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  1. Dont understand why we hate Wilks, if he's gone, who will we promote to be our DC? Or maybe bring in a new name?
  2. Hope they could kill the Patriots in the Superbowl for the Panthers and finish the unfinished business for our 2003 team.
  3. I love you motherfuggers

    fug you!!! You can take the L and cry now.
  4. Do NOT draft a WR? LOL, we drafted SS89, we didnt sign him from market.
  5. I bet on the new owner to fire this dumb man.
  6. Hi dbeat, sorry to bother you, I was checking your wallpaper thread and find this one 


    I wonder if you still have the original picture without the schedule? It seems the link you provided is invalid now. Just wanna ask, it would be fine if you didnt save it. Thanks.


  7. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Give me one of Cortland Sutton, Calvin Ridley or Christian Kirk, I'm good.
  8. Hurney on WFNZ

    Hes not too wrong, our OL stepped up lately.
  9. Man, do you even know the rule if owning a team? A team cant be owned publicly unless they are the Green Bay Packers.
  10. CJ is definitely gone. Ryan? No.
  11. I think there are more teams who can offer him HC positions.
  12. I like our current uniform, dont even think about changing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!