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  1. Super Bowl MEMES

    I would prefer this to Coldplay!
  2. Super Bowl MEMES

    I  I just laughed out loud in my office
  3. The First time I saw was from the passenger seat driving thru NODA..he was about 6 feet from me walking on the sidewalk Me: OMG I LOVE YOU LUKE! GO PANTHERS!! WOOOOO!!!!! Luke: smiles...waves Me: (not realizing my husband had stopped the car) Holy poo, I seriously just creamed my pants Luke..(still beside me walking on the sidewalk) Me: ------------    
  4. Wednesday...

    Happy Hump Day!
  5. Club Shiznit

    holy poo I just choked on my own spit
  6. Villains

  7. Club Shiznit

  8. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    THEY ONLY DID THAT BECAUSE HE'S BLACK!!!!!     fug those assholes
  9. Oh lawd

    I'm not even sure wtf that even means.. I do know that his twitter background pic.....
  10. Villains

      If you're not pissing someone off, you're probably not doing anything important.   I did notice that when Cam was being interviewed, it got really loud...couldn't tell if it was boos or cheering?? anyone??
  11. Superb Owl Push

    Who says car note these days? :)
  12. Superb Owl Push

    Ok...I paid...Do I get something a little extra special since I'm pretty awesome
  13. Probably??? I was a little schmammered at the end of the Cardinals game...the videos I have on my phone from the   supposedly when I got home I was dipping twisty frito's into pimiento cheese re-watching all the videos I had taken.....and then got pissed when MrPF asked if I was fuged up.. REALLY DUDE! YES!!!!!!   PSA: Eat...and Eat well before very important games...when you don't...well, you end up with frito dust and dried pimiento cheese on you face BUT A PANTHERS WIN NONETHELESS!!!!
  14. You shut your mouth you virgin foot-fetish freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!