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  1. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    Thanks a ton!
  2. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    Im open to it yeah. But the mortgage would need to be less than 100k 
  3. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    I've been recently given the opportunity to finally transfer to the Charlotte Division with Publix. I would be moving to Winston-Salem but likely could only afford something on the outskirts. Any suggestions? Looking to pay with utilities and all about 800. Will be me, my fiance 2 small dogs and a cat. The store opens in April so I would be looking to move early March. I think @Jangler Is from that area?   Store will be on Miller Street (Stratford Road and Miller Street)  willing to commute up to 30 minutes.    Main things I need to know are Neighborhoods to avoid, Shady apartment complexes/mobile parks to avoid.   
  4. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    Must've been before Florida then. It's been a very long time. All i truly remember is we were given an ultimatum by him to pull all other QB offers and for whatever reason we did it. Probably more dumb on the athletic department than it was bad by Cam but it's still something that chaps my ass just a hair. Though I suppose I should be happy in a way because had that not happened he may have never made it to the league. The gamecocks had a string of 11 win seasons and Cam ended up starting in the Superbowl for the Panthers. Take my win where I can get it I suppose. 
  5. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    I wouldn't say I hate Cam. I'm still not fond of him because of some recruiting debacle that happened ( basically he promised SC he would sign if they pulled all other QB offers then proceeded to go to Auburn) Lying is a huge issue no matter how many games you win. But he's grown on me a lot since hes become the QB. But for anyone to down right hate the guy is just dumb, especially Panthers fans. 
  6. Superb Owl Push

    Done. This site helps keep what little sanity I have left in check. 
  7. Rant- I need to bitch about my wife's family.

    You didn't marry them you married her. Tell em to get the fug out. 
  8. Seahawks Hotel....

    Have a full on block party outside the hotel all night. 
  9. My Grocery manager wants to leave 76 at the game to take a bus home. Making Dodd look like Clowney vs Tahj Boyd.
  10. 76 >=< Byron Bell ?
  11. Suck it Clemson you dirty bitches
  12. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Welp at least we scored someone on our home soil right. 
  13. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    A stationary head vs 240+ running half speed. Of course he has a concussion. That however is the only thing you're interested in and that's the problem. Him being hurt does not make the hit worse. Trying to scream and moan that I don't agree with lynching the guy for delivering a hit that he felt was within the rules is dumb in itself. The fact is I feel and a few other players would feel the hit was ok and the majority would be devastated to know it's an injury. And that likely is what sets this apart. Burfict has the reputation therefore this entire argument is moot because they'll call it just about every time whether it's borderline or not. 
  14. Clowney

    Oh absolutely. If Gettleman has picked 2 BPAs and neither of them have been defensive end you absolutely make the phone call to Houston and check their price. Hell any team with a need at DE that feels the value is there would be dumb not to call after the 2nd round. 
  15. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    I define a love tap as a "remember me" hit. Like i guess I would describe a love tap as the point between a shove/tackle and launching into someone. Basically what most LB/S would like to do to a receiver across the middle. But, obviously with a different outcome. Certainly not aiming for injuries one would hope.