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  1. I want to know that it hasn't moved, it haunts me in my dreams. Also, where's the Seahawks playoff week smack thread? This is a matter of life and death.
  2. CONFIRMED: Cam Newton is now a father

    Anybody got a scouting report on the kid yet? We need to figure out what position he'll play.
  3. todays practice tweets: RR addresses the "issue"

    This whole thing has been so dumb. I wish people would stop being bleeding vaginas and use a fugin tampon. Time to move on to Atlanta, 15-0, and HFA.
  4. todays practice tweets: RR addresses the "issue"

    ...Josh Norman?
  5. todays practice tweets: RR addresses the "issue"

    Who is Marcus Ball?
  6. 38-10 Panthers seems like a good prediction. I predict Cam will throw for at least four touchdowns again. If he doesn't throw five, he will run one in. CAP will go off and Ginn will get at least one TD. I bet Coleman gets an INT, and maybe Tillman. The D-Line will FEAST. And how about no injuries and no blocked kicks for fugs sake.
  7. Josh Norman should be fined $50k?!?

  8. That's simply not possible.
  9. Remmers

    I like Remmers, he's a good RT and useful in that he can work basically anywhere on the line. However the penalties could be trimmed a bit, and he has been getting beat more than usual, but it's not always his fault. Sometimes there are miscommunications on the line, someone doesn't help when they were supposed to, and I think teams have learned to avoid Oher plus our interior O-Line is the best in the league. Opposing defenses like to match their best DE on Remmers because they perceive him as the weak link. I think it's more of an issue that the line as a whole is playing SO WELL that when he makes a mistake or gets targeted by the opposing D-Line, it sticks out because our pampered 14-0 asses are spoiled due to 14-0ness and all it entails. I do think that Daryl Williams should get a shot at RT in the next two weeks during garbage time after we've, for all intents and purposes, already won the game. He was great in camp and I think it would be healthy for him to get some game time chemistry with the rest of the line during time when it doesn't matter too much if he fugs up. What if, God forbid, Remmers were to get hurt in the playoffs? We would thank ourselves for giving Williams that game time experience. Hoping for health for ALL our players through the playoffs. Bene must be flipping out that he'll miss the Superb Owl.
  10. So it seems CAP will be the man until Stewart gets back

    Whaddaya know, Riverboat? Once again you bury a great rookie under veterans all year long and once again when you have to play him he goes off. As usual. Tired of RR's vet fetish.
  11. Someone on the team do me a favor...

    I just don't see how the closeness of the game down the stretch is magically all J-No's fault.
  12. Fix the M'effing FG protection!!!

    If we lose the SB this year, it will be because of the field goal unit. Again.
  13. Someone on the team do me a favor...

    I understand, but the refs clearly weren't going to toss OBJ so the best thing to do is try not to retaliate when he comes back for more, then we have a chance to get a flag.
  14. Someone on the team do me a favor...

    Did they score 28 points on that drive or something? I can't see how Norman caused that.
  15. Someone on the team do me a favor...

    Josh should have just done nothing. Might have got a flag if he had.