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  1. Imagine how many man hours of research it took to compile this data.
  2. I could do it on the shitter in 30 seconds. Pull up the local weather station app. Click on it. See the 8am temp. See the 2:45pm temp. Wipe my ass. Report to Dirk that it's warmer at 2:45. These sumbitches invoke research and science. I hope Coach Turd Koetter overthinks every decision like this because over analysis leads to paralysis. Or is it MRSA? Whatever it is, suck it Bucs.
  3. Bucs research staff also discovered that humid environments are more humid than environments with lower humidity.
  4. BREAKING: Years of research at One Bucs Place proves its cooler in the morning than dead ass mid-afternoon in FL. DEVELOPING: Koetter believes FL may be a peninsula and have right environment to grow citrus. Bucs research team to investigate.
  5. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    You'd be stone sober by the time Uber arrived
  6. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Not really. Party hard on Saturday night. Hit the bed at 2am to sleep it off. Wake up at 7:30 to drive home thinking hey I've slept so I'm fine. Alcohol still in the system. We've all been there.
  7. I bought one of these recently and love it. Nice bend in the brim to go with my cargo shorts so it really annoys the youngsters.
  8. Sitting here in BWI airport. I wish someone would deliver an actual pie to me. That would be very delicious.
  9. Kind of shocked so many huddlers have offices that don't include a French fry vat. High class group up in this joint.
  10. I mean seriously have y'all mother fugers ever tried Loose Cannon?
  11. Dave called me tonight but I was teeeee-rashed. Straight up hammered. :-(