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    No reason to freak out about a statistic like this. It has shock value, which is why it was chosen, but it really shouldn't surprise you when you sit down and think about it. Our record is just one game above .500 during that span and I suspect that our winning percentage against winning teams is not far from average among franchises that also hover around .500. Fellow NFC South teams have had a penchant for slightly below .500 records over the span (three instances of 7-9 records out of 12 combined seasons), so that is six barely missed opportunities (which we split 3-3) for games against opponents with winning records. Moreover, when you lose to a team, they are more likely to finish the season above .500 and, conversely, when you beat a team, they are more likely to finish the season at or below .500 (a 9-7 team becomes an 8-8 team if you switch a victory against us to a loss. It also makes the game irrelevant to the statistic). I'm sure the record would change (however slightly) in our favor if the stat concerned teams that finished above .500 not including their game against us. Most importantly, we've been rebuilding over those years, which happen to be the first four years of our quarterback's NFL career. 
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