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  1. Let's play pick two running backs

    Artis Payne, Wegher. Artis Payne because he deserves an extra year to prove himself before that mythical 2017 running back class comes out. Wegher as long as he is making progress, we hid him on the roster all year long for a reason and I don't feel like its just because he can play special teams personally. Fozzy is a nice running back to have on the roster but we know his ceiling.
  2. Its a guarantee they get paid in 2016. With the rookie salary structure it seems they would just lose their leverage in negotiating the level of guaranteed money in the deal. If you remember the Jaguars were applauded for giving Fowler a fully guaranteed deal even with the ACL tear, some thought they'd try to negotiate the deal down due to the injury. It's probably not that big of a deal, I just feel like there are some unnecessary risk in rookie's participating in camp before finalizing a contract.
  3. Yeah valid point I think the letter of protection makes sure they'll be guaranteed to be paid this year in case of injury, don't think it does anything past this year, not that next year is guaranteed for anyone anyways. As a player I would feel much more comfortable going out there on a contract than on a letter of protection personally.
  4. Yeah, that's where I was coming from. You saw Dante Fowler sign his deal 4 days after he tore his ACL last year, he still got a max deal but other guys drafted lower could easily not be that fortunate.
  5. Yeah totally on the same page with you there, I was just more focused on the financial aspects of taking any injury risk without a contract being signed.
  6. Yeah, but at the end of the day Fowler got lucky being a top pick. If that happens to a day 3 player the team could easily walk away, agents and players know this and its helping contribute to teams making these decisions. I agree it definitely helps the learning side of things though and that's a big aspect.
  7. I agree this will become the norm, especially after watching Dante Fowler tear his ACL before signing his contract last year. Better for players, better for teams, and there will be a big push by agents to make it so.
  8. Best players left going in to day 3

    Kenneth Dixon, Paul Perkins, Keyarris Garrett, Jerell Adams, Jordan Howard, or Devontae Booker would all make me very happy.
  9. Top 30 players left after Round 1

    With next years 3, and this years 5, and 7 we may be able to get up to the mid 40s, would hope we'd grab Shepard or Hunter Henry if we do that personally, although I do enjoy the d-line double dip idea.
  10. Your final predictions (#30)

    My top 3 are 1. Corey Coleman 2. Vernon Butler 3. Jonathan Bullard
  11. Well Luke was made the highest paid MLB in the league so he really didn't have to worry about that.
  12. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    Not sure how Norman was castrated, he just got out of a system that gives teams all the power and can sign whatever deal he wants now. Hopefully he gets paid big time, but I'm very glad we have a GM that doesn't feel everyone deserves a pay day. Now I'll eagerly await the Short extension and prepare for the draft. Also if you really think we will be scrambling for a replacement I don't know what to tell you. Gettleman and scramble dont belong in the same sentence together.
  13. Bradford Is under contract 2 years and Daniels 3. You let Bradford and Daniels rotate for two years as Bradford gets hurt intermittently while Wentz learns on the bench and adjusts to the NFL without getting him killed. You give the job to Wentz in year three and either let Daniel be the backup or trade him. Not an awful plan, they definitely overpaid in a down QB year though.
  14. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    The other side of the fifth year option argument is teams will pay more to get qbs on a fifth year option. Extra picks would help us have more leverage to move up in the second. Would you rather have our 1st rounder on a 5 year option and miss out on the shepards and whomever will be gone halfway through the second or the same first rounder early in the second and a player like sterling Shepard both on 4 year deals. We can't move high enough in the second now to get those players unless someone takes a tumble.
  15. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    Even if Lynch is gone a run on QBs could spook a team into trading up to get a guy they are scared the Broncos will take. I'd expect Lynch to go top 10 and probably Cook to even be gone by our pick, but I still wouldn't be surprised if someone traded with us to jump the Broncos. QBs make teams crazy.