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  1. Snap Counts - Bills at Panthers

    Ok.....so besides being injured what has he done to NOT earn snaps? If you definitively know for a fact that Curtis Samuel is absolute trash in practice therefore his snaps are being limited then that's one thing, but I highly doubt that's the case. Look I like Russell Shepard, but there is no argument that you could pose to convince me that Samuel has missed that much time to where Shepard still has more value on the field than him. He's been full go since before the Jacksonville preseason game. Someone that dynamic needs to be on the field and see the ball. Maybe it's a jet sweep, maybe it's a drag route underneath, etc. Definitely doesn't hurt to see what you have with him and in order to do that, he needs snaps.
  2. Snap Counts - Bills at Panthers

    I get your logic, but what exactly has Samuel done to NOT earn snaps besides being injured in TC? Seems healthy enough now so he should be getting more burn. In my opinion, if you draft a dude with your second round pick, he needs to see the field. I'm not going to try and advocate that he needs to take snaps away from KB or Funchess, but he 100% should be getting more snaps than Byrd and Shepard (no offense to those two)
  3. Eagles Need a Kicker

    I'd much rather get rid of Gano over Butker, but my guess is that the latter is the most likely to get moved at this point. For Philly, in particular, Sturgis isn't out all season so why would they want to take on Gano's contract for 7 weeks of kicking?
  4. Cam got benched during the Seattle game which was played after Oakland last year. If you remember, the team didn't fly back to Charlotte in between games to avoid jet lag, etc. The flight from Oakland to Seattle was ostensibly shorter than it would have been to and from Charlotte. So the normal dress code would have applied.
  5. Let's not laugh because Karma. That's a real thing. The League can be dark and full of terrors. No one is safe.
  6. Will Curtis Samuel be active?

    Demetrius Cox -- Normally I'd tend to agree with you, but I think he plays out of sheer need for the depth at the position. With Cole Luke dealing with the ankle that leaves us with 4 corners (including Seymour) and just 3 other safeties. I suppose Coleman can slide over and play strong if needed and Worley can be an emergency safety, but there is enough depth other places to have 7 inactive shirts. I think Cox will be on call to play
  7. Will Curtis Samuel be active?

    He also hasn't practiced at all the past couple of days. He and Cole Luke have been held out due to injury
  8. Will Curtis Samuel be active?

    He has been full go the past couple of practices. I really doubt he's inactive. Best guess at the seven inactive players: Harrison Butker Brad Kaaya Daeshon Hall Jarred Norris Jeremy Cash OR Ben Jacobs (one or the other) Cameron Artis-Payne Cole Luke
  9. In fairness, during those three seasons where we won the Division and went to the playoffs, our offense ran the ball really well and utilized a fullback a large percentage of the time. Maybe the reason for that was because we had pro bowl caliber play from Mike Tolbert and built the offense to utilize him in the rushing attack, but either way, the fullback position was an important piece to the offense. Going back prior to Tolbert during the first Super Bowl run, Brad Hoover was a key piece blocking for Davis, Foster, etc. Perhaps people are overreacting and putting too much stock in the position and guys like Dickson and Manhertz can successfully fill that void. But it's not out of the question for fans to be concerned that there isn't a designated fullback on the roster when our success running the ball has leaned a lot on blocking from that position.
  10. Gano Misses Another

    I agree with most of the thread. I haven't seen a practice this year so I'll take your word for it if you have and say Butker is bad, but he hasn't missed once in the GAMES. Gano misses in GAMES all the time.
  11. As good as Palardy has performed for us let's not forget he was on the couch for half the season last year until Lee got hurt. If he was that good, teams would have scooped him up. Yes, we gave up a 4th for Lee and, to me, that matters in the decision to keep him, but aside from that Lee is a multi year Pro Bowler! He's one of the top punters in the league. You don't cut that type of proven talent and production. I get the argument about Palardy being younger, etc, but get Lee for 3-4 more seasons of top tier punting, you'll be able to replace Lee with someone just as good or better than Palardy when he retires or moves on. Again, we grabbed Palardy off the couch mid season last year.
  12. David Newton's twitter account is currently redefining the role of Beat writer if you get what I'm saying
  13. I hope we pick up another safety option at some point. Isn't Marlowe the guy we put our chips on when we cut Tre Boston? It's not like Tre was a world beater, but he was a good rotational safety. Certainly better depth than what is currently on the roster now. I know you can't help when a guy gets hurt, but cutting Tre seemed a little short sighted at the time, especially since we didn't draft a safety and it definitely seems short sighted now. Feel bad for Marlowe though.
  14. Couldn't agree with this final matchup more. No offense to Zo or Glen Rice, but these two are the two best Hornets ever. Mourning is probably the best player all-time to have ever suited up for a Charlotte basketball team, but he only played as a Hornet for 3 seasons. Fortunately, when Charlotte traded Zo to Miami, they got Glen Rice back who, imo, statistically put together the greatest 3 year stretch by a Hornet player ever. Truly an elite scorer. However, when it comes to importance to Hornet basketball, Kemba and LJ are the clear picks. Johnson only played five seasons in Charlotte, but he was a two time all star and starred during the most successful era of the franchise. Kemba's got LJ on franchise longevity which has allowed him to pass Johnson in points among other things in the franchise ranking standings. Kemba also has an all star season and a couple of playoff appearances, but for the most part, the team has been average or worse since he has been here (supporting casts not withstanding). I voted for Johnson since statistically he was great and he was a top performer in the league during the most successful stretch of basketball for the Hornets ever. But I have a ton of love for Kemba and I think it's fair that Kemba will eventually pass Johnson as best all time Hornet before his career here ends. The vote should be close though and deservedly so.