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  1. Not sure this is a "report" but conjecture that shouldn't be read into too hard. I'm sure that the Panthers staff likes Byrd and "hope" he can win the slot WR spot. I'm also sure that the staff "hopes" every guy they bring in can win a starting spot. They're going to "hope" that the guy they draft to play slot WR in April can win the starting spot in camp as well.
  2. We heard a little about this during last season and here it is via Player's Tribune. Pretty cool video. Full link:
  3. I'm a bigger fan of Tre's than most on this board. He's not a perfect player, but to me, most of the hate towards Tre is from the perceived reputation he had while playing at UNC when he played on one of the worst collective defenses and defensive schemes that UNC has ever had. Most of the time he was having to overcompensate for the other 10 guys on the field. Boston is not without flaws. He does have the tendency to get burned in coverage because he bites on routes, but he also does things well. He is the best blitzer we have in the our secondary by far and while he misses tackles from time to time, the kid can lay the wood too and doesn't shy away from contact. I never understood why Coleman played strong safety instead of Boston, but Tre has had a lot of really nice moments for this franchise. He may not be the ideal starter, but he's a great rotational safety. I imagine Tre won't resign here after next season unless he's given assurance that he's a starter so if you can get a good return for him it makes since to deal. However, we should not just give him away for peanuts like some are suggesting because he can really help this team this year even if it's in a rotation role behind a Coleman/Adams combo.
  4. I count 4 DE's and only 3 DT's. Seems to me that, based on numbers, DT is currently a bigger need. Jonathan Allen at 8 would be BPA and fill a need at DT...... Gettleman just trolled all of us......
  5. Gettleman sent in his closer.......Thomas Davis!
  6. He grabbed Tolbert too. The super rare Double Fullback offense
  7. No i remember them just fine, but I'm not going to break the bank for Norwell who ultimately we found and developed as an undrafted guard. Don't misunderstand me though, I want to extend Norwell to a multi year deal because I think he's important to the continuity of the line. However, we know Trai is going to demand top market $$ at the guard position and we 100% need to pay him, but we shouldn't pay Norwell at the same price scale. IMO Norwell should warrant anywhere between $5-6.5 Mil per season and that would put him right in that 13-20 range as far as guards are concerned. I think that's pretty fair value. All this being hypothetical, because again, I want to extend Norwell, but we have too much young talent to take care of going forward to break bank on him. He is someone that we could replace through the draft I think if we had to.
  8. I understand that this is a depth thing and if he makes the team he won't really play, but we can find better guys to fill his role
  9. Norwell is really good and I'm all in favor of extending him, but for people that think he and Turner are going to be extended on the same pay scale need to chiiilllllll. We can extend Norwell for much cheaper and IF he is demanding what Turner will and should demand, then @Bronn is right, we can find someone else. That being said, great move by Gettleman to lock him up for this season at a cheap price tag and high cost to other teams.
  10. This. Last year should prove that you can never have enough depth
  11. Whether or not Cho should stay, it's not entirely his fault that players don't find Charlotte as desirable as other places. Players that get drafted or traded here really love the culture and stay which does speak well to the front office. Got to draft a superstar to really attract the bigger fish unfortunately.
  12. Jennings is an upgrade to both Sessions and Roberts. Certainly a viable threat from 3 and potentially can play beside Kemba down the stretch. Not gonna move the needle much, but this team is still just 5 games out of 6th if you can believe it. Can still make a run.
  13. Eh I think there are too many other positions of need to go pay a lot of money for a guy that has a similar skill set to two WR's already on the roster. Regardless of whether or not he's more talented. I'd rather spend money on a LT free agent personally. If we sign a FA receiver, I think the money would be better suited for someone that can work in the slot.