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  1. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    I think the biggest problem is the fact that we don't blow the doors off teams.  Washington excluded, most of our games have been close and even several have been in serious jeopardy.  So I guess with that we don't "feel" like a dominant team, hell, even I have trouble with it sometimes.  But you're right, the stats speak for themselves.
  2. I'm serious when I say this but does anyone else watch football besides panther games? This happens all the time.  The refs know questionable calls will get reviewed and with fumbles its even more imperative to let the play continue so that there can be a clear recovery if overturned.   No conspiracy.   Just lack of awareness.
  3. No you don't...unless you have access to some parallel universe where we selected Dalton instead of Cam.
  4. Damn you guys are sensitive.  In that same graphic they had Peyton Manning and his "stat" was 7th time in his career he has started 7-0 or something.  It wasn't a jab, not everything is a jab against Cam. Like someone else said they did us a favor because his passing numbers (you have to emphasize "passing" now so people don't think you have an agenda against Cam for not including his rushing stats) would look awful next to Brady and Dalton.
  5. Hey I've been reading a lot of your posts and have wondered what your assessment is of newton. You seem to know a little more about him than most based on information you have posted. Just though I'd ask. Thanks.

  6. Raiders are on the clock... sorta...