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  1. Man Muggsy vs Baron Davis in round 1 is tough. You have some Hornets fans that believe both are better than Kemba. Not me, but some people.
  2. The question is will any of those guys take Vet Minimum? My guess is that they wouldn't right now. Will have to wait them out a little bit longer.
  3. I think if Cho could grab Tyler Zeller on a vet minimum deal that would make sense imo. The fact that he's Cody's brother is an obvious connection, but he is a good 3rd string big that can play pick and roll offense. With Howard in CLT, if Cliff runs some sort of 4 out 1 in system like they did in Orlando, Tyler could be a reserve in that set as an interior scorer. Ever since Boston waived him, no one seems to be reaching out so he could probably be an option at that minimum price tag
  4. Well Kemba was averaging 23 ppg last year so Batum at 20+ is probably unrealistic but I get what you're saying. If Batum is in the 16 ppg realm that's fantastic and what we should get given his contract. My point was, because he is good at most every major statistical category in basketball, he will always start if he's healthy.
  5. It's summer league. Things even out for most guys once the real deal starts. Frank Kaminsky is a prime example. He dominated summer league when he played his rookie year, but he had to adjust to the actual NBA game and he's really just now beginning to play well / perform consistently rather than flash every few games. Not saying Mitchell and Kennard won't be good, but summer league isn't always the best indicator as to how good you will be.
  6. He admitted at the end of the season that he needed to be more selfish and work on scoring more. A lot of how he played this year was based on helping Kemba get the accolades he got. I'd like to see more scoring from him as well. He won't ever be out of the starting lineup though because he isn't a liability in any facet of the game. Even if he isn't scoring, he can help facilitate an offense, rebound and capably defend. Not many guys in the league can say they have put up a 5-5-5-5-5 game. Batum is one. He will be a starter as long as he's healthy
  7. Realgm Hornets forum is the best hornets forum out there imo. Tons of threads and typically pretty active discussion
  8. Pretty sound theory. I think Charlotte is a playoff team next season. On paper right now, it seems hard to imagine them not being in given the rest of the conference. The question is, can they sneak into the top 4? Might be tough. I think the Bucks are on the rise. Toronto has a solid core. They'll be steady. Can Beal and Porter (assuming they match his offer sheet) have the same production as last year? I personally don't think so, but the dropoff won't be huge either. I like Charlotte as the 6th maybe 5th seed when it's all said and done.
  9. Pretty good signing. Was surprised Cho was active this early in free agency given the cap. Was even more surprised that MCW came as cheap as he did this early in free agency. We have one more roster spot and a decent amount of exception money left. My guess is that a 6th post player or a 3 point specialist would be the target.
  10. I'd love it if Cho can figure out how to get Jeremy Lin back from Brooklyn. Accept Session's team option and package him and Jeremy Lamb for Lin. If they get greedy give them a future 2nd. Lin was an amazing compliment to Kemba and now that Russell is in Brooklyn, Lin's starting job isn't guaranteed. You can replace Lamb with a wing in free agency using the MLE.
  11. Jackson isn't more than a 3rd point guard right now. Sure, he could certainly develop into more, but there was no way we could have expected him to come in right now and play the Jeremy Lin role that we missed last year. Plus, Clifford is a big fan of Briante Weber in that 3rd PG role and frankly, so am I. Trading back for a guy that further solidifies wing depth and has nice potential is nice and the cash that came with him will be helpful when we have to pay some luxury tax this year. That full MLE in free agency will put us over the tax line. I liked Jackson as a prospect, but I like Bacon too. Given the choice, I'm ok with rolling with Weber at 3rd PG and taking the cash with Bacon. Cho will put the full court press on a backup PG in free agency.
  12. The fact that not only did Monk fall to 11, but that Cho didn't have to trade up to get him? Fantastic.
  13. Rich Cho has had a great week! Havent been the biggest Monk cheerleader but the talent is undeniabe. Really surprised he was there. Had to take him!
  14. Great trade gents! Can't believe they got rid of plumlee. Luke Kennard come on down
  15. Getting him was a pipe dream. Perhaps when he's older and the Warriors window has closed he will finish out his career in Charlotte. That's the only way he'd come here.