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  1. The Ultimate Factor as to why we Win

    It's our time/Keep Pounding
  2. I have been wondering that too
  3. New Peyton Manning jingles.....

    Pant-thers gon-a kick our butts
  4. Stop worrying Cam's got this!

    Big splash on Ron Go Panthers. Heck yeah
  6. Whatever happens this weekend...

    I am probably one of the older guys on here. I had many many years of NFL fun before the Panthers were born. I was thrilled when the Carolinas got a team. Thinking back there have been times when it appeared the Panthers was set up to be a contender for many seasons to come but it never happened. This time is different. We have a coach that has learned to grow and does not think it's okay to loose 4 games a year. We have a owner that is patience. We have top notched management. But mostly we finally have a freaking QB that can take us to the promise land. They play the games for a reason. Anything can happen but I believe this time is different. Keep Pounding!
  7. I'm on board for sure. Would like to throw the doubters the fug off. I can't so I just don't open their threads.
  8. Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons

    You just keep that helmet pointed in the right direction and we'll be fine
  9. Happy PI day

    Nothing like pie on Saturday.
  10. Deangelo is a steeler now

    He would have been a good fit here with an affordable contract. Not his fault and I wish him luck.