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  1. Should Dex be banned?

    Well, disliking sweet tea is almost grounds for a ban, but at least he's not the type that can stand tea without sugar. Hate that. "Oh look at me! I don't put sugar in my tea like you ignorant southerners, I just drink regular iced tea! I'm so special, look at me!" Yeah, fug people like that.
  2. Top 30 players left after Round 1

    Getts will definitely trade up, too much value left on the board, and other teams may be boneheaded from time to time, but they're not dumb. I want O-Line to be the pick to be honest, but I'd be really happy with any player Getts picks. He always does his homework.
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Bruhs, our D-Line is going to absolutely FEAST this season, holy sht
  4. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    True. I just don't want dishonest people around the team. It hurts the team ala Greg Hardy. We could have partaken in free agency in a greater degree to find a reasonably priced replacement, but instead he lied and strung the team along. Now we have to hope we can find a band-aid good enough to patch the gaping hole he left. His dishonesty affected the team's chances at being competitive. Not to the point where anything overly bad will happen, but it hurt the team nonetheless. He's dishonest.
  5. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    Didn't call him a snake, he just made an ass of himself by claiming he would be "Honored" (His words) to receive the franchise tag, and then turning around and not signing it. His words don't match his actions, that's a dishonest person and someone Getts probably doesn't want anywhere near the team. Thus the situation we find ourselves in.
  6. Deangelo Williams throwing shade at Gettleman...

    I have concerns on D-Will's ability to play at a high level anymore. Move on, old man.
  7. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    I've got no problem with someone trying to look out for #1, that's normal. What I don't like is that while he was here, he already had that me-me-me mentality. We all passed it off because he was OUR me-me-me guy and he was actually really fugin good at what he does. We can't meet the number he wants, and he claims he would be "Honored" to receive the franchise tag. So we tag him, 14 mil if I remember correctly. That is an OBSCENE amount of money for one season of play, almost elite QB money. And yet, he strings the team along for no reason, doesn't sign the tag, and decides not to show up to offseason workouts, which can ONLY hurt the team. What the hell, Norman? His actions speak for him, he never gave a crap about the team. We need team-first players, not me-first players. Good luck in your future endeavors, Josh. Thanks but no thanks. That 14 mil is MUCH better spent elsewhere on someone who will put the team first.
  8. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    Nice fight the other day. Did not see that coming.
  9. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    I'm gonna fugin laugh if nobody signs Josh for being such a monumental dick bag. Who wants someone like that on their team, someone you're never sure you can count on.
  10. Fan card revoked JK, but seriously you're jumping to conclusions.
  11. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    This is pretty much my sentiment. Guy clearly never gave a sht about the team, only himself. Go play somewhere else and watch us next February from a couch. Dick.
  12. The weird thing they put in next to the stadium

    This is the information I was talking about earlier. This image is hosted on wikipedia, but originates from the USGS website. I'm just too lazy to dig for it anymore. We are, in no way shape or form, in the top ten for solar potential in the US.
  13. The weird thing they put in next to the stadium

    Keep in mind capacity and actual generation are two completely different things. Ask China about how their huge wind capacity is helping them. Not very much.
  14. The weird thing they put in next to the stadium

    I know it's supposed to be artistic and all, but from a solar site assessment standpoint that is an extremely inefficient arrangement. Kind of a waste of money if you set them up all chaotically like that. Besides, North Carolina's climate isn't exactly ideal for solar power. Or wind for that matter. In fact, the only renewable source that's actually worth the money here is offshore wind, as strange as that sounds. Even hydro, king of renewable energy, only has good potential in the west of the state. Wave power has potential, but more research and development is needed. In other words, that thing is a waste of money and would charge at least double (If not more) the amount of phones if it were arranged properly. They basically paid for a minimally functional array that simply looks nice. Our tax dollars at work, folks. Green energy is only awesome when sited and arranged properly, otherwise its simply a very expensive, barely functional conversation piece.
  15. This is equivalent to if we had given Foxy a five year extension after the 2010 season. What the hell are they thinking? It's not Sean, it's never been Sean. It's always been moleface pulling it out of his ass. Brees only has a few years of high level play left before he retires, it's time to draft a QB high and clean house from top to bottom if you're the Saints*. Then again, this is the Saints* we're talking about here so I'm not surprised. Hey, we're up to our necks in debt, lets give our HC who hasn't been relevant for quite a while now an overpriced contract so we can send him home with a nice paycheck in two or three years! Let 'em, easier pickings for us.