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  1. End of the Nicks to Carolina Talk

    Hey, there is always next offseason!
  2. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Teaching her daughter to feel personally wronged by some insignificant event is going to do more long term damage than Cam's celebrating ever could.
  3. Biz is a free agent

    I'm astounded, I never thought anyone would be able to compare Biz to Kobe.  May want to remove him from that list, he has been selected to the NBA all-defense team 12 times which would be second all time.  
  4. I have a large "UT" mug that is beautiful. If you are willing to come pick it up, it's yours! :driving: (It's off white with a large orange "T" on it.) I would be leary of sending it through the mail, but I will, if you want it, Bottom of the mug reads, "University of Tennessee Studio Collection" THORUT002 "Hand made by Thor" "Made in Knoxville" It's stamped #"30/97" Thanks, Brian

  5. I like to get to all of the ones i know of every now and then, i'm usually on volquest but i don't post a lot i just like the info.

  6. I'm a big Panthers/Vols fan. Welcome to the board! What UT boards to you use? I like