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  1. Frank Ragnow visiting Panthers today

    Ragnow is my favorite offensive lineman in this draft (top 10 talent excluded). Is he a first rounder? No. But he'd be a great 2nd round pick and a steal in the 3rd.
  2. Per Shams Much more of a realistic hire for Charlotte than Fizdale imo. Ignoring the UNC connection, if you have paid attention to what Stackhouse has done in the G League the past two seasons (with two different rosters), you know he's earned a shot to coach in the NBA.
  3. Fizdale would be a solid hire, but let's be real here. Of the current head coach openings, Charlotte is probably the least desirable since we are loaded with awful contracts and have a late lottery selection. New York and Orlando each have a better stable of younger players and will both have a higher pick. I think it's likely Fizdale will have his choice of wherever he'd like to go. My guess is that it won't be Charlotte. Would love to be wrong. I like Stackhouse as a candidate a lot though. He seems to be a very realistic get.
  4. Woj: Steve Clifford Fired

    Bang bang
  5. Batum Conundrum

    Dwight definitely produced and that's tricky. His production was great, but the usage on offense was way too high. I think Dwight would have been much better suited to lead the second unit and give MCW a stat stuffing force to feed while letting Kemba, Nic, etc operate with a healthy Cody at center. Look, I like Dwight, I think he was a difference maker and I sincerely believe that he got along well with the staff and the team. Maybe it's bc he was playing a ton, but idk. I just think that in today's NBA and based on where he is physically in his career, it doesn't make sense for him to be the 2nd option or option 1B behind Kemba. But, by all means, make him the complete focus of the bench unit. Batum was trash this season. Definitely not living up to the contract. And look, I get it. He missed the preseason with the elbow thing, but if you're getting $120M you have to produce. Poor shot selection, turnovers, etc. Unacceptable. Unfortunately, the NBA contracts are fully guaranteed and you can't just cut someone like you can in the NFL and get CAP relief. Dwight is technically an expiring so someone may want him in a trade, but he's expensive. This roster might be stuck for one more season unless Mitch is willing to deal Kemba in a salary dump.
  6. Listen, I like Clifford as an individual. I appreciate his honesty and his knowledge of basketball. I also appreciate how much the players seem to respect and enjoy playing for him. If he's retained, I won't be upset, but I do think a change for all parties involved would be best for everyone. Part of Clifford's issue is the roster he's been dealt, but I also don't think he's adequately adjusted his gameplan to get the most out of what's on the team. This team has only had one top 10 offensive season (2015) and defensively we aren't good enough to really make a difference in the win column. It's also really annoying that he doesn't give rookies enough minutes to help develop them along. Gut feeling is that Kupchak resets with a new guy.
  7. Hornets Leaning Toward Letting Coach Clifford Go

    Jerry Stackhouse is going to be looped into this team due to his UNC connection. That being said, he's been really good at his current post in the G League. Won a title there. I think he'd be a great Assistant/Assoc Head Coach to start. Tony Bennett is a former Hornet and runs a defensive heavy system which should be something we are used to. However, I think we need to go with a coach that is more offensively minded given the skillset of some of our younger assets. Idk what name to give you that qualifies to be honest.
  8. NBA Draft 2018

    Yea but a lot of that is inflated from how Young started to how he finished. Look at his numbers from Nov-Dec compared to Jan-Mar and it's night and day. The NBA suits him better, but as long as we have Monk, Young doesn't make sense to me personally.
  9. NBA Draft 2018

    Mikal Bridges would be an awesome pick for us if he was there. Yes he's a 3 & D guy, but that is an incredibly valuable skillset to have in this league. One the Hornets don't have. And let's consider that the Hornets are likely picking 10-11 so beggars can't be choosers. Instant impact guys like Ayton and Bagley will be long long gone by the time we're up. I think Bridges can develop into much more than just a 3 & D guy. He's very talented. I also really like Wendell Carter if we were to take him. Would rather have him than Robert Williams given the choice between the two. Carter reminds me of Clint Capela with a better jumper. I think his floor is lower than Bagley which is why Bagley will go way higher, but I'd argue that Carter's NBA ceiling is potentially higher. The frame and rim protection ability are already NBA ready. Just need to develop some offense. Trae Young wouldn't be my first choice. I think he's a good player, but I don't think he's Steph Curry at all like college media compared him to. I actually think he projects closer to Malik Monk and we already have him. If we go PG in the lottery I think I'd prefer Shai Gilgeous Alexander from UK. The size, athletic ability are so tempting. Bridges and Carter are at the top of my wish list. Shai GA is my dark horse. I'd be fine with any of them.
  10. This is obviously the big question. Will Kupchak be able to tell Jordan no? I actually read a Yahoo article yesterday that suggested Kupchak is the best candidate to hire if you want someone to tell Jordan no because they've known each other for so long. Guys like Rosas and Griffin don't know Jordan personally and his allure and cultural influence on the game's history is intimidating to anyone in basketball. I'd find it hard to tell him no I'm sure. It could go or be spun either way I think, but just a different perspective. But Kupchak not being a yes man because of their past relationship does make sense. We'll see how it plays out.
  11. Kupchak is a huge upgrade over Rich Cho. Don't think that is a question. Helped win 6 titles in LA as a part of their front office including 3 as the GM. LA and Charlotte are obviously completely different markets to try and win in. While Charlotte doesn't have the resources and appeal that LA has, there is significantly less pressure (compared directly to LA) to win here in Charlotte so you take the good with the bad. I think most people that are going to be meh about the hire are those that dislike UNC or just don't like that Jordan has the reputation of going out of his way to bring in his guys most of which have the UNC connection. I think a lot of that perception is overblown personally, but that's a conversation for another time. I certainly get the understanding from ppl who feel that way. Others that might not like Kupchak might have been super high on Rosas from Houston which I understand as well. Either way, Kupchak is a better choice than Cho and he has his work cut out for him. Wish him the best of luck!!
  12. Texas A&M WR visiting Panthers

    Can we have the thread say "Kirk is Visiting the Panthers"? We know which Texas A&M receiver it is anyway so just title it that
  13. I think Sirles makes the team
  14. He's an upgrade to Jairus Byrd in my opinion. Should be able to fill that role nicely and allow us to not rely on Demetrius Cox to play heavy minutes. I do still want a ballhawk back there at FS, but that seems like something we will have to draft.
  15. Panthers meet with Justin Reid

    We brought Reid in for a visit last week as well? Or is it scheduled?