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  1. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Not much in potential receiver cuts   

    I read somewhere last night that Justin Hunter might get cut from the Titans.  Although I doubt it will happen.
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  2. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    Serious question, what does Bersin offer over the occasional first down catch over the middle?  I did see him on special teams last night so there's that.  To me, he is as good as he will ever be right now, not a lot of upside.
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  3. firstdayfan added a post in a topic We're a Funchess injury away from tonight, all season (or as long as DF is out) therefore ...   

    He drove his team down in the 2 min drill for a touchdown and was winning the game at half time despite his mistakes and poor options.  But let me say this, I get that people despise Brady.  I'm not saying I love the guy, just trying to be observant.  You could look at it two ways.  
    1) Cam hung with Brady with similar weapons, this is a good thing and something that we should be excited about.  If Cam can continue to make good throws eventually the receivers, even brown, catch them.  This is what great players do.
    2) Brady as well as other quarterbacks in the league deal with receiver issues and move on yet we dwell on it as a fanbase and say "oh well if cam had this or this he would be this or this".  There are very few teams in the league that are loaded in the receiving game.  3 good targets is usually about as good as it gets and that includes running backs and tight ends.
    Either way I think Cam played great yesterday and if continues to play that way it won't really matter who is catching the ball because he will make them better.  Just like Peyton, Rodgers, Brady, and others have done for years.
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  4. firstdayfan added a post in a topic We're a Funchess injury away from tonight, all season (or as long as DF is out) therefore ...   

    Nobody made all these excuses for tom Brady last night?  Everyone said we made him look terrible or that he played like poo. But he was working with the same if not worse weapons than cam and he got it done.  
    I will admit, at least Brady has a few weapons getting healthy and ones that are better than funchess right now.  But when are we going to move on from this received thing?  Look we had KB, funchess and a host of nice slot type receivers.  We were in the best shape in years.  But KB goes down, it happens.
    The packers lost Nelson who actually accounted for more yardage and catches than KB and no one feels bad for Rodgers.  Either we accept that Cam NEEDS weapons or we realize that he is a good QB that can get it done despite not having great weapons.  Much like on that first drive of the second half.  No QB in the league has receivers that catch the ball every time, and there are similar or worse situations than ours, just look at clevalnd, Seattle, houston, cincy, San diego, San Francisco, dallas, Kansas city and others.  Take the top WR off those teams and my god they look awful.  At least we still have Olsen and a great defense.  
    Perspective people.
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  5. firstdayfan added a post in a topic So our D looked that good with no KK, Star or CJ?! Holy poo   

    The improved tackling is what stood out most to me...something I was really growing concerned with. 
    But yes I agree with everyone else when I say that the pats literally had no one out there.  Because of that they were more vanilla than they probably would be.
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  6. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Arian Foster could be back by week 2 to play the Panthers   

    I'd put my money on him returning against the Falcons or Colts on Thursday night.  Why on earth would he come back and face our defense right of the bat?  And the next week its against the Bucs.  Yeeeah, I'm betting its against one of the softer defenses in weeks 3-4.  
    Not to mention his recovery time has been all over the place and I highly doubt its on the short side at this point.  And if he plays there is very little chance that he will be 100%.
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  7. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Will the Panthers win Super Bowl 50?   

    Wait, what?  Is this for real?   You're just trolling us right?  You don't really believe this.
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  8. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    Just for reference do you think they didn't take the game seriously last season, or did fans not take it seriously?
    I feel like preseason has always kind of shown where we would be weak or strong but this season is a little more difficult to decipher.  I feel like the offensive line has played tremendously but the running game has been abysmal outside of the couple nice runs from guys that won't be active on gameday and jordan todman.
    I also feel like the defense hasn't tackled well throughout the preseason, not in the slightest, and the pass rush has been non existent outside of a few plays, but then again its hard to criticize too much because we haven't had Johnson, Star, or KK so far.
    And the special teams have been awful as usual.  I feel like that will continue to be an issue throughout the year, although I think we have better guys touching the ball in those situations.
    So for me it has been a mixed bag which means that the Patriots game should be a great test to see if all these things come together or if this team will continue to be an enigma.  If they aren't perfect I won't care, but if the issues I listed above hold true tomorrow night I feel we could be in for a long season.
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  9. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    If they had us winning the super bowl would you honestly feel any better?  
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  10. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    If they had us winning the super bowl would you honestly feel any better?  
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  11. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Cam, Stew, OL, and Olsen   

    Average to below average seems about right.  A top 15 offense this year would be nice but I doubt we make it that far in the rankings.  Then again I guess that depends on your criteria for successful offenses.  Points?  Time of Possession?  Total Yards?  Touchdowns?
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  12. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Two FREE tickets for Friday night   

    I would take my 10 year old son...he's never been to a game and is on the verge of being a Gamecock fan.  Please help!!!
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  13. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Corey "Philly" Brown's 'Endzone Drop'   

    He dropped the ball because the defender blocked his view of the ball with this hand.  For anyone who's ever been a receiver on any level this is extremely difficult to do, but not impossible.  I'd give him a pass but I still feel like he has underwhelmed throughout the preseason.
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  14. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Overreacting to Preseason Games   

    I must be much better at filtering out bs than you are because I haven't seen anyone say any of that stuff.
    But, you know, good for you.  Nothing hypocritical at all about overreacting to overreactions.
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  15. firstdayfan added a post in a topic We have the you have the heart?   

    I think our defense gave up a lot of points last year and weren't that great in the redzone.  I think we made it to the playoffs solely due to being in a poor division.  I think almost, if not all our wins last year were against teams with .500 or lower record.  I do think we improved over the offseason in several areas, but I believe that we do not have a very high margin for error to be successful.
    Can we make the playoffs and win the NFC South?  Absolutely.  Did I think we would prior to KB's injury?  Yes, yes I did. Do I think are chances are much tougher after his injury?  Certainly.  Take the top WR off any team in the league and they will undoubtedly struggle.  
    I'm not advocating giving up on the season, but what I do believe in is supporting this team and cheering for them each Sunday.  That doesn't mean I have to agree with them or think everything is going to turn out ok.  But I will be back, I won't give up, and anybody who supports this team through thick and thin is ok in my book.
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