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  1. Official Carolina Huddle Cuts Thread

    Can we ban B wood again?
  2. You shut that dirty whore mouth!
  3. Hello, Huddle. Long time, no see. That's mostly my bad, I prefer to lurk these days ever since things stopped being fun around here. I didn't turn off my cloaking device after so long to talk about me though, let's talk about you. I know how this all probably looks and seems, and I admit, our worst fears may yet come true in the end. It's far too early to state facts yet, especially when Igo hasn't commented much beyond "Hey this horrifying thing happened, we don't know anything else." But this is simply too earth-shatteringly big to NOT be talked about. So here we are, at the bajilionth Hurn Dawg (I use this term in the absolute most ironic way possible) apocalypse thread. When Revelations spoke of cities burning and all that other brimstony stuff, THIS is the poo that guy was talking about, ya know? So lets talk. The Huddle has lost it's mind, and rightfully so. We are finally out of cap hell after five long years of watching free agency stroll by like a high-dollar hot dog vendor walking through a homeless shelter. In other words, we was po as fug. It sucked, really really bad, and we put up with it for YEARS. Finally, when the pieces are finally starting to come together again, the team fires the best hire they ever made with no warning or real explanation beyond "We did this, now were doing this. No further questions, it is what it is blah blah." Naturally we all feel betrayed as fans. We waited for so many years and continued to support the team morally and financially despite a frankly sht on-field product. Things appear on paper to be in place for a strong 2017 push, and they still do. Draft is done, ladies. Free agency is pretty much done barring major camp injuries. This season is set up already, so calm down. This season is probably going to kick ass and give us a false sense of security as usual, but in the meantime it will probably be an awesome season for us. We DO have time to see how this will all shake out before we start seeing direct consequences of this. I have no new information on what happened or why, but I can give my best analysis and guess. I think that Getts was standing staunch on lower numbers in negotiations with TD and others, and the resulting stalemate was threatening to roll into training camp. The last thing the team needs is a preventable distraction like that. I believe JR decided the team needed to move their offer amounts up to make the contracts happen before TC, a definite need in a bounce back year. A single day of unfocused team practice due to something financial like that can set the team's cohesion back who knows how far each day. I think JR spoke to Getts and directly told him to raise his offers and get the contracts done, much like he probably used to do with Hurney before. That would explain a lot. I believe Getts stuck to his principles, protecting the team's future with everything he had to the bitter end, even to very temporary unemployment. A salute, and a moment of silence for our wrongly banished Godfather. You will be missed. Because JR is getting on in years, he's probably not looking to compromise for anyone anymore. I can't say I blame him. I think he chose Hurney as Interim because they know each other well, and they have worked together before. It's familiar territory, much easier to handle for an aging JR. He knows he can get Hurney to do whatever he wants him to do, so thats who he chose, so he can handle what he sees as the current pressing issues in exactly the way he wants. He will probably bring in other candidates for interviews and such, but I can't see JR choosing a stranger over what basically equates to reloading your computer from an old saved state after it blue screens. It's possible JR may pick someone from outside the team, but history tells us that's unlikely. JR almost always hires from within, and the type of door mat GM JR probably wants is already sitting in the chair. We're probably back to Marty Hurney being our GM, people. This is like getting bullied a lot as a kid and traumatized from it, then the kid gets over it after years of hard work and dedication, only to become an adult and get thrown into a youtube comment section. PTSD is a bitch, and if JR names Hurney official GM this board is going to be on suicide watch for WEEKS. This is obviously a move of desperation on JR's part. No smart businessman like JR makes a knee-jerk, rash decision like this without so much as a whisper. Remember, this place has access to a lot of backchannels to the team. If something like this had been stirring, we would have definitely heard a rumor. We heard nothing. It was announced at, like, 3 am I think. They're giving coach speak responses that would make Foxy smile for the first time. This isn't right, people. This has "I don't care what the consequences are, this is what I want!" written all over it if you ask me. This is all my own opinions, observations, and analysis. I don't know this is what happened, cause they won't let any real information out just yet. I'm not speculating based on what they're actually saying. It's based on what they aren't saying, the timing, the atmosphere in the days prior, the nonsensical choice to replace the best GM in franchise history with someone who was already the worst before he became 7 years out of touch., and to top it all off the deafening lack of comment from coaches players and staff who worked closely with Getts and the overall tone shift in the Panthers PR department since the announcement. Prepare for an all in, win now approach over the next few years people. JR might have gotten some bad news recently he doesn't want to share for fear of hurting his investments. This may be why he's willing to trade in patient accumulation of real talent for overpriced rentals, a man with a vision for an empire for a literal door mat who couldn't scout seven years ago when he wasn't seven years out of touch. Unless a miracle happens and an angel drops from the heavens and into the GM chair, this may either end well for a season or two before beginning our next ice age period, or we may utterly fail to judge our actions and movements carefully as was the problem almost a decade ago and fail in exactly the same way. Who knows? I may be wrong. Either way, this does not look good. Until Igo gets us some real info or the team starts posting their PR posts themselves instead of having a chinese underpaid typist post it for them in broken english for just 5 bucks a month. I wonder how he pays the electricity to run the computer with just 5 bucks. One of life's greatest mysteries. Much like JR's normally calm, careful business oriented mind, the answer to this Hurney mystery is apparently eluding every fugin one in the team who wasn't in the room/in the phone conversation when the final confrontation and stalemate happened. And if not, then we need to find some answers. I love my Panthers, but I am freaking the FUG OUT on the inside, wooooo just gonna suppress that again. If Hurney or whoever else takes over does a bang up job by job skill or sheer luck, great. But its far more likely we are downgrading so JR can assume direct control. I don't know if I can deal with another half-decade of Hurney running the team while JR pulls his little strings. I will never abandon the Panthers, but my patience does have a limit where it breaks. I can get over losing, or a bad season. But pure, avoidable, incompetence when ample historical info shows that this management setup is disastrous in the end historically. Stats say we're screwed, but we know what line comes after that so we also need to wait and see. Igo, please. End this. Tell us why this is happening. Please.
  4. Hurney meeting with JR today

    Ummm, guys? Is it too early to hit the emergency eject?
  5. fug bwood I've always hated that guy
  6. Visiting Denver...Here's to ya guys!

    Ah, the 16th street mall. Downtown Denver is great as long as you don't wander too far from the tourist spots and 16th. I hit up a dispensary last time I was there, found a somewhat less populated side street nearby, and left a trail of skunk fumes for about thee or four blocks. And on that day no fugs were given by any, despite public smoking being illegal still.
  7. Sht you not, Ginn is dabbin on page eight.
  8. Haha that's Naruto. Naruto and video games were pretty much my entire childhood so I thought the pic was fitting.
  9. Mostly at the bar, though I moved around quite a bit. Demolished a bacon cheddar burger after halftime. Red hair, wearing a borrowed Collins jersey. They just threw it at me and I was like "Ok then"
  10. I was with the Mile High Cats at Shelbys in Denver, they must have had to fix the tv's three times once they started that bullsht.
  11. If you think it'll be this easy in the second half, not so fast. Halftime adjustments are coming.
  12. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

  13. Just so tired of it always being "Next year" I'm ready for it to be this year already.
  14. A good year, this will not be.