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  1. Not sure what Kemba has said, but he did say earlier today he'd be "devastated" if he were to be traded. When Kemba's contract ends, so does Dwight's so the money will be there to resign him.
  2. He just said one of the bridges. I figured one of them was Miles. Would rather have Mikel Bridges than Miles Bridges
  3. I guess though you can take solace that if we trade Kemba we will absolutely suck and have a higher pick anyway even if we don't get a high pick in return
  4. I think the ONLY reason you'd trade Kemba is if you can get rid of one of those contracts (Batum ideally). If you are going to trade away our best player, then it needs to be because we are clearing out cap space along with it.
  5. I'm 100% out on Miles Bridges. Could get behind Trae Young or obviously Marvin Bagley
  6. Aggressive? Maybe on run support. Worley is an above average run defender as a corner, but in the passing game, I've never seen a corner provide as soft a coverage as consistently as Worley has. I know we have a zone coverage scheme, but at least make the receiver work for space at the LOS. On most passing plays, Worley might as well be a safety as he stands 10+ yards away from the receiver on his side of the field.
  7. End of Season 3-Round Mock

    I like Pettis as a player, but isn't he projected to go in rounds 3-4? I don't think I've seen him go in the first round in any mock drafts to this point
  8. When it comes to the draft, I'm going back and forth as to what our higher picks should go towards. Currently, I'm leaning offense and specifically Tight End. I'd like Greg to get an extension, but there needs to be a transition plan in place for him as well. So my question is: if you had your choice of either Tight End, would you take Mark Andrews from Oklahoma or Hayden Hurst from South Carolina? Those are my two favorites at that position.
  9. Projected 2018 FA WR's..

    Woods was the only free agent signing I believe. Watkins and Cooks were both acquired through trades. Little different.
  10. Ron survived the Dave Gettleman hiring when a lot of GM's like having their guys in place. I don't think it's crazy to assume Ron will stay with Carolina after a sell. I also think it's shortsighted to think that new ownership wouldn't recognize that Rivera is a damn good coach. I'd argue that having Rivera extended through 2020 would be a perk of buying the team. Rivera has taken Carolina to the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years and is, imo, easily in the top 10 list of current NFL coaches. He'd be hired by another team in an absolute heartbeat if he were to be let go.
  11. Moncrief could probably be had at a reasonable price tag
  12. It's no secret that Cam needs help on offense and I know a lot on this board will be clamoring for a high pick for a wideout with one of our earlier draft picks. Looking at the holes we have and the free agency classes at those positions, I'd argue that Wide Receiver might be best equipped for us to take care of before the draft which will allow us to use our first few picks on other positions of need. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the names that might be around in free agency: Jarvis Landry* -- Won't be available Allen Robinson Terrelle Pryor Sammy Watkins Mike Wallace Eric Decker Marquise Lee Taylor Gabriel Kendall Wright Danny Amendola Jordan Matthews Jaron Brown Paul Richardson Brian Quick Dante Moncrief Cody Latimer De'Anthony Thomas Only a couple of these could be considered a number one, but I spy several upgrades to guys currently on our team at the position. I think a lot of these guys could also be had for a bargain.
  13. Some similarities to the 2003 team?

    This year's team would probably be better suited to be compared to the 2005 team. Both teams were 5 seeds and the roster talent was similar I think
  14. That's funny. I said the same thing about Donald Trump getting elected as President.