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  1. AppHeel

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    I am on Twitter so that's where I get most of the hot takes, but I'm pretty good at tuning most things out. If the Panthers lose, I've learned to just avoid Twitter.
  2. AppHeel

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    I've just stopped listening to WFNZ and now trash takes like this rarely enter my life. It's amazing.
  3. Is there a way I can pie and eggplant this entire thread?
  4. AppHeel

    Surprise veteran cut?

    Joe Webb
  5. Yes he's guaranteed somewhere in the neighborhood of 998K this season and 1.4M? the next. From what I understand about the injury, it's nothing ligament related so I don't think he misses the whole season. From what I understand about the injury is that it's similar to runner's knee. Something to do with the cartilage in the knee. My sister in law is a nurse and she said, depending on the severity, it could take a couple of weeks to recover, it could take a few months. Just depends. Fortunately, it's July. Hopefully, he can get back by training camp. The word indefinitely, makes things sound longer than they could be. I'm guessing we will get an actual timeline once our doctor's evaluate him. From a roster standpoint, I don't think we should panic and sign another PG with our final roster spot because I think Graham will be back at some point. That being said, extra depth wouldn't hurt. We have another two way contract left to use so perhaps it makes sense to sign a PG on that to be emergency depth. I think, even if Graham misses the first month or two of the season, Batum, Monk and maybe even Lamb can help take on some extra ballhandling duties as needed.
  6. AppHeel

    Tony Parker To Charlotte

    Mitch was able to trade Dwight and cleared up money to sign Parker. That's a W. Parker won't be 2015-2016 Jeremy Lin, but he's a stable backup to Kemba and should be a great mentor to Devontae Graham. Two years isn't a long commitment. He'd roll off the same time as MKG, Marvin & Mozgov.
  7. Yes exactly. If anyone watched Diallo at UK, yes he has some physical tools, but he was borderline unplayable at times during SEC play. He averaged more turnovers than assists for the entire season. And for someone who is lauded as a good shooter he went 33% from 3 point range and 62% from the FT line. I get that he's young and there is upside, but Lord. So, yea, no thanks. I'm glad we were able to sell the pick for cash or another pick down the road.
  8. AppHeel

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    I kind of think Graham will make this team as a third PG. He will take the Julyan Stone / Marcus Paige role of last season. I think Mitch will take that MLE and spend it on a PG in free agency to back up Kemba. If we are talking about Graham being a Third PG for a year while he develops, that's a good pick. Graham can legit shoot and score
  9. Why are we hung up on Diallo when Monk and Lamb are on the roster? He wouldn't have played this season and he's the kind of player you can get in future second rounds going forward.
  10. AppHeel

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    This trade is a financial one 100%. Yes, we take on the extra year of Mozgov, but with Dwight gone, we are now $13M away from the Tax line which does have value. I think we were like $6M away before. The added second round picks will likely not add up to much, but the one this year allows us to either have an extra trade chip tomorrow or add a cheap player to the roster on a non guranteed salary and the future one could be used as a trade piece down the road. At face value, like someone mentioned earlier, the Hornets got the worse end of the deal. Dwight is the best player in the deal so typically that favors the team (Brooklyn) that he's going to. BUT let's not act like Dwight fit this team. Sure he put up great stats, but his usage killed the team offensively and he played heavy minutes including crunch time. He's not valuable enough to do that anymore. Dwight off the team allows for Cody to start again and gives Hernangomez more minutes. Both are better players for us. Mozgov will get paid a lot of $ to ride the bench the next season plus which sucks. But at least we are below the tax line.
  11. AppHeel

    Theo Pinson

    I don't think Charlotte will draft Theo. I'm actually not sure he will even be around at 55 to even give us the option.
  12. Oh really? I never read the actual article. Don't have insider, but everyone hornets related on twitter quoting it saying Kevin Knox was the pick so idk. Either way I'd rather have Miles Bridges than Knox
  13. AppHeel

    Rumor: Kemba to Cavs for 8th pick in 2018 draft

    We already have MKG and I personally don't think Wiggins is substantially that much better. He's overrated.
  14. Don't have access to Twitter at work so I can't embed tweets, but if you have ESPN Insider you can read about Charlotte & Knox on Draft Express's new mock draft here: http://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/23509884/2018-nba-mock-draft-teams-deandre-ayton-luka-doncic-trae-young-lottery Based on "NBA Intel" the guys at Draft Express and other NBA guys like Steve Kyler are mocking Kevin Knox to the Hornets. Kyler, in particular, said that he's heard that both the Knicks and Hornets are very high on Knox. So much so that he doesn't believe Knox will fall past 11. Take it for what it's worth. I know Knox has a mostly cold reputation among Hornets fans as far as potential fit. That includes me. I buy into the idea of Knox more than Knox himself. His killer instinct just isn't there imo. Guess I better started getting used to the idea of him being a possibility.
  15. AppHeel

    Rumor: Kemba to Cavs for 8th pick in 2018 draft

    Even if it's Kemba for 8 straight up. We keep 11 and all our bad contracts, I'd still consider it. You can package 8 and 11 to move up to 5 or 6.