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  1. Mzee Peyton Manning

    I can't believe that i just spent 30 seconds reading such a thread.
  2. If we win the SB50, are we the youngest franchise to win a Super Bowl ?
  3. The Panthers Have Arrive in San Jose

    Isn't it beautiful !?
  4. Superb Owl Push

    Can it support China UnionPay cause I tried to purchase the all-pro package but just failed?
  5. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    But can we get him at 32nd pick?
  6. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    IMO yes it's not worth because no matter how hard you try to dream about how great this team will be if he's still on this team, you will find that you are wasting your time. Because he IS NOT on our team, it's that plain and simple. As you say you hate people posting negative comment on something you are interested in, well I guess you don't fit the huddle. We say what we want to say here and I don't care about how you feel. Maybe it's negative for you but it seems quite positive for me.
  7. I was not. He destroyed the Gamecocks in the SEC championship game, so I just didn't like him. Its different now.
  8. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Even if we are not in the Super Bowl, I hate those "what if" threads.
  9. Off Topic: How many folks remember this?

    I'm too young to witness those moments, but I think those are some good years for "real" football games after watching some games and documentaries that period. Those are some tough football games.
  10. What did they do to my daughter.

    Now I should have a plan to have babies.
  11. Really like the white one!
  12. Philly Brown's grandmother just passed?

    Feel sad for Corey and his family if this is true, she's about to witness the best moment of her grandson's career.
  13. The Top 10 Panther Players of all Time

    How can you guys just skip Jake Delhomme? He's a quarterback led us to one Super Bowl and two NFCCG!