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    Geek Squad
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  3. SCP added a post in a topic: We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio   

    Yes, when I heard Celania had a Twitter account I had to hit him up
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  4. SCP added a post in a topic: We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio   

    I'm the one that sent them to Jim. I'm SalesGuy @95KeepPounding
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  5. SCP added a post in a topic: We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio   

    Well, we now have three 7' white dudes on our roster.  Time to nickname the bunch.  Here are a few proposals:
    The Khaki Attacky
    The Ivory Towers
    Ragin Caucasians
    The White Meat on Trade Street
    The Don't Forget the Sunscreen Team
    The Fair (skin) Jordan's
    The Big Men with no Melanin
    Cho's White Bro's
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    Freaking phenomenal!  LMFAO 
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    Dat Alice posts pictures of his grass in effort to brag about his bermuda but accidentally exposes the tininess of his yardDat Alice posts pictures of technicolor foamposite shoes on his granite counter next to stack of cashDat Alice brags about Blue Dog print then shows picture of said print that he hung below the level of his counter tops which is just fugging incorrect.Dat Alice posts pictures of his parents foyer and reflection shows that he walks around his neighborhood in crocs
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    Should I also join the RoaringRiot?
    Yes.  If you don't you are doing everything wrong.

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  9. SCP added Wiki in Huddle-isms   

    Do women post on this forum?
    Yes.  So don't be an asshole or some internet freak show.  You are probably fat and haven't wiped your ass since Al Gore invented the Internet and AOL made it accessible to the masses. So put on some underwear, wash your hands, rub some ointment on those bed sores, and show respect to all Panther fans.
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    Deangelo Williams Restructures Contract
    Carolina Panthers running back Deangelo Williams has restructured his contract. This move saves the Panthers 3.2 million in cap space this and next season. There has been much speculation so far this off season that Williams would be released. This move settles that question. The Deangelo Williams / Jonathan Stewart Tandem will remain in tact for at least another season.

    Deangelo Williams Carolina Panthers runningback
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