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  1. Official 2015 Panthers Season Prediction

    Jags                W Texans            W Saints              L Bucs                W Seahawks        L Eagles             L Colts                L Packers            L Titans                W Redskins           W Cowboys           L Saints                L Falcons             L Giants                W Falcons              L Bucs                  W 7-9  
  2. Men against boys so far. 
  3. Excited to know that my $225 (plus tax) PER SEAT experience will probably be rain soaked, without Cam, bunch of scrubs, dot dot dot.   NOT !!!!   At least I'm not in the Club 1's ... $430 per. 
  4. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Keep Pounding! - Mark Fields
  5.   But he's great at spinning the ball IF he catches it.
  6. Best football team in Charlotte West of Tryon St. is West Mecklenburg H. S.