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  1. Interesting "Consensus" Big Board

    I actually think we go with our "strength" and the pick will be a front 7. To me it just seems like something we do if the BPA is there.
  2. So how many people will be out to greet the team when they arrive back home?
  3. Did he post the porn he talked about?!?!?
  4. Practice

    I think this guy is ready!
  5. Something I got a few weeks ago

    Due to the OP I just knew it would have been about crabs! That or a new blowup doll :)
  6. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Reminds me of a time I set beside Richard Sherman. Sure I knew who he was but didn't ask for anything from him and it turned out to be a cool conversation (nothing to do with football). Then some Seahag fan walks up to him wanting pictures and stuff. It was kind of sad. Of course he tried to be nice but you could see he really just wanted to be left alone.
  7. Wait... what?

    Already got hit with that one and now Seahags fans running wild with this one too
  8. Broncos to Wear All White

    Two topics about this? So I'll post this again.
  9. Broncos choosing to wear white jerseys for SB50

    Just found this....
  10. Broncos choosing to wear white jerseys for SB50

    Dang! I need to know ASAP! I want a to get a jersey with the SB50 patch!! If the Broncos are in white it seems safe to think we are going to be in Black
  11. Panthers Inactives

    If you watched all of Ron's press conferences this week.... CAP not in this week would be no surprise to you.
  12. Where are the Arizona Cardinals fans

    I was thinking about "What the Cards fans are saying" Always love those.
  13. Are you a real Carolina fan, or a 2016 Carolina fan?

    I sure think I am.
  14. Interesting fan base trend....

    My mom is one of those newFB Huddlers.... She called me saying she had talked to a "Jeremy Igo" (of course she killed that last name) Anyway she said "He was a very nice guy".I immediately told her she must have talked to the wrong Igo. I'm just glad to hear you was nice to an old lady & shedidn't have to get in a bikini.... BAHAHAHAHA
  15. Cam throws a 12 flag out . Bannergate 2.0

    I'm out here with you bud!