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  1. YOU SIR ARE A GREAT AMERICAN...THANK ME LOL Did you see what I did I combined hannity and levin hahahaha

  2. Sarcasm genius. It's what you get for trying to neg rep in smack. Trust me i am far from racist.

  3. thanks for admitting it, next step is the road to recovery

  4. Yes i'm a racist. Sure. That's it.

  5. LOL in all honesty just having fun since we are getting close to gameday. Pretty nice message board you guys have here except for that racist guy Falcons1stPanthers2nd guy. I have no beef with any of you guys :D

  6. But you do deserve rep for calling out the Mao lovers....hang around and I will see what I can do....:D

  7. Yeah! can't cave Bills fans running around here in the green. Unless you can prove you are not a homer. Becuse we do have other teams fans that play nice....I haven't seen that yet from any of you guys.

  8. you really are a racist. Kill yourself you loser.

  9. No worries! There are generally good people on here. I'm just here to keep the place clean. Enjoy your visit and if you come down for the game hit the tail gate.

  10. You will stay on here as long as you keep smack in the smack forum.

  11. good one monkey...come back when you have some better smack