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  1. I don't even think Kirk Cousin's mom would vote for him over Cam
  2. Falcon fans: Your team is still soft.

    Congratulations Falcons on being swept by the Saints.
  3. I would root for a Falcons victory, not because I like them any more or less than the Saints. But if the Falcons go out on a two game winning streak, they hopefully keep Kyle Shanahan, Dmitroff and company. This would cause them to likely overdraft some more skill position players and mortgage their cap on big name FAs on defense which has served them so well in the past. On the other hand, an embarrassing loss to a division rival to end the season could push Sean Peyton out the door (if he isn't there already), and possibly Brees, and could force them to push the reset button one year sooner instead of going for one more all in push. I don't consider them a threat if he stays mind you, but I wouldn't mind seeing them be a real bottom dweller for the next handful of years.
  4. We had our bye week in Week 4 during the 2013 season, got a first round bye but it didn't help us too much come playoff time. I could see the benefit this year though as we do have some older guys on their last legs so to speak contributing (i.e. Allen, Tillman).
  5. Carson Palmer has not won a playoff game, ever.   Also, don't listen to Willy Mo, he is a Falcons troll who used to show up regularly and magically disappeared after the last 3 years, only to come back after yesterday's game.
  6. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Did I really just see an argument that calls Keary Colbert a good draft pick? Or was the gravy from yesterday's turkey spiked?
  7. Probably our most complete, dominant victory since...

    The defense was falling apart in the 2nd half of the season...i still have nam flashbacks to how bad the run defense got shredded in the giants and falcons games. Also, we had john fox who decided that putting a shutdown corner on larry fitzgerald was an awful idea and that it would be much better to let him pick which DB he wanted to burn every time.
  8. Brandon Lafell of course, lol   Before SMF comes back with a youre settling for mediocrity post if you dont agree with me for the 900 millionth time, note that this doesnt mutually exclude the possibility of upgrading at the trade deadline, I just dont think it HAS to be megatron or bust. 
  9. The difference in philosophy is that norman leaving would be a certainty in this situation, winning a super bowl would not.
  10. What is our record since the day you went on record as being a saints fan?
  11. The ones in my section were not all that bad. There was a guy two seats over that said he wouldn't take Cam on his team because he's all about himself....he shut up when I asked him if he'd rather have him or Bradford. There were a few near fights, but they were actually initiated by our fans on this occasion. Highlight of the night (and eff me for not taking a picture) was this 350 pound bald guy with wearing a bright green 98 Brown jersey (Greg Brown I guess?) who fell asleep in the 3rd quarter and was out the rest of the game despite all the noise, people posing for pictures with him, his wife slapping him in the face etc.
  12. What a surprise, the fanbase who loves Riley Cooper have a lot of hot takes about Cam Newton.
  13. Mods please edit title to read years instead of hrs, then comply with his request
  14. Has the beat Seattle ship already sailed?

    You're pumped after your Saints won that Thursday night game I take it?
  15. The shine on your helmet has permanently blinded Byron Bell, Silatolu, and Nate Chandler, that's why they keep whiffing on blocks. Explains the Minnesota game and the blocked punts too. Thanks a lot for ruining our season.