he can be a 20ppg type player in the league, but he probably wasn't the right choice for us. Of course the jury is still out as to who becomes a better player. We just seem to make the wrong choice every damn year it seems, draft, fa, on top of the league screwing us over on the regular.
  9. I mean I think Young and Monk could play together, and would be fun to watch. They are both frail as fug though so I'd be concerned we couldn't stop anyone since they are smallish guards. I also agree about him pressing there towards the end of the season which caused most of his struggles. It might be time to just go for it, and start over. I mean it would suck to lose Kemba, but it's not like we're making the playoffs yearly or anything.
  10. Yeah, would have to be a full rebuild since he, and Kemba could never work together defensively. If that's the plan then they could give it a shot, but it could get ugly some games with the amount of shots/bad shots Young takes. Still need more defensive toughness since we've been like Swiss cheese all season. I can't really believe how bad they are defensively. Young and Monk at the same time would be even worse. We'd give up 200 per game, but would be entertaining like the old school Nuggets.
  11. 29 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists...

    Now add that up with his last 3 games total. Go ahead I'll wait. Nm, fug that, I ain't waiting. Lol
  12. Something is wrong with this team..

    After we lost a couple in row after the 5 game winning streak the team quit other than Dwight, which surprises me from what most have said about him. Even Kemba has been off a bit, which i can definitely understand that since he carried the team all damn season.
  13. Something is wrong with this team..

    How can we get rid of him and that contract? I've got a bad feeling he's going to be ruining our teams for years to come. Lol. His play, and not being able to sign anyone of significance. Can we not get one front office in this town that is competent?
  14. Swarm 365 access

    This ^