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  1. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Wilmington Riot sign up page   

    Panthers will be on Big Screen and many others, with sound up for every game.  And the tables they are reserving for us are right in front.
    I didn't ask about free stuff for draft but gotta get enough owners first to start a league for ILM'ers only before I get that far!  I know she was talking about specials ( 50 cent wings) and of course 15% off food tab is good start.
    I hear what you're saying about watching at bar versus home but I'm sold this will be a great atmosphere for game day.  
    Let me know if you can commit to the league even if you don't go to the games.  Check out
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  2. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Huddle Fantasy Football League (s) ?   

    I sent out email invites from last years owners for two leagues (pinned).  Will open up available slots if those owners don't activate in next week or so.  Almost always have slots available.
    But anyone can start a league and as long as majority of owners are Huddlers each league would get a pinned thread.
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  3. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Carolina Huddle 2015 PPR league   

    I'm sure there is.  Especially a free league.
    But we also generally have a little turnover in either of the two pay leagues and I have you on list to contact asap once I hear.
    If any of last year's owners don't respond to emails within next week or two I'll start opening up spots and contact you and others.
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  4. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Carolina Huddle ESPN League for 2015   

    it was $20 last year and in OP?  
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  5. PntherPryd added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Carolina Huddle ESPN League for 2015
    Sent out team invites to owners from last year.  Time to lock down the schedule. Please let me know asap if you plan to participate again or prefer to opt out.  Check link below for league scoring details.  $20 buy in to guarantee spirited competition.  send paypal to or pm me for mailing address.
    I will keep updating this OP for now to keep track of owners and then this thread will be used for in season trash talk.
    # TEAM NAMEDIVISIONOWNER NAMEEMAILSTATUSACTION1PRYDPntherPryd LandsharksEastJC CookSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner2BABBig Apple BallbustersEastGabe WeissmanSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner3DRTHDarth Biscuit'sEastScott WilliamsSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner4CamJeff L's Green Eggs and CamEastJeff LangerSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner5WallStwall's CrusadersEastSteven WallSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner6JRKTJohnny Rocket'sEastKenny HornerSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner7FMSFM SwansWestAndrew AnSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner8CAh0llywood VeteranEastJohn AlvarezSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner9LDYPLady PantherWestM WILSONSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner10RRRoaring RiotersWestZack LuttrellSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner11KEEKncsu12engr Kuechly NationWestDavid RectorSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner12CKCary KollinsWestsilas clemmonsSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner13URGFCam on your TD'sWestCorey AdamsSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner14barcam you dig it baby andy reidWestbobby maynorSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner
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  6. PntherPryd added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Carolina Huddle 2015 PPR league
    I just reactivated the league and sent out new invites to last year's owners.  It is a $20 buy in just to guarantee owners pay attention.  Here is link to league for complete details.  I will update this OP with owners and any openings.  If you played last year but "too busy" (cough, loser) to play this year please let me know ASAP so that new openings can be snatched up!
    If you can make sure your name or owner name reference your Huddle screen name it would be appreciated!  Coastal Riot?  Not sure if you are in again?  
    # TEAM NAMEDIVISIONOWNER NAMEEMAILSTATUSACTION1PrydWilmington LandsharksEastJC CookSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner2TIPTTeam tiptonEastJasonluckydog TheSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner3FULLCarolina Chocolate DropsEastJoel FullerSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner4BABBig Apple BallbustersEastGabe WeissmanSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner5JIEJeremy Igo's EgoEastShaun PeabodySend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner6PEEDTeam PeedinEastZach PeedinSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner7JAZZElvin JonesWestThomas SiemeringSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner8MOORSouthern BeerbelliesWestJeremy MooreSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner9GARNTeam GarnerWestDawn GarnerSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner10TCRThe Coastal RiotWest   Add 2nd Owner11FSoGForte Shades of GreyWestCassie HulmeSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner12CamCam Insider WeeklyWestJason HaloSend EmailJoinedAdd 2nd Owner 
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  7. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Wilmington Riot sign up page   

    What Darth said!  It's been there a while, but changed name last year.  Location off Darlington a little sketchy but next to some nice apartments and in a very private location.  Interior is great, exterior is huge playground for grown-ups.
    From what I understand both places do well but bar/restaurant at Dig & Dive puts Capt Bills to shame.  Great set up for tailgate parties.  
    Any Wilmington people interested in a fantasy football league with a Live Draft there?  No computer drafting!
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  8. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Kam Chancellor holdout?   

    I saw this on PFT, came over to see if there was a thread.  Instead read 6 pages of how dumb Stephen Hill is.
    It's been an interesting off-season but I think I'm done gloating over other teams dumpster fires.
    (but the seahawks deserve it!)
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  9. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    Finally we can end the debate.
    Pot is NOT a "performance enhancing" drug.
    Thank you for that Stephen.
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  10. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Wilmington Riot sign up page   

    We got an "Offer We Couldn't Refuse" and decided to have Dig and Dive in Wilmington be our official hang out this season.  One reason is their stated dedication to become the premier Panther Bar in Wilmington.  They also more closely fit the bill of a "Virtual Tailgate" with volleyball, cornhole, outdoor TV's, and dedicated indoor tables for Port City Riot members.  They are also family oriented with kids welcome.  Doesn't hurt that they offer 15% food discount to rioters and will partner with us on social media and with on-site registration sign up info.  Really excited for Preseason games to start there and real time Fantasy Football Draft Parties in near future!  Check them out.

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  11. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Ousted Saint Junior Galette's girlfriend takes to Twitter, hilarity ensues   

    in New Orleans there is.
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  12. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Set your DVR...   

     Great, now the resurgence of the Atlanta Falcons for 30 minutes. Also known as how much bullshit will people swallow 
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  13. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Set your DVR...   

    No wonder everybody starts the season thinking they're going to win the Super Bowl. Watching the Tampa Bay highlights I would've thought they were a dynasty in the making
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  14. PntherPryd added a post in a topic Huddle Fantasy Football League (s) ?   

    I'll work on this Sunday to get 2-3 leagues back up
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  15. PntherPryd added a post in a topic PFUFA???   

    don't think she hangs out here but...

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