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  1. This guy makes total sense for Charlotte if we were to take him. Would be a great backup to Kemba and could play beside him as well. The physical tools are outstanding and he has the foundation to be a good shooter and a great defender.
  2. Zach Collins would legitimately have a case for best BPA at 11 if he's there
  3. Plumlee won't get traded this summer imo. The contract right now is just too much without any on court value to associate with it. HOWEVER, we don't really have anything to compare Plumlee's contract to as we have only gone through one free agency period with the Cap spike. Some team is going to sign a Plumlee-esque player to an absurd deal this summer that makes Plumlee's look decent. My guess is that in summer 2018, a bench big on a 2 year deal at 12.5 per will seem like a bargain to some. We can only hope that Miles shows up and produces next year to bring back some value. I do think, Cho makes a move of some sort this summer. My guess is that it will be via trade. I think Cody or MKG are the most likely to be moved. Just a hunch.
  4. Before the Panthers won 3 in a row, worst to first in the NFCS was a pretty common occurance
  5. Heard the Bills were considering changing their name to the Buffalo Panthers too
  6. It'll be tough for Armah to make the 53 ahead of a guy like Darrel Young who has 6-7 years of pro experience. Couple that with the fact that Armah is transitioning into a position that he hasn't really played in a while. That being said, he's got the size and tools to be a good fullback and he will definitely be on the practice squad after camp breaks. It's realistic that he makes the 53 and contributes during the 2018 season
  7. Zay Jones would be a nice pick. I'm also a big fan of Chris Godwin from a WR standpoint
  8. Taking a QB anywhere before Round 5 seems like a wasted pick imo. Granted I think if a guy like Josh Dobbs falls to rounds 5 and 6 then he wouldn't be a terrible pick. I'm more than fine with upgrading DA with a young QB with a similar Cam skill set.
  9. @Jeremy Igo DEFINITELY hit up Viva Chicken. Great call by Cash.
  10. In his defense, Plumlee's deal was one in the first wave of mega deals across NBA. Will be really interesting to see how it stacks up with other guys once they hit free agency. Ironically, Plumlee's deal could come across as very attractive and team friendly after next season
  11. I'm willing to wait and see on Plumlee. Give him the offseason to get in shape and become used to the system Clifford runs. Of course I'm willing to wait and see because the 3 years and $37.5 million remaining on his deal says I have no choice haha
  12. Monk is the dream pick for charlotte in this draft 100%. Unfortunately I'm thinking he won't be there unless we win the lottery. Same with Jonathan Isaacs. If we pick at 11, I think Justin Jackson would be a solid pick. Need a backcourt scoring partner to go with Kemba at all cost Sent from my iPad using CarolinaHuddle
  13. Ironically Jordan and Cho is a far superior combination than any of the previous ownership and gm combos. Especially this second go round. Fug shinn and Johnson Sent from my iPad using CarolinaHuddle
  14. I'm no legal expert, but if there is a clause preventing the new owner from moving the team inserted in the deal then it would have to be adhered to. Of course, things can be negotiated. Perhaps a clause like that would have a timeframe attached to it. Maybe the owner can null a clause for a certain fee. Idk. Hopefully, JR would only sell the team to someone truly dedicated to keeping the team here in Charlotte
  15. Based on that article, it seems that a sale will only be made if the buyer agrees to not move the team out of Charlotte. I hope that holds up.